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How Much Can You Earn With The Happy Surveys App?

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The Happy Surveys App Review

If you would like to earn online by doing short tasks or sharing your opinions, then The Happy Surveys App may be one to consider.

However, in my review today I will be finding out what the earning potential of the app is to help you decide if it’s worth your time.

You won’t need to invest any of your own cash as it’s a free app and can be easily downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

To help me with this review I will be signing up to get an inside look. I will also be uncovering what other users think about it, and weighing up the likely pros and cons.

First however let’s get started by finding out more about the Happy Surveys App

How the Happy Surveys App Works

The Happy Surveys App is a product of Xbank Technologies SL. This developer also published the Make Bitcoin App, which pays users in Bitcoin.

After the app is installed on your phone, you can start earning by doing surveys or quick tasks.

When you complete an activity you will earn credits. Those credits will be converted to fiat cash when you’re ready to withdraw them.

When I joined the app I clicked on the Free Daily Rewards Tab which gave me 20 credits ( see below)

Daily Rewards Credit At The Happy Surveys App

Daily Rewards Credit.

I also watched a video ad as invited (to earn a further 2 credits).

When I looked at my reward history I saw that I had earned 30 credits for joining, 20 credits for my daily reward, and 2 credits for watching the video, so 52 credits were in my account within a few minutes.

Credits on the Happy Surveys App

Credits on the Happy Surveys App

I was curious as to how much my credits were worth so I went to the redemption screen. Here it tells me I can withdraw via PayPal only, so you won’t be paid in gift cards, merchandise, discounts or cryptocurrency.

I can redeem 15,000 credits for a $10 PayPal withdrawal. So that works out at 1 cent being equivalent to 150 credits.

How You Can Earn from the Happy Surveys App

You can earn on the Happy Surveys App by doing surveys and tasks. You can do as many of these as are available to you.

However, while you can usually complete any of the tasks that you start, it’s not the same with surveys.

When you start a survey, you’ll be asked questions which help to determine whether you’re in the demographic that they’re looking for.

After you spend a little time on these questions, you may find that you’re not qualified to do the survey. In that case, you won’t be able to continue and you won’t earn any credits.

The surveys on this app are usually interesting. They’re coming from third-party providers such as Pollfish and Yuno. So, when you click on a survey that interests you, you will be taken off the site to complete it.

On Yuno your average earnings per survey will be 400 credits while on Pollfish your average earnings per survey will be 2,000 credits.

You’ll also be able to do surveys from other providers, such as QuickThoughts. The only drawback to using the app for surveys is that whenever you go to a new third-party site, you’ll have to complete your profile on that site.

That is, you’ll have to answer a few questions about yourself which helps that site’s algorithm to match you with surveys.

However, you’ll only need to do this once on each site. It’s also important for you to complete each set of profile questions. The more information that you provide, is the more likely it is that you’ll be matched to a survey whenever one becomes available.

There’s another benefit to doing the profile questions. On several platforms, you’ll receive points whenever you complete your profile. For example, on Pollfish you’ll get 2,368 credits when you complete the profile questions.

Ensure that these are done accurately. Most platforms check your answers against your profile whenever you do a new survey.

If your answers aren’t consistent it will seem as though you’re inaccurate and you might be prevented from doing other surveys.

Earn With Referrals

The Happy Surveys App gives you credits for referring others. You will receive 200 credits for each referral. However, there is a condition attached. Your referral will have to complete at least 2 surveys before you get your credits.

You will therefore not only have to refer lots of people to the app, they will also need to be motivated to take surveys via the app too if you want to earn anything significant.



Referrals to The Happy Surveys App.

The Happy Surveys Referral Program 

How Much Can You Earn With The Happy Surveys App?

On average, you can earn more from tasks than surveys on this app. Most tasks pay between 600 and 4,500 credits.

However, those at the higher end will take more of your time. Most of the tasks on this app require you to install and play a video game.

Those that pay you several hundred credits might only require you to play the game at level 1 but those that pay more will require you to reach much higher levels in the game in order to receive your credits.

As a new member you’ll have the opportunity to earn a fairly large number of credits right away when you sign up. That’s because you’re paid for some of the profiles that you complete with third-party sites.

