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How Much Can You Earn With The JustPlay App?

JustPlay App Review

Thanks for checking out my JustPlay App review.

The JustPlay app is designed to allow its members to play games and earn rewards, or to support their favourite charity.

However, I’ve been hearing a lot of mixed reviews about this app, and I’m not sure if it really lives up to its promises. Can you actually have a good time using it and also win real rewards?

Anyway, a bunch of my readers have given me their two cents about the app and it’s been pretty split – some people are into it, but others not so much. So, if you want to get the full picture, maybe check out the comments section after you read my review.

Alright, let’s dive in and see how this JustPlay App actually operates, shall we?

How The JustPlay App Works

The JustPlay app is published by JustPlay GmbH Entertainment. It offers several free games and you’ll get points for playing each one.

JustPlay App-Play Games And Earn Rewards

JustPlay App-Play Games And Earn Rewards

These points are called coins and can be converted to real money when you’ve reached the minimum balance required for payout.

While the app is available in several countries, it’s not offered worldwide.

Where the app is available for example in countries like the US, you can play as often as you wish and get your rewards in a short time, as cash or another convenient format.

You won’t need to register with your phone number and other personal details before you can start using the app.

Once you’ve installed it on your device, you can click on a game that you like and begin playing it to earn coins.

Their games are all entertaining and engaging, and you cannot find them anywhere else, which is a definite plus if you want new games to play.

Something worth noting is that it is important to be cautious with any changes to your settings that you make with regard to the app.

If you uninstall it accidentally, all of your points could disappear.

The app displays ads to all members and it generates revenue from that, which is used to pay members. Each player can earn as much as they want with games, videos and other activities in the app.

How You Could Earn With The JustPlay app

You can earn points on the JustPlay app by playing any of the games that they have available.

They have different types of games to stimulate the brain,including puzzles, number games and word games.

The more you play, the more your coins balance will increase.

You don’t have to spend all of your game time on a particular title.

You also won’t be penalized if you don’t play games often or don’t click on ads often.

However, if you do see an advertisement that interests you, click and you may learn about a deal that may be of interest to you.

You can earn points on the app by connecting with social media. For example, if you have an account on Instagram or Facebook you can earn points by connecting each one.

If you like to watch videos, you can boost your balance every day by watching videos in your free time.

These videos are usually advertorials, which share information on different topics.

How Much Can You Earn With The JustPlay App?

So, one thing that keeps popping up in the reviews is that people are having a hard time keeping track of how much their points are actually worth.

It’s like, one day you might get 4,000 coins and get 25 cents for it, but then the next day you could get double the coins and only get 19 cents. What the heck, right?

This inconsistency is definitely causing some drama among our readers, and it makes it hard to know how much you could actually earn if you stick with the app for a while.

Some folks are saying that the longer you play, the more you’ll make – but then others are claiming the opposite. So, who knows what to believe?

Apparently the app support team is saying that you can boost your earnings by taking advantage of special coin offers and by trying out new games. Might be worth a shot, but I guess it’s hard to say for sure until you give it a try.

As regards videos you can watch one video every two minutes, so the maximum number of videos that you’re allowed to watch in an hour is about 30. You’re paid around 5o coins for watching one video.

This means you’ll earn around 1,500 coins, on average, after watching an hour of videos. If you watch videos while you’re cooking or doing other tasks, you could earn 3,000 coins a day from just doing that.

However, don’t get carried away thinking you’re going to make a lot watching videos, as 1,000 coins is, according to some members, only worth fractions of a cent.

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How Does The JustPlay App Pay?

With the JustPlay app, you can play and cash out every day, by clicking the yellow Cashout button located at the top right hand corner or the bottom of your screen.

However, you’re limited to one payout every 24 hours. The payment threshold is relatively low and you can cash out with just $2 in your account.

When you click Cashout, you’ll be taken to a new page and invited to select your preferred payment provider.

The list includes Doctors Without Borders, Target gift cards, The Hunger Project, Best Buy gift cards and many more alternatives.

If you prefer you can donate your earnings to some very worthwhile charities.

