How Much Can You Earn With The Current Rewards App? A Review

Current Cash Rewards App Review

Thanks for dropping by to read my Current Rewards App review

In this article I will be finding out whether you can use the Current Rewards platform to earn some extra cash.

If you like listening to music, playing an instrument, or doing anything related to music, then you should enjoy using this App. However, can you earn rewards from it, and if so how much?

By the end of my Current Rewards App review you will have a good idea about what the app is all about, and what the earning potential is.

My Experience Using The Current Rewards App

I have tested this App out quite extensively. I can say that I have enjoyed playing the wide range of music, and I have managed to confirm that it’s legit, having been paid twice (see payment proof below).

However, the creators say you can earn up to $600 a year by anticipating with this app regularly.

From my experience using the app I would say that this is just not possible if you are simply going to use the app for listening to music.

However, there are other ways you can earn using this App such as completing surveys, participating in offers, and referring others.

If you live in a geographical location where the app targets its offers and surveys then your regular participation could mean you can earn at least close to $600.
However, if you simply want to use the App for listening to music then realistically your earnings will only amount to a few dollars a month.


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How Does The Current Rewards App Work?

You can download the Current Rewards App for free on either Android or Apple devices. Once you register, you can start listening to the type of music you enjoy.

You’ll get paid for what you listen to, and no restrictions apply to the genre that you select.

There are thousands of radio stations listed on the app, so you will be spoilt for choice as you can pick any one of them to earn points. If you have a favourite station, the app has a feature that allows you to easily find it.

Current Cash Rewards App-Listen to unlimited music

Listen to unlimited music to earn rewards

You can use the app to listen to music as you normally would. If you usually listen to music while you are making dinner, or working out, just go ahead,

The main difference of course is that you’ll listen to the radio through the app, and you’ll get points for every minute that you listen.

As with radio stations offline, ads are present on the screen, however they are small and don’t interrupt the music.

Current Cash Rewards App Passive income

Earning rewards with no effort

How much can you earn with the current rewards app?

When you join Current Rewards and you earn enough points, the App rewards you with either a PayPal gift card, or if you prefer there are numerous gifts available for varying amounts of points.

When you begin listening to the curated media, you’ll earn points for every minute that you listen. During playback, you’ll be given additional opportunities to earn cash.

I’m a music fan that loves listening to radio, so I joined the app for the music, and less concerned about what I could earn. I chose a music station that played the music genre I liked and started listening.

Although it was more about the music for me I was impressed by how quickly the points built up, getting about 10 points for each song.

Ways to earn with Current Cash

Ways To Earn With Current Rewards

The points you get rewarded for listening to each song however started to go down the more I listened however. For example, you may get up to 10 points for each song when you begin, by the end of the day you may not get even 1 point for each song.



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This is the real problem with this app when it comes to making money simply by listening to music. I found that each day that I logged in the points I got for listening to each track began to reduce.

It meant that over time by the end of a day of listening to music on the app, I would only be getting fractions of a point for listening to each song.

You get better value from your points however if you don’t cash out too early. You get just $1 for 8,000 points whereas you get $3 for 10,000 points and $10 for 22,000 points.

However, having said that, once I had cashed out I noticed that I got what is called Bonus Bucks which enable you to earn points 50% quicker. So depending on how much music you listen to, cashing out earlier could work out better.

Aside from listening to music there were plenty of offers available, and it is here where you earn the most points.

Completing the offers gets you to the cash out very quickly. However, make sure you cancel any subscriptions on paid offers if you don’t want to spend more money than you are actually earning.

The quick earn videos can build up points than just listening to music as well. The videos are only for a few seconds and earn you around 6 points. Over the first few days that I used the app I got approximately 9 videos each day. Some days however there were no videos available.


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You can also earn more points simply by referring your friends. Just share the link given to you when you join.

Earn by getting referrals at Current

Earn by getting referrals at Current

After a just a few days listening to music and watching a few videos (remember you can earn a lot more points doing offers ) I redeemed my points.

Straight after doing so I received the following email.

Current rewards confirmation of reward

And sure enough after a couple of days I got confirmation that the payment had been made to my PayPal account.

Current Rewards receipt of payment

Just to make sure this was definitely a legit app I decided to cash out again to see if my payment would arrive.
Sure enough the payment arrived in my PayPal account within a couple of days.

Further payment proof from Current Rewards


Is Current Music Legit?

Yes, I have been paid by Current on more than one occasion which proves to me that Current is a legit app that does pay it’s users for listening to music and carrying out other tasks available on the app.

It doesn’t pay much however if you just listen to music and earn from that. However, there is a great choice of music available. Whatever genre you are into you will be able to find something to match your taste.

