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How Much Can You Earn With The Math Cash App? A Review

Math Cash App Review

Thanks for checking out my Math Cash App review.

In my review today I will be discovering whether you can earn money online while keeping your brain sharp on the Math Cash App Platform.

Math Cash offers problems based on mathematics, such as addition and subtraction. The app claims you can get paid rewards for solving these, and watching ads.

I will be finding out if this app does allow you to earn money, and if so how much you can earn. To help me do this I will be uncovering what real users of the app are saying about it.

I will also be considering what the pros and cons are likely to be, to help you decide if The Math Cash App is going to be worth it for you.

How Does The Math Cash App Work?

The Math Cash App is free to download to your Android phone, so you can start using it in minutes to have fun solving mathematical problems.

How The Math Cash App Works

The Math Cash App

The app can be used with supervision by people of all ages, and serves as an activity that parents and their children can enjoy.

The bright colours which are used in its design help to make this app attractive, while its intuitive interface makes it easy to use. If you have a child who doesn’t like mathematics, this is a fun way to encourage them to spend more time practicing.

Solve Math Games With Math Cash App

Play Games And Earn

Although some of the problems may be difficult for younger children to solve, they may provide a welcome challenge for everyone in your office or home. Most consist of basic arithmetic, so over time, you’ll be able to solve those problems faster.

How much can you Earn With the Math Cash App?

The Math Cash App has several types of games. Each game rewards you with points, which are converted to dollars when you request a transfer of payment. When you earn 5,000 points, you can exchange that for $5

Cash Out With Math Cash App

Cash Out With The Math Cash App

The most popular option for earning is the math duel, which allows you to challenge another player.

There’s a time limit for the duels, and whoever can solve the most questions in that time wins a bonus.

There’s a Guess and Win game for people who like chance. It’s fun to do, and is more relaxing than a duel, which can be more intense due to its design.

In this game, you have to guess a number. You’re given 10 chances to guess, and are provided with hints along the way. If you guess the number correctly, you’ll earn $3.

A few tasks that are not based on math are also found on the site. You can earn three points by watching a short ad. There are several ads on the site.

You can complete offers to get paid and may require a credit card. The offers should be approached with caution. Most are free trial offers but your card can be charged if you go beyond the trial period.

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Math Cash App Reviews

Users like the mental workout that they can get by using the app, and the fact that they get their money quickly when they request a pay out.

Members however complain about how difficult it is to get to the 5000 cash out when you are only getting around 4 points for each math problem solved.

Others complain about the amount of ads they have to view whilst engaging with the app.

Some say they are suspicious about the ‘players’ they are up against. They say their opponent can be so quick sometimes they wonder if it is a bot rather than a real player.

I would love to hear from any of my readers that have used The Math Cash  App and want to share their experience. If you do please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of The Math Cash App?

  • The Math Cash App is free, so once you have an Android phone, you can use it.
  • If you made a resolution to do more brain building activities this year, this is an easy way to achieve that.
  • There are several types of games in this platform.
  • The interactive nature of some options gives the app more of a community feel, and encourages learning.
  • You’ll get paid within three days after you make a request.
  • The money you earn is sent right to your PayPal account, and you can use the app from any country in the world.

What Are The Cons Of The Math Cash App?

  • The Math Cash App only works on the Android system.
  • The app is not a huge money earner, but you do receive rewards for building your skills.
  • You will have to watch ads whilst engaging with the app

Is The Math Cash App Worth It?

The Math Cash App is one of the apps that you can use to keep your memory sharp. It does this by encouraging you to use skills that improve reasoning and analysis.

All of those benefits are experienced in an exciting way, and if you manage to achieve the cash out then you’re rewarded financially for honing your skills.

People who like to play video games that have a multi player feature will enjoy the duels in the app. These can add more fun to the games and encourage you to test your skills.

The app pays by PayPal, and you usually get the money you earn within three days after you request it. Plus, the minimum for payment is $5, which is reasonable, however members complain that it can take some time to get to this.

As a learning tool, the fact that you can engage with others, and for it’s earning aspect, this app is something that you can use in your spare time, or as a regular skill builder.

Star Rating 2.5/5-This app certainly isn’t going to make you rich anytime soon, but your brain may thank you for using it nonetheless.

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17 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With The Math Cash App? A Review”

  1. Got 50000 points in less than 30 mins. If you want to gain points faster to earn, I suggest the guessing game. You can solve the 6-digit numbers in just 5 mins. Just observe the pattern and guess the number 1-digit from the left at a time. Already requested a payment and still waiting to know if legit though.

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your suggestion, I’m sure lots of my readers will find it useful. Please let us know if you get paid as this will be of interest too.

    1. Hi Mustapha,
      Thanks for reading my Math Cash App review. Im not sure of the answer to your question as it hasn’t happened to me whilst playing the game. Try contacting the app at
      If you get a reply let my readers know, it would be interesting to find out. Thanks again.

  2. Hello, I redeemed my points (5000 points) bur I have not yet seen my payment on PayPal. This is now the 5th day. So how can I refer my friends when am not sure about my payment?? Please can I hear from someone please.

    1. Hi there,
      I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing delays in getting your reward from The Math Cash App. I agree that you need to be certain you will get paid before considering referring your friends.
      If you still haven’t heard from them then I recommend you contact their support. You can email them at
      Good luck, please let my readers know if you manage to redeem your reward.

  3. Hello,

    Just the design and idea of this app is really amazing. If someone’s a math geek, then this is an app that they’ve got to try cause it’s challenging and interesting. Not often would we be able to take challenges with live opponents in maths if not for awesome platforms like this 

    Thanks for sharing information about this amazing app!


    1. Hi Nithin,

      I’m glad you found my review of the Math Cash App informative. I agree this is a nice app for math geeks lol. Thanks for your comment.

  4. I was asked to have a look at the Math Cash App by my friends as I am into online marketing and they were asking how much you can earn using the platform. This is a new product for me, and this is how I got to this review, I wanted to read a review to see whether or not it is something that I can recommend. 

    These days there is a lot of sub-par products out there, so you have to be careful. It does seem to be legitimate, but not something that my friends can earn a lot of money with. Based on the price (free) I do think that if they want to improve their math skills, it might be worth downloading and using, but not for the cash side of the app. Thanks, I have good news and bad news to report on this one!


    1. Hi Dave,

      Yes I agree this App will improve your maths but not make a massive difference to your bank balance. If you are serious about making money online then affiliate marketing is the way to go.

  5. Great to learn that there is a App that can teach you maths and also pay you for learning. But much more interest is the fact that you can earn a grow a business that can be your major source of income, which will provide more money than the App can provide.
    I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for some while and I can tell you that it is a trusted platform for both beginners and experienced hand

    1. Hi There,

      I’m glad to hear that you have found Wealthy Affiliate and you are working toward your goals. Best wishes with your online endeavours and thanks for commenting on my Math Cash App Review.

  6. thanks you for sharing this article about math cash app. i did not know that there are android app which gives us chance to earn. i read the whole article and it is elaborately explained about mash cash app. the best part is it is totally free on play store and we can downloaded it anytime. after reading your review i already downloaded it and i will surely give you the feedback after using it. the bright colors of the app is also recommendable.

    i will also share this article to my social media account so that other people can know about this app and download it.

    1. Hi Sumaiyasmile,
      I’m pleased that you found my review informative. Let us know how you get on using the App. Thanks for sharing the article it is really appreciated.

      1. Hi there,
        Yes I found this app fun to play and it exercises your brain. You will however need a lot of patience to get enough points to redeem. Thanks for reading my Math Cash App review.

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