How Much Can You Earn With The Make Money App? A Review

The Make Money App Review

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Thanks for checking out our review of the Make Money App.

If you like to test new apps, our review will show you how you can earn rewards by doing just that on the Make Money Platform.

The Make Money app has received good feedback from users, and has one of the highest rankings in its category. Getting started is really easy, and if you want to sign up, you can start using it for yourself in minutes.

However, how much can you actually earn using this app? Is it going to be worth your time? This is what we will be finding out, but first let’s have a look at how the App works…

How the Make Money App Works

The Make Money App is available for free on Google Play. You can download it to your device for free, and install it without any problems.

There are lots of tasks on this site, including games, so if you enjoy playing games online to relax, you can do that on this platform and earn rewards.

You don’t have to pay a user fee and aren’t restricted to downloading a specific number of games. Just choose from their list and find games that are just your type, from the available genres.

You also earn by completing surveys, watching videos, and testing apps. The videos are aimed at promoting new products, so by participating on the platform, you’ll learn about new innovations before, or as soon as they are released.

Every task pays you, but all don’t add the same number of points to your balance. The number of points that you can get is located beside the image of every task.

Sometimes you’ll see an app that looks really interesting, and you’ll download that and get get 900 points. You may watch an interesting video and gain less than that.

How much can you Earn With The Make Money App?

The Make Money App has a lot of apps available to be tested, and a sizable bank of videos, surveys, and other tasks. This means that you can earn a reasonable amount every day. Unlike some Apps you aren’t limited by a small number of options.

Each time you earn 1000 points, you add $1 to your income. You can download five games and apps and earn 2000 points in a day. That’s $2 a day.

This site gives you a welcome bonus to start you off on the right foot. You get 30 credits added to your account the moment you log in. This can be withdrawn along with your regular earnings.

If you are pressed for time, this app offers you a flexible way to make money. You can quickly download and test an app while you’re waiting in line for your morning coffee.

The video games and other tasks on this platform really offer a large number of points for downloading them. For example, you can receive 17208 and 4319 points for downloading some games.

The games and trial offers look really interesting, and some games require that you play and reach a certain level in order to have points added to your account.

Feedback from Users

At the time of writing The Make Money App has been downloaded over one million times by users who overall appear happy with its earning potential. It’s been reviewed over 188,000 times, and has a really high rating of 4.8 stars on Google Play.

What Are The Pros?

  • The Make Money App gives you a welcome bonus as soon as you log on for the first time.
  • They pay in cash, and you get payments via PayPal.
  • The design of this site makes it easy to find any task that you’re interested in, and the graphics are bright and clean. Colour choices make it easy to spend lots of time on the platform without feeling overwhelmed.

What Are The Cons?

  • The Make Money App has lots of offers but, several of the higher-paying offers require your credit card information, so if you don’t use a credit card, those will not be available.

Some Final Thoughts

The Make Money App delivers what its name promises. You can find lots of tasks on this platform that help you to make extra cash.

You can watch videos while you have your morning coffee or complete a few surveys while your children are asleep.

Each task only takes a few minutes, and since most of them are stimulating, they help you to relax during your busy day.

Payment is made via PayPal, and you have four options. The minimum is a $5 PayPal payout, and you can request a maximum payout of $50 to your account.

If you’ve always wanted to try making money online, but have been cautious, give this App a try. It is known for paying, you aren’t charged anything, and it pays you in real cash.

What is your experience with the Make money app? Let us know in the comments below.

Star Rating 3/5-A very popular App that most of its users are very pleased with. Worth a try.

3 Star Rating

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