Media Rewards App Review

How Much Can You Earn With The Media Rewards App? A Review

Thanks for joining us today for our review of the Media Rewards App.

Lots of people these days make money online by participating in research, and this Media Rewards App Review will explain how you can earn cash just by listening to the radio or watching television.

So if you’re used to having the radio running in the background whilst you are doing other things, you can do the same, but also get rewarded.

We will be finding out how much you can get rewarded with this app, but first let’s get started with how things work…

How Media Rewards App Works

Media Rewards measures the impact of television and radio advertising on consumers. Advertisers want to know if hearing ads about a particular brand of chocolate really inspires you to go out and buy more.

They want to learn whether one type of ad is more effective at getting you to purchase fries with your burger, than another type.

While you listen to your radio or television via the app, ads are being played. You’re rewarded with points for listening. After listening, you’ll be asked questions about the products through surveys.

Your responses to these questions will indicate just how much of an effect the ads had on you.

You can join this research panel by using a referral link. Once you do so, you can download the app and participate.

How Much Can You Earn With The Media Rewards App?

Media Rewards gives you points for playing your radio or television in the background. You are paid per minute, since the advertisers want to know how much attention you’re paying to their ads in these spaces.

You also get paid whenever you complete a survey, so your balance increases every day. Each survey can pay around $10, which you can easily collect as a gift card.

Prize draws are held every month, and these give you a chance to win even more cash. Winners are announced promptly on the 16th of every month via the app. Users have won as much as $1,000 in the monthly draws.

Your earnings are made available via gift cards, and the points that you get are higher than what some GPT sites offer, so you get to payout quickly. (If you prefer cash check out these 5 survey sites that pay via Paypal)

You can get gift cards from Amazon, David Jones, and Lowes. There is a wide selection of popular shops for you to choose from.

What Users are Saying

At the time of writing our review people like using this app, and have given it one of the highest ratings on the Google Play store. It currently has an average rating of 4.5 from over 1,000 reviews.

Ratings on Google Play are high, but the Media Rewards app scores even higher on the Apple Store, where users have given it 4.8 stars

The fact that it has done well on both platforms shows that it really is easy to use, and doesn’t interfere with how you would normally use your phone.

Users like the rewards that they get for their favorite stores, and look forward to using the app every day because earning rewards is so easy.

What Are The Pros?

  • Your participation is covered by the standards set out by the platform. All of your opinions are used for market research without revealing who you are. None of your behavior is tracked.

What Are The Cons?

  • Media Rewards is not open to everyone. You can only join if you are referred by someone else, or receive a direct invitation from the panel. While they only send out a few invitations each month, you can increase your chances of getting one by signing up. Signing up won’t get you on the panel but it will make them aware that you’re interested.

Some Final Thoughts

Media Rewards offers a different, and fun way to earn money online. If you are like many people, you probably listen to the radio while you jog or cook, so you can catch up on the news and current events.

This app asks you to do the same thing, and gives you rewards. You don’t have to change any of your habits. It doesn’t use up much of the charge on your phone, so you can play it all day, and barely notice it in the background.

No audio recordings are made via the app, so your privacy is protected. You get a valuable gift card after every survey you complete, and have the chance to win lots of cash each month in their prize draws.

Joining this platform makes it easy for you to earn, and other users agree that its ease of use and rewards make it worth it.

Star Rating 3/5-An App that offers you the chance to earn a little extra cash in an easy way.

3 Star Rating

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