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How Much Can You Earn With The Belacam App? A Review

Belacam App Review

Thanks for checking out my  Belacam App. review

Today we will be discussing the pros and cons of using the Belacam platform to help you decide whether it is right for you.

Belacam is for people who like to share photos via social media, and whilst doing so earning a little extra cash. The app allows you to like your friends’ photos, and use lots of other features which are found on photo sharing sites.

However, how much can you actually earn with the App? Will it be worth the effort? We will be finding this out, but first let’s first take a look at how the App works.

How Belacam Works

Belacam is free to download, and there are no subscription fees. Once you download the app and register, you can start uploading photos taken with your Android phone.

The platform facilitates payment in its own cryptocurrency, which is known as Bela.

If you like using this type of currency online for shopping, this is a place where you can earn some easily by doing what you enjoy. Bela is listed on Coin Exchange, Mercatox, and other exchanges.

While many users focus on sharing their best photos on this site, others share videos as well. All likes count on this crypto source, so whether you get a like for a video, or for a photo, you’ll still earn money.

Taking photos isn’t the only way you can earn as the platform also offers surveys too That Pay at the industry standard (up to $3 per survey). Like other survey platforms however, you may not qualify for all surveys, and this can be a frustrating experience.

How much can you earn with the Belacam App?

Belacam rewards you for taking good photos, so using this app regularly will help you to improve your photography skills by providing positive reinforcement. Every time a user likes your work, you’ll get one Bela.

You can easily earn around $1 a day on this site, although some photographers earn as much as $10 with their media.

It really helps to increase your earnings if you get a lot of followers and take really good photos.

You start earning Bela from the moment you sign up. Each member gets 10 Bela upon registration, and these help you to reach payout in less time.

You can also earn from referring people to the site, and can get up to 25 Bela per referral.

Members of this site receive their payment in cryptocurrency. Whenever a user likes one of your photos, a small amount of cryptocurrency is sent to your account. In this way, the platform facilitates the transfer of cryptocurrency from one user to another.

You can withdraw your earnings to your cypto wallet. This must be an ERC-20 wallet, since Bela is an ERC20 cryptocurrency. The exchange rate fluctuates, but you can usually exchange around 100 Bela for $1 USD.

To withdraw your money, you’ll need to log in to your account and click on the Withdraw button. You can check your available balance at any time. Fees are charged for each withdrawal, and those fees are a little higher when you are withdrawing small amounts of money, like for example $2.

There is a store within the platform, and a nice selection of items can be purchased with your Bela. If you want your earnings, but don’t want to withdraw them as cash, you could purchase gift cards instead.

These are usually available in the store, and can be used to purchase different items. Gift cards will usually be sent to your email address, so you can use them almost on the same day that you request them.

Belacam Reviews From Real Users

At the time of writing the Belacam App has a score of 3.3/5 at GooglePlay. It also has a score of 4.2/5 at ProductHunt.

Belacam users like the structure of the site, and find it easy to share their photos and videos. They like being rewarded for the same activities that they do on other social media sites.

Most members have had no problems with withdrawing their earnings, although some report having had some issues, including a few that say the App hasn’t paid them.

What Are The Pros Of The Belacam App?

  • Belacam offers all the benefits of a traditional photo sharing site. You can view the work of others, or even share photos related to things that are happening in your country.
  • It pays you for being active, so every time you share or like a photo, you are rewarded.
  • A shop is located within the platform. This makes it easy to buy gift cards for items from a wide selection of stores, such as Nike, Domino’s, and Xbox Live.

What Are The Cons Of The Belacam App?

  • Belacam pays cash, but you need to set up your cryptocurrency wallet.
  •  Some members report issues with payments.


Some Final Thoughts On The Belacam App

This really is a site for people who are active with their camera.

It rewards you for doing something that you enjoy. You can take pictures with your smartphone and upload them on the go.

Belacam makes it more rewarding than some other sites, in financial terms, to share your photos.

If you want to earn money as an amateur photographer, consider giving it a try. You can withdraw relatively small amounts at any time, or make cool purchases online.

Have you tried Belacam? If so and you want to share your experience then please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 3/5-A legit app that allows members to earn by sharing their photos. Some issues have been raised but on the whole members are happy with their experience.
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Thanks for checking out my review of The Belacam App. I hope you my review informative and will help you decide if The Belacam platform is a good option for you.

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10 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With The Belacam App? A Review”

  1. I would love to create a website like yours as the template used is really nice, simple and brings about clarity of the write ups, but then you wrote a brilliant article on how much we can earn with belacam app. i would like to know. is belacam a new app? i have not heard of it before now.

    1. Hi Smoochi,

      Belacam has been around for a while, like yourself however I only discovered them recently. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I can tell that this is a really good one. I should first commend the input of effort in making this superb website with nice features and also writing an article on how much we can earn using the belacam app. i have been told about this app before but there was no clear review. i am glad you explained this with real details.

    1. Hi Benny,

      Thanks for your comments about my review of Belacam, I’m glad it was informative and answered any questions you may have about the site.

  3. Nice article about how you can easily earn some extra cash. Nowadays, there are more and more app’s like this, so people can use their smartphone on something better, like just gaming or standard social media scrolling. Almost everyone is using the camera nowadays, so it makes it very handy. The other question is, if you will get enough assignment in case you want to the surveys. Or if there is enough location available in your local area( I tried one similar one in Amsterdam and it wasn’t working though) In general great idea

    1. Hi Julius,

      The app doesn’t provide more or less income dependant upon your demographic when it comes to photos. That’s because you take personal photos going about your daily life. Your earnings depend upon the amount of likes that you get, so your social reach is significant to your earnings. Thanks for your comment.

  4. This was interesting, something I could consider to do, I’m out walking a lot so why not take some nice photos of stuff when I’m out…So why do we get paid for taking pictures? Will the photos be sold somewhere else? And how many photos do I have to take and how much time per day do make around 10$? Will it be ok with just a phone or do I need an expert camera? Thanks for this I didn’t know about this site…

    1. Hi Bernie,

      Thanks for a great question. Surprisingly perhaps, Belacam doesn’t get paid by advertisers, so there are no adverts on the platform. They earn money by taking a withdrawal fee when Bela is withdrawn.

      Your earning really depends upon the strength of your following and the amount of likes you get. This of course means you will need to invest your time by using the platform frequently.

  5. That’s an honest review.  I believe it’s only for people, that are really into taking pictures and are good enough to attract many followers. I think, there is a space for them to rock on this kind of platform. Anyway, that’s great, that there is somethig like that, extra income, here and there is always appreciated. Thank you for sharing this review with us, looking forward for more!

    1. Hi Dario,

      I agree, those who are good at taking good photos and building followers will have more success using this platform. Thanks for your comment.

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