How Much Can You Earn With The Grab Bucks App?

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Grab Bucks App Review

Thanks for checking out my Grab Bucks App Review

Grab Bucks is an online platform designed to reward its members for completing surveys and doing other quick activities.

In my review today I will be finding out what you need to know about the Grab Bucks App including how it all works, and how much you could potentially get earn carrying out short tasks.

I will be uncovering what real users of the app are saying about it and weighing up the pros and cons to help you make a more informed decision about whether the Grab Bucks App is worth checking out.

How The Grab Bucks App Works

Grab Bucks is an app that rewards you for tasks such as answering short surveys, installing apps and completing captchas.

The Grab Bucks App is available for free on Google Play and was released by Phil Techie in 2020.

Phil Techie is an Android developer and Grab Bucks is one of two apps that they currently have on Google Play. The other is the Math Cash app. While the apps have only been available since 2018, they have been steadily growing their user base.

You must be using Android 4.4 and up to download the app and use it without glitches. It will be installed in minutes on your device and only requires 8.8 M of space. However, you’ll also need a little storage space to do the tasks on the site quickly, without having your device freeze.

Grab Bucks membership is open to people from a number of different countries including Ecuador, India, Pakistan and several other nations. However, residents of the UK and the US will find that there are a lot more survey and captcha opportunities available to them, than residents of other countries.

The Grab Bucks App is designed for almost everyone. The minimum age requirement is four, so even children can earn a little extra cash by solving captchas on the app, with their parents’ permission.

The app contains ads and while you can expect to see a few as you use it, they won’t impede your ability to solve captchas.

When you’re logged in, different tasks will be displayed on your screen. If you click to solve a captcha, a screen with a captcha and answer bar will appear.

You’ll need to type the captcha in the answer bar below it and tap the Go button. If it’s correct, you’ll be credited with your points and can quickly solve the next captcha.

You’re required to enter each captcha accurately in order to have points credited to your account, you will need to work quickly as you will be in competition with other members to complete as many as you can in 60 seconds.

Solve Captchas At Grab Bucks

Compete against other players and solve Captchas with The Grab Bucks App

There’s no real limit however on the number of captchas, quizzes or other activities that you can do each day.

A confirmation message will appear on your screen to let you know how many points you’ve gained and that your account balance has increased.

You’re given points right through the day whenever you complete captchas in your spare time and these points will be converted to dollars.

How You Could Earn With The Grab Bucks App?

The Grab Bucks app is completely free to use and while offers are occasionally available on the site, you won’t often be asked to submit your credit card details for any of these.

Once you download and install the app, you’ll need to accept the terms. After that, you can log in with your Gmail account and start earning.

You’ll be paid every time you complete a captcha on Grab Bucks, which could contain letters and numbers. People who are able to solve captchas quickly can earn extra cash every time they have a few extra minutes.

How Much Can You Earn With The Grab Bucks App?

There are surveys and quizzes available on Grab Bucks. You can potentially get between 40 and 100 points each time you participate in a quiz or solve captchas. Earning will be slow if you only engage with these activities as 10,000 points is equivalent to just $1

However you could get lucky and boost your earnings because there are also contests that give you the chance to win up to $5.

You can also participate in various offers available. These reward you with more points than most of the other activities such as quizzes or solving captchas. Some of the higher paying offers however will require you to carry out tasks, so you won’t earn the higher rewards immediately. Remember to cancel any paid offers if you don’t want them.

Offers At Grab Bucks

You can participate in offers with The Grab Bucks App.

There’s also a welcome bonus of 1,500. After you install the app, tap the Grab Bucks icon on your phone. You’ll see a button that says Login With Gmail. When you click that and use your Gmail account to sign up, you’ll get 1,500 points.

Another bonus is also offered to new members. When you sign up for membership by using a referral code, you’ll get 1,000 points as a bonus. You’ll be prompted to enter a referral code, after you’ve created a new account via the Grab Bucks icon.

You’ll get a confirmation message saying that the welcome bonus and referral bonus have been added to your account. In all, you could get up to 2,500 points for free just for opening a new account. This is of course equal to $0.25.

The Grab Bucks App also has a referral program, so whenever a new member signs up through your affiliate link, you’ll earn a commission of 20% on whatever they earn.

These points will be added to your regular balance, to be withdrawn when you reach the minimum for pay out.

You’ll get a bonus based on your friend’s earnings for life. This bonus is not taken from their earnings, as it is paid by the site. You can refer people on social media and via other methods.

You can also earn by sharing the site on your social media accounts. Every time you share on one of your accounts, you will receive 200 points. You can only share and get credits once, for each of your accounts. For example, if you share Grab Bucks with your Facebook friends, you’ll receive 200 points.

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How To Redeem Your Grab Bucks Rewards

Grab Bucks pays you real cash and your money will be sent to the PayPal address that you provide in your Grab Bucks account.

Your payment will not be automatically transferred to PayPal when your balance reaches 20,000 points. You’ll have to open the app and tap Claim.

You’ll see how much money you have, in both points and dollars. Once you have the minimum balance needed, tap Redeem. Type your PayPal address and tap Submit.

Your request will usually be processed quickly. While the maximum time taken for PayPal transfers is three working days, you may get your money in less than 24 hours.

Grab Bucks App Reviews

At the time of writing The Grab Bucks App has a score of 4.5/5 from nearly 12,000 reviews so this is clearly a very popular app.

Members enjoy using the app with some confirming they have reached the 20,000 cash out and have redeemed their reward.

Some members complain however that it takes too long to get to the cash out and therefore find it a frustrating experience. Others complain about a few technical issues.

I would love to hear from any of my readers that have used the app and want to share their experience. If you do please leave a comment in the comments section below.


What Are The Pros Of The Grab Bucks App?

  • Free to join app
  • Fun activities and challenges to earn redeemable points
  • Good user reviews
  • Payments via PayPal
  • Referral Program

What Are The Cons Of The Grab Bucks App?

  • Low earning potential
  • Hard to reach cash out

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Is The Grab Bucks App Worth It?

The Grab Bucks App is a legit app that does pay it’s members for participating in quizzes and solving captchas. However, you will not be able to earn a lot using this app.

You will need to use a lot of your spare time in order to build up enough points so you can redeem them for cash.

If you’re looking for the best way to earn cash using your smartphone then this probably isn’t it. However, if you enjoy challenging yourself, or maybe just wanting to improve your typing speed whilst earning small rewards, then this App could be worth it for you.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A legit app that you can play for fun and earn a bit extra too.

2.5 star rating

Thanks for checking out my GrabBucks review. I hope it helps you make a more informed decision about whether the platform will be a good choice for you.

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