It does mean of course that if you’re finding your music subscriptions too expensive you could use Current to listen to your music for free instead.

Music Choices At Current

There is a great selection of music available on The Current Rewards App.

Any kind of music at Current Rewards

Any music to match your mood

Whatever your mood there are music selections that will match it. Aside from the earning opportunities available with this app, it does offer a way to listen to your music choices for free.

So if you want to cut the cost of your subscription music channels then you could consider just using this app rather than maintaining your subscriptions.

The only downside is of course that you can’t choose a specific track to listen to, you can only choose for example a music genre, or a decade of music that you love.


Music Choices at Current Rewards

Choose your favourite music decade at Current

Current Reward App Reviews

The Current Rewards App is clearly a very popular app amongst the majority of its users.

Members like listening to music on it and are not experiencing any technical issues. Users appreciate the genuine opportunity to earn real cash from a legit app.

Users also like the fact that they can choose music from lots of genres and earn while doing so.

Like all apps however there are a few complaints.

Members complain that the amount of points you get for listening to songs reduces the longer you listen to the App, making it difficult to build up points quickly simply for listening to music.

Some members say that sometimes there are only a few surveys available to enable additional points to be gained.

However, from my experience of using the App there are always plenty of offers to enable you to build up your points more quickly. But, as I stated earlier, the amount of offers/surveys you get is determined by your geographical location and your demographic.

What Are The Pros Of The Current Rewards App?

  • The Current Rewards App is a good option for listening to music.
  • Many people pay for streaming music services because they want to be entertained while they go about their regular business. This app does not have any registration fees or monthly fees.
  • You aren’t restricted to just a few stations. Instead, you get access to thousands of curated stations and can listen to any one you want. The choices are from all over the world. Best of all, you’re paid for listening to it.
  • Payment straight to your PayPal account.

What Are The Cons Of The Current Rewards App ?

  • You can’t choose the exact song you want to listen to. There are however almost countless music genres so you are bound to find music you love.
  • You have to have a PayPal account to get cash.
  • Just listening to music won’t earn you very much at all, you need to participate in offers, or refer hundreds of people in order to make anything substantial.


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Is The Current Rewards App Worth It?

The Current Rewards App is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play, so you can download it to any device.

When you join you can instantly start listening to a wide range of music from thousands of radio stations and start building up your points.

With a file size of 22.85 MB, this app will not take up a lot of space on your phone, or change the way you use other apps on the device. You can listen to music while jogging, doing chores, or helping your children with homework.

I originally joined the App so I could listen to my favourite music, however I realised this was also a really easy way to earn extra cash. So I’m going to continue using the app to hear my favourite music, and to earn a small amount of cash too.

Have you used the Current Cash Rewards App? Let us know in the comments what you thought.

Star Rating 3/5-A good App for earning a small amount of extra cash doing something you enjoy.

3 Star Rating

Thanks for reading my Current Rewards App Review. I hope you found it informative and will help you to make a more informed decision about whether you should join.

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41 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With The Current Rewards App? A Review”

  1. I get this error message VOIP phone/user not found when typing in 6 digit code to redeem my Pay Pal gift card 3 dollars. I would really know what is the cause of this. Several people had the same problem. My cell phone is a perfectly normal android Sony.

    Thanks again for help.

  2. Hello everyone. I earned 2,050 points of using it in 4 days. What i like in this app is you can play music in background without any hassle, watch ads and play music while charging BUT u have to check your phone or open your phone maybe after 30 -45 mins so earning points won’t stop .. thanks for making this App especially in this pandemic.

    1. Hi Gem,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with The Current Rewards App. Good advice about checking back with the app every so often to make sure it is still adding your points. The app wants to ensure you’re listening. Thanks again.

  3. i was unable to log in again to my account. it always says, emaip is associated with another account. please help. thanks

    1. Hi There,
      Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with your account at The Current App. You will need to take the matter up directly with the Current customer support. You can contact them at

    1. Hi,
      You can exchange the points you have earned at Current for PayPal gift cards and a few different choices of gifts too. Current doesn’t at this time reward BTC, although it says on the platform that this is coming soon.

  4. Does anyone have any experience with redeming items from current as a reward? I kinda wanna save up for one of the smartwatches but I’m scared there’s gonna be hidden charges or a big delivery fee or something

    1. Hi Amber,
      I’m not aware of any additional charges from Current, however I haven’t claimed a smartwatch or any of the larger rewards. Maybe one of my readers may be able to let you know. Thanks for dropping by to comment.

        1. Hi there,
          I’m pleased to hear that you are enjoying your experience listening to music with The Current Rewards App. I hope you get to cash out soon. Let us know how you get on.

