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How Much Can You Earn With The ProductTube App? A Review

Thanks for checking out my review of the ProductTube App.

If you like making short videos, our review will explain how you can earn money online by doing just that on the ProductTube platform.

We will be discussing the pros and cons of investing your time in this way, after purchasing products that interest you.

We will also be finding out how much you are likely to earn should you decide to join the platform.

How The ProductTube App Works

The ProductTube App

The ProductTube App

ProductTube is free, and it is easy to use. You can download it from the Google Play store, and use your smartphone to make videos about products that you’ve bought.

The app will have a list of available projects, and you can tap to learn more about each one. You can apply for any one that interests you, and when you are ready, simply press the record button to make your video.

Projects at ProductTube

Projects at ProductTube

Each video should basically be a review of a product in the store that you apply for, and would be easier to complete than a written review.

Since many people nowadays use smartphones, you’ll always have a video camera available which allows you to earn via this method.

If you are located in a city, you may find stores fairly often. If you live in a remote area, you may not have stores appear in the app regularly.

How much can you Earn With The ProductTube App?

ProductTube pays you according to the complexity of each project. Some projects may be completed quickly, and will pay around $5, while other require lengthier videos and you have to answer several questions. These pay around $30.

No one knows what opportunities a day may bring with this app. If you got to do at least two projects that paid $5 each, that would take you about 10 minutes.  You would earn $10 for 10 minutes of work.

The app does not send projects on a schedule. In fact, several users are based in locations where they will only receive projects occasionally. Some receive projects once a month, so you could earn anything from $5 to $30 per month if you live in a moderately-busy area.

You don’t have to wait until you reach a specific threshold before you can receive payment. You also don’t have to wait on a lengthy approval process. Projects are approved within a reasonable time.

Once you have money in your account, you can get it. Just log in, navigate to the Rewards section, and request it.

You won’t receive cash, but you’ll get an Amazon gift certificate, and that allows you to purchase a wide range of items.

ProductTube Reviews

At the time of writing ProductTube has over 10,000 downloads, and has been given a rating of 4.2 from almost 800 reviewers on Google Play.

Participants enjoy using the app and like making videos. Some say that the app has recently developed glitches, and is not accurately recording all of their work, so there are missing payments for videos.

While payment for videos is usually reasonable, the requirements for some projects aren’t. They may be asked to submit several videos along with answers for numerous questions, without pay that matches the task.

Have you used The ProductTube App and want to share your experience? If so please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros?

  • This app has an introductory guide, so you can quickly learn how to use it while you are shopping.
  • The details of each project can be easily accessed by tapping on it, so you can quickly decide whether a particular one is worth your time.

What Are The Cons?

  • ProductTube has a video uploading system that sometimes has glitches, so you may record a video and have a tough time uploading it.
  • The distance of some stores from your own location can significantly decrease your profit.
  • ProductTube requires you to make videos from specific stores. If none of the stores on the list are in your town, or near enough to you to make it worth your while, you may not be able to make any money.


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Some Final Thoughts

ProductTube is a good option for people who live in busy metropolitan areas.

You’ll have access to a lot of stores and could potentially earn $30 or more per week. If however you live in a more rural area you may find that there is little available tasks.

If you do get them, the tasks are interesting, and can be done using your phone. You can request payment whenever you wish, so this is a good way to get Amazon gift certificates in a hurry.

You can buy back to school supplies, things for your home, or maybe even supplies for a community fundraiser through your work on this site.

Star Rating 2.5/5-An App That provides an opportunity to earn by uploading videos either from stores near you, or from home. Tasks however may be limited by your geographical location.
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Thanks for checking out my review of The ProductTube App. I hope you found the article informative and will help you decide if The ProductTube platform will benefit you.

I have written hundreds of similar reviews and articles about making money online here on my website You will find all my latest posts HERE


22 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With The ProductTube App? A Review”

  1. I just checked on my phone and it seems like Product Tube app works in my region. It’s interesting because most make-money apps are only available in the US and I never really get to see what’s inside. So it’s something like an app to make product review videos. 

    The only downside I see now is that they pay with Amazon gift cards. I was kind of hoping for cold hard cash – it feels more rewarding. 

    1. Hi Cathy,

      I’m glad to hear that the app is available in your region. Yes I agree hard Cash is better than gift cards, and a lot of people prefer it. 

      If you give the ProductTube App a try let us know how you get on.

  2. Thank you for your review of the Producttube app. I found it very interesting. It seems to be a very good way to earn extra money with not so much effort. Your article is having a pretty good structure and is really accurate and informative, so everyone will find the needed information very quickly. I have to say though, that the app is not available in every country. I am living in the Netherlands, close to Amsterdam, where you would expect the most common or uncommon shops would be present, but I could not download the app, saying it is because of my location. That is a shame for me, but once you are able to download it, definitely worth of try. 

