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How Much Can You Earn With The CashCamel App?

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CashCamel App Review

Surveys are a popular way for many online users to earn a bit of extra cash in their spare time.

Although you won’t get rich any time soon taking online surveys, they are nonetheless an easy and convenient way to earn from the comfort of home, or whenever you get a free few minutes.

The CashCamel App is one of many platforms that offers its members the chance to earn by giving your opinion via online surveys.

In my review today I will be explaining how you can earn, and how much you can earn, by using CashCamel to take surveys.

You’ll also learn what users are saying about the app, and what the pros and cons are likely to be should you decide to sign up.

First however let’s get started by finding out how things work.

How the CashCamel App Works

The CashCamel App is a market research platform that’s used to connect data on various topics. The app developer is CrowdNautics, Inc.

The app was first released on June 23, 2020 and has been downloaded by panelists all over the globe times since then.

You’re paid every time you complete a survey. All of the surveys on the app are only available in English, however you can use the app in any country.

Take Surveys To Earn Cash With The CashCamel App

Take Surveys To Earn Cash With The CashCamel App

The app developers partner with other companies to gather information from consumers who are interested in topics such as entertainment and finance.

For example, in the surveys, you’ll be asked to share your opinion on topics such as investment options, video games and movies.

This app is free to download and use at all times. It’s easy to install and will require 13 M of space.

Whether you use an Android or iOS device, you can go to the appropriate store and download the app.

The CashCamel app contains content that is suitable for everyone. However, you will need to have a PayPal account to benefit financially from sharing your opinions, so you should be at least 17 years old.

Once you have downloaded the app you can register. You’ll need your e-mail address and a password of your choosing.

Your home screen provides you with a lot of information related to your use of the app. For example, at the top left-hand corner you’ll see your balance at that point. At the bottom left, you’ll see the number of surveys that you’ve completed.

Whenever you select a survey that interests you, you’ll be taken to a new screen. On that screen, your potential earnings for the survey will be shown again.

You’ll also receive confirmation that you are pre-qualified for that particular survey. To begin the survey, click the blue Start Survey button.

How To Earn with the CashCamel App

The CashCamel App adds points to your balance whenever you complete a survey. According to the app you will be paid 30% more than the industry average.

All new members are asked to complete a few questions as soon as they sign in for the first time. Apart from that, you will also be asked to do a Welcome Survey that takes just four minutes.

This will help you to become comfortable with taking surveys on the app.

All of the questions in the Welcome Survey are designed to help you understand how the site works.

Once you’ve completed that questionnaire, you will receive $0.20. You’ll be able to withdraw this sum along with your other earnings when you reach the minimum balance required for payment.

The CashCamel App uses artificial intelligence to ensure that the survey invitations you receive match your profile. This means that you’re unlikely to start a survey and then find that you’re not in the demographic.

Pre-Qualify For Surveys With The CashCamel App

Pre-Qualify For Surveys With The CashCamel App

With this platform, you won’t often spend time on screening questions. Every minute that you spend on sharing your opinions will help to put cash in your account.

However, if you start the screening questions and you do find that you’re disqualified, you won’t be compensated for your time.

When you log in, you’ll see a list of surveys that are recommended for you. Information on the length of each survey will be provided.

The potential earnings from each survey will also be shown. Most surveys on the app take between two and six minutes.

How Much Can You Earn With The CashCamel App?

Your pay for each survey will depend on a number of factors. One of these is the length of the survey. However, the topic also affects your earnings.

A 2-minute survey that asks you to share your opinions regarding online shopping will pay about $0.20 while a 3-minute survey on your music habits could pay around $0.40.

Some of the surveys are from companies that are interested in making adjustments to their products. These questionnaires are quick and easy.

However, other surveys may be short but still complex. Due to their nature and complexity, they’ll pay more. For example, a 6-minute research survey would pay $1.10.

