Daily Status App Review

How Much Can You Earn With The Daily Status App? A Review

Thanks for checking out our review of the Daily Status App.

These days lots of people are earning money every day with their phone, but can you do the same on the Daily Status platform?

We will be looking into how much are you likely to earn with this app, and what are other users saying about it, but first let’s look at how things work…..

How the Daily Status App Works

The Daily Status App provides lots of short tasks, which are also fun. For example, you can earn points just by watching videos.

Apart from videos, you can also enjoy new GIFs every day. The layout of the site makes it easy to share any inspirational images that you like on social media.

If you enjoy inspiring quotes, this platform has an extensive collection, so you can always find thoughts to brighten up your day.

Downloading the app makes it easy to find messages that you can share with a friend.

You are rewarded for all of your activity on the app, so while you are sharing content to encourage someone else, you’ll also be earning points that the app claims can be used to claim gifts.

The app is available to all Android users for free. You can download it in minutes.

Ensure that you register, so that all of your points can be accurately tracked.

How much can you Earn with the Daily Status App?

Like all similar money making apps, the Daily Status App says it will provide you with a little extra cash in exchange for engaging in fun tasks. The Daily Status App has a lot of content, and it claims you earn by engaging with that content.

Earning points with the Daily Status App
Earning Points With The Daily Status App

When you watch videos, or share a quote that you like on social media, you’ll earn points. You won’t get many points for the tasks, but they are easy and fun to do.

With so much content, you might think it would be difficult to find what you’re looking for on a particular day, however the app has good navigation.

The app is divided into several categories, making it easy to quickly find a GIF, or other media, even if you only have a little extra time.

Each user also has their own unique referral code. Once you invite people you know to join the app, you’ll get points when they sign up.

You can upload content to the site, and you will gain points for doing so. However, the app has guidelines for the type of content that you upload.

It cannot be copyrighted content, and it should not have another site’s logo anywhere within it. For example, you cannot upload a video that has another site’s logo displayed anywhere in the video.

We have struggled to find any payment proofs. Have you been paid by this App? Let us know in the comments section below.

Feedback from Users

The Daily Status App is an enjoyable app, but users wished they could collect more points.

The earnings and points per task were increased recently however, in January 2020. This results in more rewards for members.

Users also complained of a few software bugs, and these were fixed. The latest version of the app for Android ( version 3.6) was released on January 5, 2020, and should provide users with an even better experience.

What Are The Pros?

  • The Daily Status App has a search feature which makes it easy to find what you are looking for. You can browse by the most popular content, or even look for recent items.
  • Your level of activity has a direct impact on how much you earn, and this site has so much fun content, that it’s easy to be active.
  • Many people want to start off their day with prayer or a positive thought, and the site presents you with a lot of content that will inspire you.

What Are The Cons?

  • The Daily Status App does not provide a lot of information on their payment process. They could adjust this as they continue to build the site. However, anyone who has questions can make direct contact with the developers via email.

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Some Final Thoughts

If you like to share inspiring quotes, it’s a useful app to have. Whether this app is of any use as a way to make money however isn’t certain so we won’t be recommending it at this time.

The pictures will also be appreciated by many people in your network

Keeping track of your shares is fairly easy, and the app has a fairly intuitive design, which makes it easy to use.

This app is fairly new, but it already has a lot of content.

Have you tried the Daily Status App? If so and you want to share your experience please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 1.5/5-An app that is fun to use. But we don’t recommend it yet as a way to make money. Let us know if you have made money using this app in the comments section below.Ensure you read the terms and conditions to avoid any problems.

1.5 Star Rating

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