JustPlay App-Charity Donations

JustPlay App-Charity Donations

You can choose PayPal as a payment option if you prefer cash. Amazon codes are also offered as an option to PayPal transfers when you’re ready to redeem your rewards.

You can actually receive a code to apply to your Amazon account for less than $2, so you don’t have to wait to reach the $2 minimum for cash.

You can redeem Amazon gift codes every day. Each payment can be added to your overall Amazon Gift Card balance, which can be viewed under My Account at Amazon. Just log in to Amazon to check your new balance after you’ve added your payment.

JustPlay App-Pay Out Options

JustPlay App-Pay Out Options

Both PayPal and Amazon payments are usually received within 24 hours. You’ll receive a bonus after you’ve cashed out $25 in total on the app.

A notice will appear on your screen and you’ll be invited to click the Redeem button to get your $5 bonus.

JustPlay Reviews From Real Users

The JustPlay App has a score of 4.3/5 from nearly 400,000 reviews. (April 2023)

So, it seems like most of the folks using The JustPlay App are pretty into it. They like playing the games and being able to cash out their rewards without any hassle. That’s always a plus, right?

But of course, there are some folks out there who have a few bones to pick with the app. Some people are saying that they’ve run into technical issues, and others are complaining that the points they earn don’t really add up to much in terms of real cash.

I’ve been reading through some recent reviews, and there are definitely some mixed feelings about this app. If you want to get the full scoop, you should definitely check out what my readers are saying in the comments section below.

And hey, if you’ve used The JustPlay App yourself and want to chime in with your two cents, please do! Drop a comment down below and let me know what your experience was like.

What Are The Advantages Of The JustPlay App?

  • The Just Play app has exciting games which stimulate your mind.
  • Fast payments-normal payout time of 24 hours is pretty fast, it’s not uncommon for members to receive their money just minutes after they’ve requested it.
  • If you earn in the app frequently, you’ll get a bonus after you’ve reached $25 in payouts.
  • Cash payments and quick Amazon payments
  • The app can be used to support charitable organisations
  • They match every dollar that members give to charity.
  • Low payment threshold for PayPal.
  • Available in several countries outside of the US.
  • Family-friendly games which are appropriate for teenagers

What Are The Disadvantages Of The JustPlay App?

  • While the JustPlay app is intuitive and can be downloaded in minutes, you’ll lose your coins if you accidentally delete it from your device.
  • How much are points worth? Nobody seems to know
  • Lots of complaints from users-See my readers comments below
  • The games are high quality but not a lot are available
  • Users complain that there are too many ads displayed while you’re using the app.

Is The JustPlay App Worth It?

If you love playing online games then you will probably find this app to be worth downloading, especially as the JustPlay app provides you with a way to earn rewards.

A lot of people are happy with this app and enjoy using and earning from it.

However, given some users comments, the amount of coins you appear to have to accumulate for very small amounts, you aren’t likely to earn very much.

Star Rating 2.5/5- fun app that offers stimulating games whilst rewarding you with points that can be redeemed for rewards, or for donations to charities.

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90 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With The JustPlay App?”

  1. Hey Everybody, So yeah, my take, this is better than spending 4 hours a day to make 5 dollars on Survey Junkie. I made 2 dollars in 2 hours (I blew off the last hour of my three hour session) from 1,300,000 coins, cashed it out instantly to pay pal for 1.90 (5% fee if under 5 dollars). I was pretty addicted to that spear chucking game treasure master. The face book scan took me multiple tries but ultimately worked. I hope this whole, Ad/Gaming union that has lead to paying gamers continues, this could become more profitable in the future if more people refuse to pay for mobile games.

  2. It shouldn’t matter how much over the goal amount you get, you should still get the $1 for every 80000 coins you collect but you don’t. They need to fix this and give people the correct amount.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Have I got that right, 100 million points for 1 dollar? If so that’s the worst conversion rate I’ve heard so far for this site.