The longest surveys on the site take 20 minutes. Despite that, you won’t find lengthy surveys as frequently as moderate surveys that are less than 10 minutes long.

Although the app uses artificial intelligence to try to select surveys that are the best match for you you may sometimes find that you are screened out while answering survey questions. However, this will occur less frequently than it would on other survey apps.

This app unfortunately does not have a referral program, which limits your earning potential. On most survey apps, you have some sort of program in place that rewards you whenever you refer a friend to the platform and they sign up through your code.

However, on this app, the only way for you to earn is by completing surveys. If you are not active on the site you won’t have any income coming in.

What Real Users are Saying about the CashCamel App

The CashCamel App has a rating of 4.4 on Google Play from over 6,800 reviews.

Most panelists enjoy using the app. They think that the interface is easy to navigate and the surveys are interesting.

There are complaints from some users however about the length of the surveys and these panelists find that surveys take a lot longer than estimated.

While requests for PayPal transfers on the app should be completed in 48 hours, some users find that they experience delays with receiving their PayPal transfers.

Users have also said that they are only invited to surveys occasionally. This makes it difficult for them to reach the minimum for payout. This is one of the main problems that users who complain about the app have.

Quite a few users on the platform never make it to pay out. They may become frustrated because they stop receiving survey invitations after their first three or five surveys have been completed. Some may stop using this site with less than $2 in their account.

Some users are enthusiastic about their experience with the app. However, they tend to have lots of patience and will stick with the process for as long as they are required in order to get to the minimum for payout.

They’re usually not deterred when survey invitations come to them at a slow pace and will even do a few surveys each month in order to get to their goal.

I would love to hear from any of my readers that have used The CashCamel App and want to share their experience. If you do please leave a comment in the comments section below

How To Withdraw Your Earnings from the CashCamel App

The CashCamel App pays panelists via PayPal, and minimum for payout is $10. Once your request has been submitted, the developers say that you will receive your payment in two days.


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When you’re ready to withdraw your earnings, you’ll need to check that you’re logged in to the app.

Tap the Cash icon that will be displayed on your screen once you’re logged in. At that point, you’ll be able to enter the email address that is connected to your Paypal account.

Your PayPal email should be entered twice for confirmation.. If you click the Cashout button before you reach the $10 minimum, you won’t be able to withdraw your money.

What Are The Pros Of The CashCamel App?

  • Quick payments via PayPal
  • Better remuneration than the industry averag
  • You’re less likely to be disqualified from surveys. A major selling point of the app is that artificial intelligence is used to ensure that the survey invitations you get match your profile
  • They can be contacted via email
  • It’s easy to sign up for this app from anywhere in the world.
  • You don’t have to be a US citizen in order to participate, so this makes it a good international money earning opportunity.

What Are The Cons Of The CashCamel App?

  • Surveys are only available in English
  • You must be at least 17 years old to use the app for profit
  • It takes a while for most panelists to reach payout
  • No referral program


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Some Final Thoughts On The CashCamel App

This CashCamel App review has looked at the way the app works and the pros and cons of using it to earn online.

While you may get survey offers frequently if you live in certain areas, panelists in some countries find it difficult to reach the minimum for payout.

The app does use artificial intelligence to match you with surveys. However, this doesn’t actually take place in that way all the time. You will have occasions on which you’ll start doing a survey and after completing a few screening questions you’ll be disqualified from the survey.

You might not be able to earn more than $10 per month from the app even if you frequently find yourself in the demographic that researchers are looking for. This app may be a good way to earn a little cash on occasion but it’s not likely to be a steady source of extra income.

Star Rating 2.5/5-CashCamel is a popular survey app that is available worldwide. You are less likely to get disqualified from surveys, however there is no referral program.

Thanks for reading my review of The CashCamel App, I hope you found it informative and will help you make a more informed decision about whether you should join.

I have written hundreds of reviews and articles about platforms that offer opportunities to make money online. You will find my latest posts HERE

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