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How Much Can You Earn With The Fronto App? A Review

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Thanks for joining me today for my review of The Fronto App.

My review will cover everything you need to know about The Fronto lock screen App. If you own a smartphone, then you’ve probably heard about lock screen apps.

As the name implies, these apps are designed to lock your screen when you are not using your phone. This helps to safeguard your device from unauthorized access.

However, as it turns out, this is no longer their only function.

Lock screen apps have evolved to become money making applications. You can earn a small income for just unlocking your screen and viewing displayed ads via these apps.

Fronto App Overview

Fronto App Review Fronto Features

What Is The Fronto App?

Fronto is a lock screen application that pays you for allowing the app to run and display ads on your phone’s screen.

Fronto App swipe screen

It uses a special algorithm to display relevant ads and promotional content that match your profile. The app gives you the options of swiping left to view the displayed ads or swiping right to go to your home screen, respectively.

What is interesting is that you do not have to interact with the ads to earn. However, you are encouraged to do so to increase your earning potential.

How Does The Fronto App Work?

The app works in four simple steps:

STEP 1 – Download and Install the app

The app is only available for Android phones. For this reason, you must check on the compatibility of your device before installing the app. You may download theFronto app from Google Play or from the Fronto official website.

STEP 2 – Sign up and set up your profile

Once you install the app, you are required to provide your name and email address to complete your profile. You will earn 500 points as a welcome bonus as soon as you complete the registration process.

STEP 3 – Lock and unlock your device

Whenever you unlock your phone’s screen, Fronto will display various ads, news articles, surveys, sponsored promotions and perks that might be of interest to you. All you have to do is view these ads to earn redeemable points.

Alternatively, you may opt to ignore the ads, but you will still earn points for allowing the app to run on your phone. Nevertheless, you should only unlock your phone as you would normally do, or whenever you need to use your device.Improper use of the app may lead to temporary suspension.

STEP 4 – Redeem your points

Once you accrue enough points, you may redeem them for rewards, ranging from Amazon gift cards to PayPal cash. If you like your rewards to be paid via PayPal, check out these sites that use that payment method

How Much Does The Fronto App Pay?

Fronto pays between 20 and 30 points depending on the displayed content. You can earn as much as 1000 points depending on the number of times you unlock your phone. Frankly, the Fronto app has a very low income potential.

Nevertheless, you can increase your earning potential by interacting with ads, trying out sponsored apps and referring your family and friends to this platform. In essence, you are encouraged to remain as active as possible to earn more money.

Getting Paid

The app uses a point-based system to reward its members. However, this system is rather ambiguous, as it does indicate the exact amount of money that you stand to gain after redeeming your points. According to Fronto, every 25,000 points is worth $10.

However, when you redeem 25,000 points, you will only get a $5 gift card or PayPal cash. This means that Fronto takes almost 50% of your rewards!

What Are The Pros?

• Easy way of earning money

• Registration bonus of 500 points (check out these survey platforms that pay you to sign up)

• Variety of reward options ranging from gift cards to PayPal cash

• Fast payments

• It offers a referral bonus of 1,250 points (take a look at these platforms that pay you to refer others)

What Are The Cons?

• Requires an android smartphone only

• Uses an ambiguous payment method

• No longer available on Play Store

• Low income potential

• Missing points

Is the Fronto App worth your time?

Lock screen apps like Fronto offer a very easy way of earning money. However, from what we gather, the app has its own shortcomings. Firstly, Fronto does not award points for every advert you view. Moreover, it uses an ambiguous payment method to reward its members.

In view of these developments, we wouldn’t currently recommend this app. Have you had a different experience using this App?

Has the App improved in the areas mentioned above? Let us know about your personal experience using Fronto so we can share it with our readers.

Star Rating 2/5-Easy way to make money but the App has a few issues

2 Star Rating

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