    1. Hi Julius,

      Thanks for reading my review of ProductTube, and you found out what you needed to know about the App. I’m sorry it isn’t currently available in your region. Thanks for your great comment.

  3. Hello,

    This app is simple yet has a good utility. If you’re someone who just loves shopping and vlogging, then you definitely have to try this app. Though this might not earn us a good full-time income, it definitely is worth a pastime during shopping.

    But, I do have a confirmation if for recording videos should permission be explicitly received from the store manager ? Cause it might be bit of a trouble if that’s the case.

    Thanks for sharing yet another money earning app that might entertain people inspite of it’s small ranged approach!


  4. This looks like a good App, but there are some significant cons and limitations. Excellent review with step by step directions on how to use it.

    It would be a better App if it were to support both busy towns and remote areas too so that smartphone users everywhere can use it.  

    Can you confirm if users from all regions use the App?

    1. Hi there,

      Yes unfortunately apps that rely on providing work in commercial regions will not be able to provide the same level of tasks to everyone.

      If you sign up the App will inform you whether you live in a region covered by the App.

  5. Thanks for this review, the producttube app seems like a good way of making some extra cash. I have gone to download the app. First I was taken through some slides introducing the app and how it works. Right now there’s no project in my area. I notice the rewards are in $. Does the producttube app apply to locations outside the USA? 

    1. Hi Juliet,

      The ProductTube App appears to be available in a lot of regions. The only way to check for certain is by signing up to see if you are accepted. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Hello Admin; The ProductTube App seems to be a good fit for people who like to search their Phone during their spare time.

     Instead of playing games on the smart phone, one could be making some videos to earn money on the ProductTube App, while at the same time enjoying the task making the videos!

     Many people of versus ages can benefit both ways from the ProductTube  App. I think it will prove a good opportunity for many people who depend on their Smart Phone to occupy their time.


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting on my ProductTube App review. Yes this app is a convenient way to earn a bit extra using your smartphone. If you try it out let us know how you get on.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful article with us. I now know that with the ProductView App, we can work from home and earn in different ways. Thanks for sharing this information, I will now consider using the App to earn some extra cash.

    I agree with you however that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to earn money online when you want to create a good income online.

  8. Hello, I looked into your website, find out that this is very interesting and new method to earn extra income. I can imagine, for example, go out for a bit like to grocery shop, and check the app if there’s any missions you can go for? Perhaps can cover your expenses like gas and transportation. Especially during corona virus outbreak, people need to save and earn more for daily, or weekly consumption. Idea is great, and this will lead a brand new concept, whatever for Missionars, housewives, any kind of age groups. Oh, and I found out not only earn extra income, but also let you do exercising. A lot of people do not do exercises nowadays, it’s time to go for this brand new ideas. You can think some terms, which in normal marketing always use, like FAB. This is one of methods and can increase consumers deciding to buy or download your apps. Wish I can use this app too, but I’m not in USA. Lol anyway I wish you good luck and success! Have a good day, Ling

    1. Hi Ling,

      Yes I agree, any income streams are especially beneficial at this time. And yes, exercise is another bonus, because of course you do have to travel to a store on a mission. I’m glad you found the review informative. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Hello and thanks for that article, It’s informative.

    This app is definitely worth trying if someone lives in a busy city neighborhood and the qualifying stores for ProductTube app are within reach. However, as you’ve mentioned, one cannot predict their income, or the frequency and complexity of projects. Probably the gig will grow with time but your recommendation to do affiliate marketing is indeed far better. I support you in that.

    1. Hi there,

      Yes there is more income potential for those who live in City areas. That’s why the app cannot be relied upon for a consistent income, especially if you live in rural areas. I agree that affiliate marketing is a better option. 

  10. Creating a short video editing app that serves as a money generating tool is lit.

    it is always an exciting experience to make a short video that has all the features you need, not just good features but time saving, energy conserving, money making app. 

    Please permit me to use this medium to commend your effort for a job well done. i would also advice that you keep up good standards so you can attract more users. Cheers to greater heights!!!

    1. Hi Juliet,

      I’m pleased to hear that you found my review of ProductView informative. Of course apps like these do only provide a small side income, but they are a fun way to earn nonetheless. Thanks for your comment.

  11. Thanks very much for that wonderful write-up. Your explanations make me believe it is an excellent product I had always wish to look for another app to record and upload videos aside youtube and here you are offering me this knowledge. I will surely visit google play store as you instructed and probably share your information with other interested folks out there.
    About earning, can’t we earn more or make more money using this domain? Please I await your response.

    1. Hi Akon,

      Apps like ProductTube are useful for earning a bit extra, however the potential to increase your earnings substantially on the platform are limited. I recommend affiliate marketing if you want to take your earnings further.

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