      1. I can believe it, i have gotten a little over 6 million coins a few times to try to figure out how it pays and received 7 cents, 9 cents, and 11 cents U.S. so i don’t know what it pays per coin. It’s confusing to me

        1. Hi there,
          I’m sorry to hear about your experience with JustPlay, unfortunately it appears to be a common one. Thanks for reading my article.

    2. The reason you got so little after so many points is because in Justplay, you maximize earnings by getting to the goal. any point after the goal yield little to no extra value. Also, to maximize earnings, play many games. The quickest game to give coins is Treasure Master where you shot arrows at Monsters.

      1. Actually, right now Hex Match has the current best, with 4000 per level. Granted the levels get harder, sometimes significantly, but treasure master only pays 2000

  3. okay going to do this again. Lol. I could not find this a minute ago. Ok. Just play has been down from paypal for 4,5 days. It was up for my husband and uncle this morning. I have over 4111600 coins now. My daily goal keeps going up. It is now over 270000. They have not covered my coins since paypal went down. I took a screen shot and wish I knew how to post it here so yall could see. I do like playing the games. I have played a lot. Reading yalls stories makes me believe I’m not going to get them. If I’m right that should be 40,50 dollars if you get $1.00 for every 80000. Calculate it.

  4. I LOVE this app, even with it’s little imperfections here n there!! I have not found another reward app that you can cash out and it’s credited to your account IMMEDIATELY. The games are entertaining, fairly easy and mindless to play. The amount earned inconsistency issue, as well as the intrusive ass are my only 2 complaints really. The ads are a pain mostly because they interrupt your game play, and sometimes they are immediately closeable, busy usually they are those 3 part ads that make it seem like it’s short but it’s definitely NOT. The between levels ads are the usual just like you see in any other app. I have cashed out so many times I’ve lost track truthfully. You don’t have to do any sign up b.s. and I don’t think you have to even sign in with your phone number either. I may be wrong though so be sure you check for yourself on that one. Just to add to others who’ve mentioned it, my highest paying game in the app is word seeker, but treasure master has been very good as well. This app is definitely worth the time checking it out.

  5. Whatever the Justplay algorithm is , whenever you try to earn “more’ coins than the “goal” it definitely will not let you earn more than .01 cent (aka one penny). So the app diminishes your earnings if you try to build up to a huge amount of coins and will randomly reset your coins to zero coins for doing so (preventing you from cashing out). Thus the point is = greed is punished.
    The coin-to-money rate winnings reduces greatly after you have successfully completed your first 2 payouts.
    Just remember the more you play the harder it will become to earn.
    PROS =
    ° Just play app is fun and offers a good variety of games on its free offers wall. You enjoy playing the games to pass time
    ° It does actually pay out to PayPal or gives an Amazon gift card in the amount of the earnings
    ° It does pay out the first two winnings you earn quickly
    × They more you play Justplay the less you will earn
    × It will take away coins and reset to zero if you try to gain more than the set goal coin amount
    × Reviews that claim to win $30 or $60 per gameplay are false.
    You can’t accumulate that much all at once only $10 at a time
    ( not $30 or $60 all at once).
    VERDICT = Just play is just for fun , you won’t get rich playing this app. So don’t quit your day job😁

    1. You talk as if you’re an american programmed puppet boy who thinks you can justify how greedy this app is with all the ad money they gain off of everybody playing by saying it’s just for fun. You are a liar. If it was for fun, they wouldnt feel the need to leech off of us and setting limitations to keep us from having hardly anything out of the ad profits. Why don’t you just shut up and have a seat dummy.

  6. Hey

    I saw the reviews and they where good so i installed justplay
    The games are fun but for the money you dont have to do it 2.6 million coins and well earned 0.12 cents just wauw 😑

  7. The coins, okay. I have in 2 hours of playing 1 million coins. With just 1 game. Is this high or??? Because in the description says 4.000 coins is 0.25 $/€, i have 1.000.000 coins. How much is this???

  8. once i have reached the goal if i carry on playing will i still earn more money before the balance is reset to zero or do i stop earning once ive reached the goal

  9. I will only do this if you like playing games and its a game that you like playing. If you’re doing this for quick cash its faster doing surveys or offers in my opinion. You can spend a whole day playing and only make 2-3 dollars and im talking about playing 16-18 hours. I tested it out multiple times I can’t get over that no matter the game.

