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How Much Can You Earn With The Honeygain App?

Honeygain Review

Hi and thanks for joining me today for my Honeygain App review.

In my review I will finding out what the Honeygain platform all about, how much you can earn from it, and what the pros and cons are likely to be if you sign up.

My Honeygain App Review has been written to help anyone who wants to earn money by using their devices as gateways.

Honeygain uses these gateways to gather data that helps market researchers. You can use the system to earn passive income, and boost your earnings by using several devices at once with the same IP address.

So how does your device work as a gateway with Honeygain? Let’s find out

How Will your Device Work as a Gateway?

Your device will work as a gateway when it functions as a node, or router.

Once you download the Honeygain app, your device is regarded as an important stopping point as data travels to other networks or from other networks. This data is analyzed by the people who use the Honeygain app for market research purposes.

Market researchers always need data. They use it to understand consumer behaviour and find out more about what people like and what types of products they are likely to spend money on.

Honeygain has lots of users on the system who let their devices be used as nodes, or gateways, and this gives them access to more data.

Will Honeygain Invade your Privacy?

Honeygain says that that they will not search your device while it is functioning as a gateway. They only need to analyze the data that is passing through it.

This is a crowdsourced network company, and its main purpose is to perform business research. It does this by gathering massive amounts of data, which is analyzed with the intention of really understanding the behavior of large groups of shoppers.

Strict safeguards are said to be in place to protect each device on the system.

How Much Effort does this Take?

Honeygain requires very little effort on your part. You earn income passively when you use this app and are paid once your device is connected to the system.

You simply sign up for an account, download the app, connect to the Internet using your WiFi, and get paid.

No technical knowledge is required. You don’t need to know how to set up a network or use routers. You simply connect and the pp runs in the background, gathering data that will help market researchers.

You can download the App using Windows/MacOS or Android.

How Much Can You Earn With Honeygain?

Honeygain lets you earn money just by connecting to the Internet. You get a credit for every 10 MB that you share, so if you share 100 MB, you get 10 credits, which is equal to $0.01. That means if you share 10 GB in a day through five or six devices, you will get $1.

At that rate, you would easily earn $20 in about a month and be able to make your first withdrawal.

If you don’t connect as many devices, you would earn at a slower pace, but you would still eventually reach the minimum. You definitely would earn more by sharing your unused data than by leaving your device disconnected.

You can connect up to six devices through your IP. For example, you could connect, a tablet, a laptop, two desktops and two phones.

Most households nowadays have several devices, so you could easily connect at least two and double up the amount of traffic that you send through the app, thereby doubling up your earnings every minute.

HoneyGain App Reviews From Real Users

At the time of my latest update of this review The HoneyGain App has a score of 4/5 at TrustPilot, so currently this is a very popular app.

Nearly all the those that left reviews were happy with their experience using the app.

Some however complain that the earning is too slow. As we discussed above however, there are ways to increase the income potential.

Some members question whether the electric and time used to run the app is really worth the small income.

Honeygain however recommend that you don’t just keep your computer running simply for the rewards from Honeygain. They say the best way to get the most out of the app is to have it running in the background whilst you are using your computer/device in the way you normally would.

By doing this you won’t be using up any more electricity than you normally would, but you will be gaining credits.

What Are The Pros Of Honeygain?

  • Honeygain is a good way to earn a passive income.
  • It lets you improve market research by providing access to your unused data, and you are pad for all the data that is analyzed.
  • If you connect via your WiFi, it does not cost you anything, and being connected will not affect browsing speeds.
  • According to their earnings estimator, you can earn $50 every month with this app. They even have a referral program which gives you a bonus of $5 every time one of your referrals earns $50.

What Are The Cons Of Honeygain?

  • They currently only pay through PayPal.
  • Only a low earning opportunity.

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Final Thoughts On Honeygain

Honeygain is one of several new apps that make it easy to earn money from your devices without doing anything. You can earn $50 easily with just one device and you can earn even more by letting it run on several devices at once through the same IP address.

It does not affect your browsing speed and you can limit how much of your own data plan the app can use. Their referral program makes it easy to boost your earnings,

The pay out limit is $20, and you can withdraw your cash and spend it on anything you want as soon as you reach the threshold.

Have you used Honeygain? If so let us know in the comments what you thought.

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Star Rating 3.5/5 This is obviously a low income opportunity, however it is money for doing very little so it is definitely worth a shot.
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Thanks for checking out my review of The Honeygain App. I hope you found the article informative and will help you make a more informed decision about whether the app is going to benefit you.

I have written hundreds of similar reviews and articles about making money online. You will find all my latest posts HERE

11 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With The Honeygain App?”

  1. Dear,

    Sir/Madam, hope you and, whole your family are well and safe.

    I would like to apply for the Honeagin earn how much I can get I like so much this progarme.

    Thank you for your kindly consideration and I look forward to hearing you in due course.



    1. Hi Hasta,
      If you have any questions or concerns that I haven’t covered in my review of Honeygain you could try contacting the app directly HERE

  2. Just started yesterday, I think its legit since my friend has been using it for months now and he gain extra thru referrals.

  3. I’m using honeygain for a month and half now… so far it’s legit. Still waiting to hit 20.00 for payout and at 16.00 made in passive income. I have 5 referrals but haven’t noticed much from earnings yet as they all have signed up in the last day or 2.

  4. Thanks for a very detailed review! I’ve been using Honeygain for a couple of months and I could agree with most of your information. It’s a legit passive income app that provides an easy opportunity to earn extra monthly income. As you’ve mentioned it’s not a fast way to earn extra money but still it’s better than nothing.

    1. Hi Wayneoli,
      Thanks for your feedback about the Honeygain App. I’m glad to hear you are happy with it. I agree, although you won’t earn much, it’s money for nothing nonetheless. Thanks again.

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