So, within your first week of joining, you could earn $5.

Those surveys are always available when you start as you’re always required to complete profile questions.

So, by ensuring that you do what’s required, you can maximize your earnings from the beginning.

Each survey on the Happy Surveys App will pay you between 50 and 3000 credits. So if you do at least four surveys per month, you could earn 4,000 credits from a combination of short and long surveys from different providers each month.

If you also do three tasks a month, you could earn another 4,000 credits from that.

That will carry your earnings to a total of 8,000 credits for the month. This would be equal to $8.

The Happy Surveys App displays your earnings in credits for every activity that you complete. When you’re ready to receive your rewards, these credits will be changed to US dollars.

As discussed earlier, your earnings will be paid to you through PayPal. So, you’ll need to have a PayPal account to receive your rewards on this app. You’ll need to live in a country where you can accept Paypal payments.

As we also mentioned earlier in this Happy Surveys App review, you’ll need to have a minimum number of credits in your account before you can request a payment.

You must have at least 15,000 credits to request a payout. You’ll receive $10 in exchange for that when you click Payout.

If you want to wait to request withdrawal, you can select higher denominations for your transfer as well.

It’s unlikely that you’ll able to reach the minimum balance for payment within a few days because the payment rate on this app is moderate.

The surveys that you have available are from third-party providers. Some of these are high paying but others aren’t.

Usually, each survey has a quota. So even if a survey interests you, if you don’t respond to it quickly you might miss the opportunity to participate.

What Users Are Saying About the Happy Surveys App

Most users are happy with this app. It has an average rating of 4.6 from over 19,000 reviews on Google Play.

Users like being able to check in and receive a bonus just for checking in and doing the daily video ads.

They also like to play games and get points for doing that. Some enjoy the variety of tasks that they can do in a short time in order to earn points.

However, they wish that they could get more points for their Daily Rewards. Currently, you’ll get 20 points for the Daily Rewards. They would also like the minimum threshold for payment to be decreased.

Some members have had problems with the app, such as having it use up too much of their memory. Some complain that they’re screened out of surveys often.

What Are The Pros Of The Happy Surveys App?

  • In this Happy Surveys App review, you’ve seen that you can complete surveys from any location. So, if you prefer to work from home, you can do that by using this app.
    However, even if you have to commute and you want to earn income on the side, you can do surveys on your way to or from work.
  • If you aren’t interested in surveys, you can earn by doing tasks.
  • The Happy Surveys App pays you by using PayPal. So, you can get your rewards in cash and you won’t need to use gift cards or merchandise as rewards.
  • The app has a daily reward so you can get closer to pay out simply by opening the app each day.
  • The app is available to use on both Android and iOS devices.

What Are The Cons Of The Happy Surveys App?

  • The number of survey invitations that you get will depend on your demographic. So, some panelists might not get survey invitations often. That’s frustrating for some members, who can go for a week without being able to earn anything.
  • This platform doesn’t always have a lot of tasks that you can earn from.
  • Payments on this app are sometimes delayed. They aim to process payment within three working days but users complain that it takes longer. However, they eventually receive their payments.
  • This app can only be used by people who are 17 or older, It’s not a good way for younger teens in your household to earn extra cash.
  • Quite a high cash out sum.


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Some Final Thoughts On The Happy Surveys App

In this Happy Surveys App review, you’ve learned how you can earn while you’re on the go. You’ll be able to share your opinions on several topics, helping to make products better for consumers in different sectors.

You won’t get rich by doing these surveys but you’ll have the satisfaction of improving the services that are offered by businesses around you.

Happy Surveys App panelists report that the app sometimes takes a long time to process payments but you can expect to receive your cash for your hard work. This platform is not a scam but it doesn’t always have many tasks and you might sometimes get frustrated when you start surveys but can’t finish them.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A legit survey app that allows its members to earn conveniently on the go. The cash out sum however is a bit too high.

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Thanks for checking out my review of The Happy Survey App. I hope it helped you gain some insight into what you can expect should you decide to join.

I have written lots of other similar reviews and articles about making money online here on my website You will find all my latest posts HERE

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