How Much Can You Earn With The Foap App?

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Foap App Review

Thanks for joining me today for my review of the Foap App.

In our review we will be taking an in-depth look at what the Foap App has to offer freelancers who want to sign up to make money with their photos.

We will be investigating how everything works along with how much you could potentially earn if you sign up…so sit tight and let’s get started.

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Selling Your Photos Online

The Foap App offers a way of selling your photos online. Nowadays, the demand for the use of photos and pictures for promotional purposes is very high.

Advertisers, publishers, and other big companies are more than willing to pay money to use your everyday life photos to market their brands.

Previously you had to register with a stock photo agency to market and sell your photos to these companies. However this is no longer the case. You can now sell your photos online via smartphone applications like the Foap App.

Introduction To The Foap App

The Foap app is a mobile application that allows you to upload and market your best photos to potential customers.

Essentially, it is a photography app that offers you a platform to sell your photos to big brands such as Nivea, Pepsi, Volvo Group and Absolut Vodka.

Foap App Overview

What The Foap App Is All About

Foap offers people like you and me an easy way of turning your photos into cash without you having to be a professional photographer.

However, you must submit high-quality photos to build a steady income stream and increase your earning potential.

How To Make Money With The Foap App

The app works in a very simple way. You are only required to upload your best photos, add relevant captions & tags and wait for a customer to make a purchase. However, the whole process is not as easy as it seems.

Firstly, other members have to rate your photos before they can be sold. Photos with ratings of less than 2.5 stars (out of 5 stars) do not qualify. Once you pass this hurdle, you can rest easy and wait for Foap to market your photos on your behalf.

How Much Can You Earn With The Foap App?

Each photo sells at $10, and the app charges a 50% commission on every successful sale. This means that you should only expect to earn $5 from each sale of a photo.

Another way of making money with the Foap app is by undertaking missions posted by various clients. Missions are photography contests that seek to answer specific requirements. They require you to upload high-quality photos that meet the given criteria.

For instance, you may be asked by Pepsi to capture and upload a photo of yourself drinking your favorite Pepsi soda on the beach. The best photo at the end of the contest receives a cash reward of up to $200.

Foap App Tips And Hacks

The Foap app does offer a great opportunity for you to make money by selling your photos. However, with so much competition from other members, creating a steady income on this platform can prove to be a huge challenge.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of the Foap app

Upload as many photos as possible

There is no limit to the number of photos you can upload at any given time. This option can significantly improve your earning potential. However, you must make sure that you only upload high-quality images.

Add Relevant Tags

Adding relevant tags and captions to your photos will make it easier for clients and other members to find them quickly, subsequently enhancing your presence.

Engage with other members

Engage with other members by commenting, liking and rating their photos. This will increase your chances of receiving high ratings for your photos as well.

You may also learn great photography skills by going through some of the comments from other members.

Cashing Out

Foap does not have a minimum payout requirement. (take a look at these other reward sites that let you get your cash out early)

All members are paid once every month, via PayPal. (If you like to be paid via PayPal check out these reward sites too)

However, you must submit a cashout request before the 15th day of every month to receive your earnings at the end of the month.

What Are The Pros?

• Free to join

• Unlimited uploads

• Moderate photo quality requirements

• Exciting photography contests

• Feedback from other members

• No minimum payout requirement

What Are The Cons?

• Payments are made once a month

• Foap takes a commission of 50%

• You need a smartphone to join

Take Away – Do People Really Sell Photos with The Foap App?

There is no doubt that Foap is an awesome app. However, it does not offer a reliable way of making money due to the high competition from other members.

People do sell photos via this app, but you have to work extra hard in order to make any significant sales.

For this reason, unless you are an exceptional photographer, to avoid disappointment with your earning expectations, we suggest that you should only join Foap initially to hone your photography skills.

If you work at it and achieve a high standard of photography however, you could start to see regular income from your work, not only from this App, but from others too.

Star Rating 2/5 Good App but income potential can be very limited due to high competition.

2 Star Rating
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