        1. Hi Moses,
          You can redeem your 8,000 points for $1. However if you build up your points a bit more and get 9,950 you will be able to exchange them for $3. Thanks for reading my Current Rewards Review.

      1. I am glad to have this app it is very amassing.
        Most importantly it available world wide.In this part of the world Sierra Leone it very amassing to have this app. We really appreciate.

      2. Hello everyone i’m current using the current music reward, i have managed to gain some points 2500 points after one week but i still need a good app or website which i can be able to earn atleast $150 everymonth can someone recommend it to me please.

        1. hi! you can earn more by inviting people to download the current app. i know someone who earns $200 a week because of the number of people she invited 🙂 hope it helps.

          1. Hey Gabrielle,
            Thanks for sharing this info. Earning $200 per week for referring someone to an app like this is impressive. I tried to benefit from Current’s referral program too, but unfortunately wasn’t as lucky. I put Current’s referral code within my article here. I figured it would generate quite a number of referrals as this article gets up to 200 unique visitors a day. As far as I could see I didn’t earn any extra points. To date I have only earned $4 in total from the Current App. I emailed Current about referrals but never got a reply.
            However, if referring others works well for some that’s great. Do you think you could get your friend to provide payment proofs so I could show my readers? I do love using Current to listen to music, but for me anyway, it’s not a good money earner. Thanks again for sharing your experience.

        2. This is a really interesting concept for a money maker. As a musician I do listen to alot of music in my free time and this seems like I could essentially monetise my leisure time. The idea that you can exchange points for PayPal vouchers really interests me too because alot of things like this you have to buy things on a dedicated store and are limited to what you can do but with this it seems that theres more freedom to it. I’m definitely going to look into it

          1. Hi Kyle,

            I’m glad to hear that you found my review of The Current Rewards App informative. Yes the ability to redeem for PayPal gift cards gives you a lot more options. I use the App myself and I recommend it to anyone who loves listening to music. You can indulge in your favourite pastime and earn a bit of extra cash too. Thanks for your comment.

        3. Hello, I’m actually searching for a website to earn extra income. Now I found an amazing app to earn money by listening music. It is stunning, looking forward to try this app. Nowadays there are lots of scam websites and applications. That is why we need good websites to review them. Thanks for sharing.

          1. Hi Janu,

            Yes, Current Cash is a relaxing way to earn rewards. Please let our readers know how you get on if you decide to join. Thanks for your comment.

        4. Hi There!

          The app seems very useful, I will definitely try it out. I’m a music fan as well, I could listen to music all day long. I like the way you write about the bright and the dark side of the app as well.

          Best of luck with your website in the future!

          1. Hi there,

            Thanks for reading and commenting on my review of The Current Cash Rewards App. I hope you enjoy using the App.

        5. Ok, this is a fun way to make an extra income. I love listening to music all the time. I will be glad to get this app, is it available worldwide? because I am in Africa.

          I agree that the pay is not very important but because it is something that you can do without changing much in your daily routine, you will not feel any burden and the extra cash will be a good bonus whatever the amount.


          1. Hi there,

            As far as I know this App is available worldwide. The only way to know if it is available in your region is by trying to Downloading from either GooglePlay or the AppStore. Thanks for your comment.

            1. Hi there, I have earned more than 8000 points already but I could not redeem because there is no code sent everytime I try redeeming my earnings. I already checked my phone number with my PayPal account and it’s the real number. What might be the problem is.

              1. Hi Madelene,
                I’m sorry to hear that you are having some problems redeeming your points at Current. I recommend contacting the App at

                I contacted them to find out when my reward would arrive and they got back to me promptly. Hopefully they will help you too. I would be grateful if you could update my readers as to how you get on. Thanks for sharing your experience.

            2. Hello. Thank you for sharing this information concerning this App.I find it to be very use considering that they are many benefits accrued like; giving a variety of radios station to listen to,good for listening music at affordable cost.It’s also gives a chance to earn revenues.Best wishes. I’m enlightened, I must download this App.

              1. Hi Alex,

                Yes the great thing about this app is the incredible choice of radio stations available. You needn’t pay for music subscriptions again when you have this free app. I hope you enjoy it, thanks for your comment.

            3. Good information on this app. To be honest, it’s my first time reading about it. The app seems like a nice deal because of all the benefits that come with it. I think it’s something that people who don’t want to pay streaming online would be intrested in. But, the downside is the ads display. I can’t blame the company for the ads anyway because I think that’s how the platform generate income.

              I think it’s something worth trying out, not only because of the small pennies but also the choices of variety of stations.

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