How Much Can You Earn With The Bituro Survey App? A Review

Bituro Survey App Review

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Thanks for dropping by today to read our review of The Bituro Survey App. In our review we will be finding out all about the Bituro Survey platform including how much you can potentially earn to help you make a more informed decision about whether the app is going to be worth your time.

The Bituro Survey app rewards you for completing  quick tasks like sharing your views through surveys. You can also earn by doing other fun stuff like watching videos or playing games on the App too….so sit tight and let’s find out more….

How the Bituro Survey App Works

The Bituro Survey App is available internationally, and since the rewards can be claimed as Bitcoins or other flexible currency, you can easily use them for small bills, for a meal out, or anything else you require.

This can be installed on your Android or iOS devices by visiting Google Play or the Apple App Store.
You need to have a social media account to use this app, and that account must be with Twitter, Facebook, or Google.

You can register immediately through any of these. If you have a referral code, it should be used during registration, and you’ll have 100 points added to your account immediately.

How Much Can You Earn With The Bituro Survey App?

You start earning with this app immediately since you get 100 points just for entering a referral code during registration. Since each point you earn on the app is equal to $0.001, you add $0.10 to your income just for signing up.

The Bituro Survey App has a lot of surveys, and new ones are added each day, so there’s a lot of potential for earning just by completing surveys every day.

You are only limited by the amount of time you can spare for short, fun tasks. Tasks can be freely chosen from their offer wall, although some, like games, are not updated as frequently as their surveys.

Referral Program

This platform has a good referral program, and if you put in a little work, it is fairly easy to share the benefits with people who want to earn a few extra dollars by doing simple tasks. You get 10% of the money that is made by your referrals.

The money is regularly added to your account, and you continue to earn points from your referrals earnings indefinitely. You also get 50 bonus points every time someone signs up with Bituro as your referral.


When your balance gets to 1000 points, you can request a withdrawal. That’s an extra $1 that you can spend however you want. Payments are made to PayPal or your Ethereum wallet. If you wish, you can get a gift card from a leading retailer, or convert your points to Bitcoins.

What Are The Pros?

  • If you are looking for fun ways of earning money, and tasks that offer flexibility, The Bituro Survey App satisfies both of these requirements, while giving rewards in return.
  • Different tasks are available, so you’ll always find an interesting option that helps you to earn. You can watch videos, take surveys, install apps, and more. The offer wall always has choices that increase your points.
  • The referral program does not have a time limit, so you won’t only earn for two months or even six months. You keep getting a percentage of your referrals’ earnings for life.
  • The minimum for withdrawal is low and is fairly easy to meet once you watch a few videos or complete a few surveys daily.
  • Your points can be redeemed via gift card. You can also send cash to your PayPal account or get Bitcoins.

What Are The Cons?

  • The Bituro Survey App offers points for downloading apps, but this is not always the best way to make money with the platform because you have to keep them on your device for quite a while.
  • Although many of the apps are useful, they do take up a lot of space.
  • Gift cards from stores like Amazon, Starbucks and Google Play are available. The drawback is that this option for redeeming your points is not available to international participants. It is only offered to U.S. residents.
  • There mixed reviews from users about the app. Many people report a good experience and say they received rewards whereas others say they haven’t had points added. Some complain about poor customer service.

Some Final Thoughts

The Bituro Survey App can be used to make money online even if you only have a few extra minutes each day.

The tasks are fun and many of them can be completed in less than 7 minutes. You can earn a few extra dollars while playing games that relax you, or sharing your thoughts via quick surveys.

The withdrawal minimum on this platform is low enough for you to make a transfer to PayPal every few days, if you remain active.

The company has a referral program and you will keep on earning from that for life. This is an easy way to earn a few dollars more for any expenses you wish to cover.

We would love to hear from people who have used this App. Please comment below if you wish to share your experience of using this App.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A convenient app for earning a little extra whilst either relaxing or on the go. Like many other similar apps however, members provide mixed reviews about their experience. 

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