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How Much Can You Earn With The Shoptracker App?

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Shoptracker Review

Thanks for joining me for my Shoptracker App review.

Shoptracker is an online platform that’s designed to pay you for the purchases that you make at Amazon.

In my review I will will be finding out if you really can get paid for simply sharing your online purchase history through the Shoptracker App, and if so how much you will earn.

I will be uncovering how you can get started and how the App works, and also weighing up the pros and cons to help you make a more informed decision about whether you should join.

Introduction to Shoptracker

Shoptracker is a relatively new platform that is owned by The Harris Poll Online Panel.

The app is designed to collate market research insights from Amazon shoppers with an objective of understanding how consumers use their computers and mobile devices to make online purchases in the USA.

As you will no doubt already be aware, Amazon is regarded as one of the largest online shopping platforms not only in the United States, but also in the world.

For this reason, it offers the perfect platform for analysing purchase trends and gathering valuable market insights.

The information obtained from consumers goes a long way to help manufacturers and businesses improve your online shopping experience.

You are in effect getting paid for sharing your purchase data. That means of course that you are giving Shoptracker the permission to analyse the purchases that you are making. Rather than getting cash back on what you purchase, you are instead getting cash for purchases that you have already made.

Getting Started With Shoptracker

You are not required to pay anything when signing up. However, you must be a resident of the United States, aged 18 years or older to become a member.

The app is available for Windows phones, Apple and Android devices. You may also sign up conveniently using your PC. As an incentive the Shoptracker app offers a $3 Visa gift card to all new members as a sign-up bonus.

However, you must first synchronize your Amazon account with the app to receive your welcome gift, and do so within 48 hours after signing up.

How the Shoptracker App works

After installing the app and completing the registration process, you will be required to present your Amazon shopping history data on a regular (monthly) basis. You will also receive reminders every month when it is time to submit your purchase history.

Harris Poll will analyse your data and sell it to top brands and manufacturers as market research insights. These brands will then use the info that they get to improve on their products, marketing strategies and price offerings, consequently shaping the future of online shopping.

An important aspect of the app is that it filters out your personal information as soon as you submit your purchase data, to safeguard your privacy. In essence, the app seeks to collect your shopping data, rather than your personal info, using watertight encryption mechanisms that cannot be traced back to you as the consumer.

You will then receive a $3 visa gift card into your account within 2 days after submitting your data.

How much can you earn using the Shoptracker App?

From the look of things, you can only earn $3 every other month after making your submissions. This translates to $36 per year.

Although the amount might seem a rather meagre amount, it is money you can earn for just making purchases that you will have made anyway. It is in effect money for nothing.

Also, you can also keep track of your purchases and learn how to cut down on your expenses by using the app.

Cashing out with Shoptracker

One major benefit of the Shoptracker app is that it does not have a minimum balance. You can cash out at anytime so long as you have money in your account.

Most of the rewards are gift cards, prepaid debit cards and e-vouchers, and you can easily redeem at major online retailers such as Amazon.

What Are The Pros Of Shoptracker?

• Free to join

• New members get to enjoy $3 welcome bonus

• Harris Poll is a reputable platform

• Straightforward sign-up

• The app is very easy to use

• No stringent requirements

• No pay out threshold

• Discrete submissions

• Members may cancel participation at any time

What Are The Cons Of ShopTracker?

• Low earning potential

• It is only available for US residents

• The platform has limited income opportunities

Should You Install the Shoptracker app?

If you are an ardent Amazon shopper, then the Shoptracker app is tailored for you.

The app allows you to make money for just sharing your shopping history. The shoptracker app is very easy to use with no stringent requirements.

What is reassuring is that Shoptracker say submissions are discrete and not traced back to you, thanks to the high encryption mechanisms put in place. Still, some people may be hesitant sharing so much personal information.

However, despite there being no work involved the earning potential is still rather disappointing considering the fact that you cannot earn more than $3 per month.

Nonetheless, Shoptracker app is an ongoing project, meaning that the income potential might improve as more brands come on board. In view of these prospects, joining Shoptracker seems like a worthwhile venture.

Shoptracker Star Rating 2/5 Easy to earn, but very low income potential

2 Star Rating

My Number 1 Recommendation

Shoptracker is a great way to earn a little extra cash without much effort. If you want to earn more then there will be some work involved.

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