    1. Thanks Anthony for sharing your experience with The JustPlay App. I agree you will earn more taking surveys and participating in offers. Although playing games can be more fun of course. 😊

    2. I have 4111600 coins. They have not been converted into money yet. I took a screen shot, but I don’t know how to post it here. I don’t see an option. Sorry I’m telling my story on your story. But I don’t know how to make a fresh post. Papal has been down a bit and just play has been having problems. Well my husband and uncle got there apps right today. Coins converted and all. Mine hasn’t yet. I have had a 1.10 for about 5,6 days now. I wish I could post my pics.

  10. I currently just started and have 9.6mil coins waiting to see what happens during swap over. This is going to be a big deciding factor I’m sure. I will update this in about I think an hour when it’s supposed to “switch over to cash” so I can cash it out. This should be quite interesting to see what 9,619,616 coins are worth lol

    1. I would like to thank you for making a app that you can really win money with all these fake apps out hear I am happy to find JUST PLAY!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH 💞💞💞

  11. So what I’ve actually learned is that the offers have a greater coin value than anything else… I’ll be back here after I test something… I’m gonna compete an offer for 15K coins and then I’m gonna earn coins on the main games they show and see if it works cause I have 3 hours to test in-between… If I get a higher payout with the offer coins combined with the other coins it’s best to complete low offers (like 15 minute stuff) and earn coins on the games they show… It’s not random at all really… Offers will give you the most and depending on how many goals you complete you could get a better coin transfer… As I said it’s all speculation but I’m testing this… Be back in a bit

      1. Hi Ray, I have sent several emails to just play and have not gotten any responses back. I have been playing games and I have a total of 3347300 in coins, but for some reason the coins are not transferring to cash. Each time it gets to the points turning to cash the time resets but no cash. I even un-installed it and lost all of my coins, than I re-installed it and started playing the games with no luck on the coins turning to cash. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM….I am not very happy with just play right now

        1. Hi Jon,
          Thanks for sharing your experience with The JustPlay App. I’m sorry to hear about the problems you’ve had. Let us know if The JustPlay customer service resolve this issue for you.

        2. Having the same issue, played every day and for the last 7 hasn’t added anything to my cash out total although coins are adding up with no problems. Reluctant to continue playing until this is resolved.

        3. I have that same problem! My points are 1 million something and I only have 5 cents to pay out. I don’t understand and don’t know what to do to get it fixed.. Now I know I’m not the only one.

  12. Be hibest I highly recommend this app to every one. It’s the only reliable app I found found that is truth worthy. I have been keeping record with my amount of time I play the games. So far I have cashed out 30 dollars in 4 hours screen shot evedence and all like I said legit ontime game have had best experiences with this app compared to any other app. If any of you knows an app that pays more and legit I want to know so I can test it my self.

    1. Hi Cody,
      Thanks for sharing your opinion of The JustPlay App. I’m pleased to hear that you are making it work for you.

  13. I downloaded the just play app almost a month ago and so far, I’ve transferred over 60$ to my Paypal account. Thats not a lot of cash, I’m aware. However, for just killing time, this is a great way to make a few bucks. I would advise anyone to just play the trivia game. I’ve made about $10 at one time playing it. From my experience, it’s the best paying game.

    1. Hi Jon,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with The JustPlay App. Good to hear that you are making it work for you. Thanks for your tip, I’m sure my readers will appreciate it.

  14. I have 3467894 points and keeps wanting to keep going and won’t cash me out cuz I got that many points made in 1 day

  15. I’ve only been playing this pass month, so far I’m up to $16. May not seem like much to some but I send it to my PayPal and that’s enough to pay for my Disney + for the month! If I keep this up I’ll never have to pay for Disney + again ,😊 and the games are fun! Win win

    1. Hi Cassie,
      Thanks for letting us know what you have earned with The JustPlay App. How many points did you accumulate to earn this amount? My readers are finding inconsistencies with what the points are worth, so I would appreciate you letting us know. Thanks for reading.

