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How Much Can You Earn With The Phonepaycheck App? A Review

Phonepaycheck App Review

Thanks for checking out our review of the Phonepaycheck App.

People are using their mobile devices these days to earn money while they are asleep! Believe it or not this is actually possible, and our review will show you how you can do this by using the Phonepaycheck App.

You can earn real passive income with this app. Unlike other ways to make money on your phone, you don’t have to do anything at all. You don’t even have to watch ads or click on links. However, how much can you actually earn?

How the Phonepaycheck App Works

Phones nowadays are small computers, so they are designed to perform many of the tasks that you could complete on a larger laptop or desktop computer.

Since several people rent their computer CPU, it’s reasonable that you could also make money by renting the CPU on your phone…..This is exactly what the Phonepaycheck App helps you to do.

The Phonepaycheck App lets you rent your phone’s CPU to companies while you aren’t using it. They then use it to perform various business functions, just as they would if you rented the CPU on your desktop.

Since this happens while you aren’t using your phone, it won’t interfere with your daily activities.

This method of using your phone to make money is ideal for people who are looking for an option that is really passive. You simply install the Phonepaycheck App and let it run. This alternative is only available for people who use Android devices.

The app only runs when your phone is plugged into your charger and is connected to WiFi, so you needed to worry about your battery running down whilst it runs, or your cellular data being used up.

Phonepaycheck state that they do not have any access to any personal data on your phone, nor do they use your precise location.

People from all around the globe can rent their phone’s CPU in this way. The demand is higher in some areas than in others, so there is a waiting list for some regions.


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How much can you Earn With The Phonepaycheck App?

People who rent modern devices that have CPUs that perform at a high level usually earn more with the Phonepaycheck App. You can start and stop it at any point, so you determine how much you earn each day.

Many people rent CPU space on several phones, and the app allows you to make money from up to five devices. Users earn up to $300 per year, by renting space on several phones.

You’ll earn around $3 a month if you only connect your phone for eight hours a day, and are only in active mode for part of that time.

If you have a phone that is constantly connected, and always in active mode, you’ll earn about $20 a month. With a mix of up to five phones that are on part time or all the time, you could earn around $80 a month.

Phonepaycheck App Reviews

The Phonepaycheck App is a useful way to make money, and some people actually rent out several devices that they hardly use, so they earn from their phones all day. Most users have been paid quickly.

What Are The Pros?

  • The Phonepaycheck App has decent income potential.
  • All you need to do is connect your phone or phones to WiFi and ensure that they are charging. There are no costs on your end apart from that, and you can monitor your earnings at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can control how much time you rent the device for by clicking a button. Each device that you add increases your earnings, and you can earn from up to five simultaneously.
  • The app pays via PayPal. Once you reach $10, you’ll receive a payment. It’s important to remember that the app may try to send notifications to your PayPal account when it is sending a payment to you.

What Are The Cons?

  • The Phonepaycheck App has a waiting list. While it accepts members from all over the world, the need varies from country to country.
  • You must be 18 or older to earn money from the platform.
  • The site has good earning potential and many people are interested. As such, there are many people on the waiting list for the United States. You may find it easier to get into the program and start earning if you are in another location.
  • Businesses don’t start renting your CPU immediately when you connect. Instead, you’ll be placed in standby mode. In this mode, you’ll still be earning, but at a lower rate than if your phone was actively being used.

Some Final Thoughts

If you are in a country where the demand for the service provided by the Phonepaycheck App is high, you can give it a try. Renting devices that you aren’t using can help you to earn, and you don’t have to perform any other tasks.

Have you used, or are using the Phonepaycheck App? If so and you want to share your experience then please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 3/5- A good app for earning a small passive income. Unfortunately however you may have to wait before you can get to use it.
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Thanks for checking out my review of The PhonePaycheck App. I hope you found the article informative and will help you decide if the app is a good option for you.

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6 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With The Phonepaycheck App? A Review”

  1. I tried earning money with apps a while ago but it was too much work and not worth the time or money. However, this is a very good way of earning a side income, it doesn’t seem much but any side cash coming in is great. Specially since we are all on our phones/desktops most of our time. I will definitely be checking it out, thank you for the awesome review!

    1. Hi There,

      Thanks for checking out my review of The Quizdom App, I’m glad you found it informative. Let us know how you get on if you give it a try.

  2. Having given some insights of the pros and cons of phonepaycheck. It raises concern like, for how long are you supposed to ran the application and how much are you going to be making in an hour. Having provided that its a legit app and you leave where there is high demand of usage like the USA then it might also mean that you can be on the waiting list for a longer period of time, which can cause you to lose interest too.  

    1. Hi Volkert,

      Yes, if you live in an area where the income opportunities are good with the App then chances are you will be on a waiting list. Thanks for your comment.

  3. This is a new idea I freshly heard. It is a good idea too to be able to loan our phone as a processor to companies… My question is how are they able to use our phone processor for? 2nd thing would be, data privacy… how much can we control our data being access? If privacy is secured, this is really a good idea to make extra money. Our phone just leave there and do nothing at night charging, might as well rent it for others to use. Hopefully, the app will open up for iPhone users soon, so that more users can benefit from this. 🙂 Good info!

    1. Hi Yongli,

      Phonepaycheck state that they do not access your information/data, they simply use your processor for their business requirements, and rewarding you in return. 

      There are also no ads shown to you on the app. 

      Yes, hopefully it will be available on the App Store too.

      Thanks for your comment.

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