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How Much Can You Earn With The Cashzine App? A Review

Thanks for checking out my Cashzine App. review

Presently more people than ever are reading the news on the internet. Everybody wants to keep up to date with the latest opinion on the worldwide pandemic, and all its related stories.

Not only that, these days we want news stories from lots of different sources. luckily for us there are now a lot of internet news channels available to those that want to follow them.

If you’re a person who likes to keep ahead with developing news stories from various publications, then the Cashzine App could be a way for you to stay updated…..and to get paid for it too!

Thats because the App is designed to pay you for simply reading the news. By the end of my Cashzine App review, you will get a much better idea as to how much you could potentially earn.

Unfortunately the Cashzine App is not available for iOS devices, so if you plan on earning via this platform, you’ll need to use an Android phone.

The app doesn’t appear to be available worldwide yet, but is currently available in the U.S, U.K, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and several other countries.

How the Cashzine App Works

The Cashzine App rewards you for reading about events and things that happen  in your area. So if you are already doing that, then you can earn extra cash without changing any of your browsing habits.

You don’t have to stick to one type of news, and can even keep up with health or entertainment stories right from your mobile device.

The way people read and distribute the news is changing right around the world.

Less people are relying on more established forms of media, and are seeking news via social media, or similar channels.

Media houses are reaching new clients in different ways, and this app provides one of those channels.

Once you download the app from Google Play, you’ll need to register via your email address or mobile phone number. This helps you to track your earnings on the app.

Each participant is sent an SMS code after registering. You’ll receive that within 10 minutes of creating your account, and can start earning after that.

How much can you Earn with the Cashzine App?

The Cashzine App rewards you for being active, and reading or sharing the news. There is a sign up bonus of approx $0.10 added to your account when you sign up.

When you begin engaging with the platform your coins will build up, giving you the impression that you are earning a lot, however 800 coins is only equivalent to around 1 cent.

Articles displayed at certain times of the day reward you with 50 points, so the earning potential simply by reading articles yourself is very low.

The way to earn more coins is by browsing through the stories, and sharing them on social media.

Every time one of the articles that you share is read, you’ll earn coins, so you benefit if a large number of people who are interested in local happenings follow you on social media, and read whatever you share.

There are different payment options are available. If you live in Singapore, you can use PayPal, and Malaysians can withdraw cash right to their bank account. Only a gift card option appears to be available in the U.K at present.

When other people sign up by using a referral code, you’ll earn 5000 coins. If they earn 2000 coins within a couple of days, you’ll earn 8000 coins, and if they earn 5000 coins in 10 days, you’ll earn 12000 coins.

This means that showing each person how they can earn by distributing the news will really help you to earn more quickly.

There are two different exchange rates to keep in mind when using this app.

A thousand coins is equal to 1 RM if you live in Malaysia. If you reside in Singapore, you’ll need 2000 coins for 1 SGD. If you refer at least one person, and they earn well, you can redeem your coins very quickly.

You’ll only need 10,000 coins to withdraw your first payment, and you can earn 22,000 coins with just one referral.

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Is the Cashzine App right for you?

I think the following people will either benefit or not benefit by using this App;

Those that we think won’t benefit from using The Cashzine App;

  1. Those who want to generate a significant online income. To do this takes both time and effort.
  2. If your main motivation for using this app is to make money, because you will soon get frustrated by how slowly your earnings build.

Those I think may benefit from using The Cashzine App;

  1. Those who read a lot of news stories daily, are genuinely interested in this activity, and see the cash you earn as a bonus.
  2. Anyone who has an engaged social media following that has an active interest in news stories that you share on social media.

Cashzine App Reviews From Real Users

At the time of writing my latest update of this review the Cashzine App has a rating of 4.5/5 on Google Play, so clearly this is a very popular app.

The App is regarded as a legitimate way to share breaking news and earn a bit extra too. Many people like the fact that they can encourage others to read about their country or region.

Complaints from users are that it is a very slow way to earn. The way to earn more quickly however is by getting referrals to read stories as well.

Having referrals will increase your income. However the referrals need to actively engage with the app. The best way to do this is by having a genuine interest in the app and what the benefits of downloading it are. By conveying this to your referrals, the more chance you have that they will engage with the app and earn you more points.

Some users complain that they don’t earn from their referrals, however Cashzine have responded to these complaints by stating the need for referrals to be active on the app.

I would love to hear from my readers who are or have used The Cashzine App. If you want to share your experience then please leave a comment below.

What Are The Pros?

  • The Cashzine App has a referral program, so if you want to invite your friends to earn money via this program, you can earn extra cash by doing so.
  • The app is available in several countries
  • You earn real cash, and have more than one option for withdrawing your money.
  • Each user can invite as many people as they wish, and earning is easy for those who like to read.

What Are The Cons?

  • Low income opportunity-Earning can be very slow. You need to get referrals that engage with the App.
  • Not available worldwide

Some Final Thoughts  On The Cashzine App

The Cashzine App is an option for people from several different countries, including Malaysia and Singapore.

This app allows you to encourage your friends and business associates to learn more about finance, health, and other issues that concern them. Since many people enjoy reading the news, it is easy to earn with this app.

However there is no doubt that this is a very low earning opportunity. You can increase your income by getting referrals that engage regularly with the app. You will however need to get hundreds of  active referrals to make a reasonable amount.

Remember to read the privacy policy of any app that you are giving your personal data to. This is to ensure you know what happens to the data and how it is used.

Have you used the Cashzine App? If so what are your thoughts? If you want to share your opinion please leave a comment below.

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Star Rating 3/5-This is a cool app that is worth checking out if you like to read and share the news. The rewards are low, but nonetheless you are still getting paid for doing what you are already doing. 

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Thanks for checking out my review of The Cashzine App. I hope it gave you some insight into what to expect from the app, and will help you decide if the app will benefit you personally.

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7 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With The Cashzine App? A Review”

  1. I never heard of cashzine until recently when I was looking for ways to generate an income and all too often we get vaunted these “easy ways to make money” and I’m glad I found this review. This has saved the time of trying to figure out whether the app is good for me and clearly outlined there is no earning potential there, thanks!

    1. Hi Kit,

      Yes you shouldn’t really see this as a great opportunity to make money but rather a way to read the news and as a bonus it’s a way to earn a few dollars. Getting a lot of referrals and sharing stories online would help you increase the income but you will have to have an engaged audience in order to achieve this. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi, this is a great review article on how much can you earn with cashzine app. I have friends who use the app and the challenge is as you have said; the low earning capability. You know most people who are interested in making money online, want to make it now now but it does not work like that. 

    I think that the concept behind the app is a very good one. Enjoying the information and news you love and at same time earning from it. It requires time. This article will help potential prospects to get a very detailed review for their decision on Cashzine.

    Great job and cheers.

    1. Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my review of the Cashzine App. Yes the concept behind the app is a good one. It encourages people to stay informed about the news. It’s a pity however that it doesn’t pay more as I’m sure it would encourage more people to join. If you are patient however, and you read the news regularly then the money you eventually earn could be a nice bonus.

  3. Whoops! Thanks for your review of the Cashzine App. You saved my sweat with this. Great, you mentioned about the earning potential. It’s very small and very limited. There is no way you can build wealth with it. 

    I have checked Your recommended platform – I will definitely give it a try.  

    Thanks again.

    1. Hi Che,

      Yes you have to be realistic about the earning potential otherwise you will be frustrated. It is nonetheless a fun way to earn small amounts over time. Thanks for your comment.

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