        1. Hi Kevin,
          I have never been asked by ySense to provide photo id despite cashing out many times. I am not aware of any other members being asked for this either. Given Swagbucks is owned by the same company as ySense their policies should be very similar to each other, if not the same. Hope this helps. Thanks for reading and let me know how you get on with ySense of you decide to join.

    2. I know right I actually calculated my time every time I have opened and played one of the apps. Guess what barley 4 actual game house in the game and I already cashed out 30 dollars just by playing treasure hunter…. that game you throw spears in it.

  16. I don’t get the rules of this app, what does the points mean? I thought that when you bring your points higher it gives you more dollars? The first time I had to go up 25,000 and I was up 26,000 and got 1.10. The points don’t mean anything to me, then my next goal is to go up 20,000 point and I went up 600,000, do I need to just go up to the minimum what it says cause I only got 6 cents higher which only made 1.16? The first time I had to go up 25,000 and I was up 26,000 and got 1.10, second time I only went up 6 cents? This doesn’t make any sense to me??

    1. Hi there,
      The points on this app are very confusing. It is very difficult to work out the actual value of the points on this app which is of course disappointing. Thanks for sharing, your feedback will be of interest to my readers so it is much appreciated.

      1. I have the same complaint. I earned 85000 coins and only received 11cents. The new updated app lets you cash out every 2 hours. Ill keep playing but if the pay doesn’t get any better I will post my reviews all over the internet. Thankyou

  17. Sometimes I put 1 point up and make a dollar every three hours but sometimes I will make nothing. Try this sometimes when you are busy!

    1. Hi Paul,
      Yes this app is very inconsistent regarding the value of the points. It’s something a number of my readers have picked up on.
      Thanks for sharing your experience with us, it’s much appreciated.

  18. My experience with this app is that I was so disappointed. I made over 300,000 points playing 2 games for 35 minutes each, and one Game was 90,000 Points, and the other 120,000 . I watched a few videos and played Ball hit after, and downloaded one more game after that ( 3 Hours of my time And the 4GB Later &amp) all Downloading of Different Apps it Cashed Me out Just $1.97. I’m really not out trying to get rich, but with your time and the Data use, at least they could have made an even $2. That way I could cash out on PayPal. When I make my next $.03 I’ll cash out and I’ll just stick to my Free Cash App! pays instantly and at least you know where your time how much your Earning! For 300,000 Points $1.97 what a joke

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for reading my JustPlay App review and for sharing your experience. I’m sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the app.Im sure your comments will be of interest to my readers.

    2. Just play owes me, $10. I been waiting almost 2 weeks for it & nothing. They say it’s PayPal that’s got it on hold but I’ve checked PayPal many times & it hasn’t been sent.

  19. I’ve been playing JustPlay for less than a month now. I have cashed out almost $60 and currently have 19k coins waiting to be turned into cash. I pick easy, mindless games to play. Something you don’t really have to pay attention to while doing other things.

    You won’t become a millionaire overnight playing this but you can make real money. All mine is being cashed out to PayPal and I’m saving it for next year’s Christmas.

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for sharing your experience and success with The JustPlay App. I’m glad to hear that you are earning real cash from this app.I hope it continues to work well for you.

  20. Well i just installed the app and I’ve already cashed out over $5 and that’s within a few hours! this app and mistplay are the only legit apps i can say actually PAYS! and it doesn’t require a lot of points or coins to cash out! i think people believe they can make $1000 within few hours!

    1. Hi Sierra,
      Thanks for reading my JustPlay App review and sharing your experience. I’m pleased to hear that you have managed to cash out quickly. My readers will be encouraged by what you have managed to achieve with the app.

    1. Hi James,
      Thanks for reading my JustPlay App review.
      I appreciate you sharing your experience with this app. I’m sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the earning opportunities. I hope you find something more suitable to you. Please check out platforms that I have reviewed on my site.

    2. I’ve been paid a decent amount each time, but I play games, watch videos, and complete offers. Is it possible that the pay is higher for some activities or that you can maximize the value of the coins by taking advantage of the multiple ways of earning or playing a variety of games?

