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How Much Can You Earn With The Pop Magic Star App?- A Review

Pop Star Magic App Review

Thanks for joining me for my Pop Magic Star App review

My review will be finding out if you can earn rewards by playing free games right from your mobile device.

The Pop Magic Star app gives you coins every time you play, so the more you play, the more points you get.

However, can these points be exchanged for real rewards? This is what I will be finding out in my Pop Magic Star App review today.

You can play Pop Magic Star in several countries outside of the United States, so if you are in Asia and are looking for ways to make money online, you can you this App.

Let’s get started by finding out how things work.

How The Pop Magic Star App Works

The Pop Magic Star App can be downloaded to any Android phone, and it gives you access to the Pop Magic Star game.

The developers claim there are lots of free gifts available on the app, and you are rewarded with coins for playing this strategy game. You don’t have to pay to download the app, however in app purchases are available.

While this game says it offers the opportunity to collect a lot of prizes, many people play just for fun.

The graphics are cool and the game really helps to hone your skills as you develop strategies for popping as many objects as possible with just one move.

How much can you Earn With The Pop Magic Star App?

The app is designed to let you earn by watching ads while you play the games. Your earnings on the Pop Magic Star App however are largely determined by how often you play the game.

The app does not require a specific level of participation for you to maintain membership. Some people may only play for a few minutes a week while others play for 30 minutes each day.

You can double your points by ensuring that you watch ads while you are using the app. The developers say points can be redeemed for cash, or gift cards on popular stores such as Google Play, while redemptions they say are usually processed within three to seven days.

You can pause it at any level that you are at, so you can play whenever you have spare time, and still maintain your momentum. You’ll get bonus points at specific levels, and this helps you in your quest to have fun, and earn a little extra cash.

Real User Reviews Of Pop Magic Star App.

At the time of writing The Pop Magic Star App has over 150,000 reviews on Google Play, with a rating of 4 stars. Although still a popular App, the score has gone down from 4.5/5 in November as more users report problems with payments.

The most reviews suggest there are lots of members experiencing problems with payment.

Users report that the app is easy to use, with ads placed strategically in ways that don’t interfere with gameplay.

Overall, users have a good experience, but make suggestions on technical areas that can be addressed. They enjoy the range of options for redeeming their points, however unfortunately many members are experiencing problems redeeming their points.

Also, some of my readers have reported having difficulty getting paid by this App (see comments section below).

What Are The Pros Of The Pop Magic Star App?

  • The Pop Magic Star App is completely free.
  • It gives you access to an interesting puzzle that is very engaging.
  • It can be accessed from any location, on all Android devices, so you can play at the beach, or while waiting in a line.
  • The app provides several rewards.
  • The developers say your rewards can be redeemed on Amazon as well. This gives you more options for shopping for the things that you need, including household items or auto supplies.

What Are The Cons Of The Pop Magic Star App?

  • The Pop Magic Star App only gives you access to one game. Its entire focus is the The Pop Magic Star game. This is a strategy game, which is great, but it is not ideal for people who want to move at a fast pace without taking time to evaluate the consequences of each step.
  • Users having problems cashing out
  • My readers have reported problems (see comments section below)

Some Final Thoughts On The Pop Magic Star App

The Pop Magic Star App allows you to play a strategy game whenever you want, right from your phone.

If you’re preparing for a meeting, and want to relax, but still keep your mind fairly alert, this is an option that can help.

The app is free, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you want to keep a game on your phone that your child can play, it can provide a valuable bonding experience.

The developers say you can redeem your points for PayPal, and cash out when you have $5, and that’s a nice bonus for playing a game you already enjoy.

However, some users are saying they are having difficulty when they try to redeem their reward. You may also want to refer to the comments below where there is some feedback from real users. Because of the negative feedback this time, we don’t recommend it as a method of making money online.

Star Rating 1.5/5-A popular App that provides an opportunity to play fun games. Not recommended however as a means of making money online at this time.

1.5 Star Rating

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18 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With The Pop Magic Star App?- A Review”

  1. Yes mr administrator i had a payment of 300 and one for 630 in amazon that has not cashed out successful yet its on the 3 try now what is the deal im really counting on this to live also payment for paypal is. 651.56 and payment 300.00 will not go threw please look at my account do i report it to. Human services ? Thank you

    1. Hi Steven,
      I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with The Pop Magic Star App. This isn’t an app I recommend for making money online. You can contact the app HERE to raise your complaint.

  2. Have been trying since Thanksging 2020 to claiam winnings Keep getting the run around from PayPal,Google They tell me to contact developers to find out where they are sending them because they cannot find the ones that say they have forwarded them I have put thousands of dollars on these online games It is ashamend I Am a retired gentle man and I spend hours a day playing these games

    1. Hi there,
      I really appreciate you giving your honest feedback on The Pop Magic Star App. I’m very sorry to hear about your experience. As you can see from the comments here I am currently getting some negative feedback about this app. Your comment will help my readers use caution if they intend using the app with the hope of earning something. I personally don’t recommend spending money on apps if you intend using them to try and earn a bit extra. If an app shows you ads then the developers are earning from them, and you should be given a share. Thanks again for your feedback. I would appreciate any update you may have about contacting the app and whether they get back to you.

    1. Hi Wendy,
      I have updated my review to reflect the recent complaints from users (yourself included) who report not having been paid. I’m afraid you will need to try and contact the App creators regarding payment. Wishing you all the best. Let or readers know if you manage to contact them, and if so whether they address your issues regarding payment. Thanks for sharing your experience with The Pop Magic Star App.

        1. Hi Lizz,
          I’m sorry to hear that you are still waiting for payment. I appreciate you informing my readers about this. I do hope they eventually pay.

          1. Hi There,

            I’m sorry to hear another member of this app saying they haven’t been paid.

            I hope my readers take note of your experience and bear this in mind before joining the App. You do need to ensure you comply with The App’s terms and conditions. You will need to contact Pop Magic Star App and ask them why they haven’t made payment to you. Let our readers know how you get on.

        2. Hi i been playing for 2 weeks straight and it says 7 to 15 business days. But it Also says 72hrs. Which is it and ive received Zero it keeps saying processing processing

          1. Hi Angela,

            Yes a number of users Are confused by the time to wait for payments. My research into this App suggested 72 hours, however like you say it does say 7-15 business days. When they say business days it could mean Mon-Fri, in which case that could be just over 3 weeks, so you could get paid soon. If not please contact app support. Please update me so my readers are informed. There are quite a number of users of this app having difficulty with payment, so your update will be interesting. Thanks for sharing your experience.

          1. Hi ASA,

            My understanding is that you to have to win 300.00 and you have to play for (I think 5 days )and you have to watch a certain number of adds. This appears to be the requirement before you can cash out. I wonder if you have complied with these requirements?…Let our readers know how you get on. Thanks for sharing your experience.

        3. Please admin check my cashout because the status is failed. It’s been nine days since I have my cashout. I’d sent message to the support but then there’s no reply to my email. Please check because this is just my first payment. Thank you.

          1. Hi Shirley,
            Our article is merely a review of Pop Magic Star. We cannot look into any issues you have with the App on your behalf. Our readers however will be interested to know that you have encountered difficulties with a payment that is due to you. Thanks for your feedback…please let us know how you get on and if enquiries get back to you.

          1. Hi Benjamin,
            Thanks for pointing that out..the App is of course The Pop Magic Star…we have amended our review accordingly…Thanks again.

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