    3. I have made $8 in 3 hours with this app but then other times I make way less I think the points are inconsistent for some reason I think the games you have to download and get to goals earn more it just depends for some reason make sure u don’t just hit minimum goal points you will not earn much

  21. I started playing Just play a few years ago. Collected a lot of coins and was able to cash out to either Amazon or PayPal. Then all of a sudden, last year, they wanted a selfie each time to cash out, never told me why! Now, they want you to install the games you have already installed and want you to delete your VPN. I contacted customer support about this 3 times and never got a response.

    1. Hi Judith,
      I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t had a reply from JustPlay regarding your concerns.
      Some apps now require a selfie to show that you are a real person and not a bot. Usually VPN’s aren’t allowed because they can be used to create multiple accounts, which is against the rules.
      Thanks for reading my review of The JustPlay App and sharing your experience. I hope JustPlay get back to you. If not why not check out other similar Apps I have reviewed on my site.

        1. Hi Maria,
          There appears to be a lot of inconsistencies with how much points are actually worth when it comes to cashing out, as reported by users at GooglePlay, and here by my readers in the comments. I can understand your frustration with your pay out, it isn’t much of a reward for your efforts. You may want to contact the app to take issue. If you do please let my readers know if you got a response.

  22. I cannot cash out because I continuously keep getting error messages when they ask for face scan to verify identity and no response from customer service. Very disappointed since I played for a long time for nothing.

    1. Hi Crystal,
      I’m sorry to hear about your difficulties getting in contact with The JustPlay App customer service. There will always be glitches with apps but like you say it is disappointing if you can’t resolve the issue.
      Thanks for sharing your experience, it will be of interest to my readers. I hope JustPlay does eventually get back to you.

  23. Okay yes I especially liked that you mentioned the inconsistency with regard to the coin value rates. This helped me to feel verified that I’m not crazy, it’s not just me. I just spent all day earning over 5k coins and I’m sure I got less than 50¢ this time at the payout time. One thing I’ll mention though that I read from an info button somewhere in the app, there could be a 2 hour delay in between updates after coins get converted to that combined with the inconsistency of coin values per day means I would recommend users to wait till at least 2 hrs after the 24hr payout period ends before actually cashing out the earnings, since it’s suck to leave an amount below the cash out minimum in your balance when you actually wanted to cash out your entire earnings. This hasn’t happened to me yet but based on what I read I could see that being a thing. Yeh this is actually day 2 of getting ripoff levels of earning conversion rate disappointment, so I’m definitely goin ta focus on a different GPT app though.

    1. Hi there,
      Yes, the inconsistency in the value of the coins is disappointing and definitely a downside to the app. However thanks for the tip about waiting 2 hours after the 24 before requesting payout, that could prove useful for my readers, so much appreciated.

  24. Hi I’m definitely happy to confirm that the app does payout it’s rewards once you reach the low thresholds outlined. But there are some drawbacks to the app that are disenchanting: For one thing the “coins” to cash value in the app seems very inconsistent and I suspect it changes daily (along with the daily minimum to pay out threshold..which I actually find makes it things more interesting.) I’m not sure but it definitely seems inconsistent..and that’s enough to encourage me to use another app instead that my friend has referred me to. Nevertheless I will probably continue to use Just play as well since I know it’s legit and has a low payout thresholds that will give me a few dollars I can use in a pinch. Thanks for your review and the time you put into keeping your readers informed.

    1. Hi there,
      Yes, despite the drawbacks with the coins, a low cash out is always welcome as it provides a way to earn quickly. Thanks for your input and for reading my review, I appreciate it.

  25. Everytime I finish a game work 20,000 or more I get $30. The longer the game takes to reach the certain level the higher the payout. The max they will pay out in one day is $30 no matter how many coins you have rounded up. Would not recommend going over 22,000 coins. Wait to pass that last level till after you cash out.

    1. Hi Shawna,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with The JustPlay App. The information you have given will be of interest to my readers. Thanks for reading my review.

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