How Much Can You Earn With The Smartspotter App? A Review

Thanks for checking out our review of the Smartspotter App.

If you want to earn rewards online via mystery shopping, our review will show you could do the same on the Smartspotter platform.

People are making their spare time more profitable by using this app, but how much can you actually earn? And what are The Pros and cons attached to signing up? We will be discussing this, but first let’s find out how things work….

How The Smartspotter App Works

The Smartspotter App is a way to enjoy checking out new stores, and earning rewards while doing so.

This is an international work from home option, which is available in countries such as Australia, Croatia, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Belgium, and several other countries.

The app works with both Android and iOS phones. Once you sign up, you make yourself available for mystery shopping jobs in your area. These are called spots, and they are easy to complete.

You are guided through the entire process with instructions that are easy to understand. Even if you have never done any mystery shopping before, you’ll understand and complete the task.

You’ll need to take pictures during each assignment, and will have to answer questions about the store.

Check out the promotional video below which explains to clients what Spotters do;

 How much can you Earn With The Smartspotter App?

The Smartspotter App reimburses spotters at a good rate, and there is the potential earn about $60 in three hours. Your income however will be largely dependant upon your location

If you are a good mystery shopper however, you can be promoted to a senior spotter. As a senior, you’ll earn more money, receive more opportunities, and get to visit a wider range of locations.

Follow the guidelines as closely as possible. If your spot is not approved, you’ll usually be told why, and given a chance to improve.

It’s easy to collect your pay. Some people wait until they reach a specific amount of money, and then request a withdrawal, while others have cash automatically sent to them once their balance reaches their desired threshold.

Flexibility is a plus for mystery shoppers on this platform. You are never pressured or required to do a spot, but if you plan to maximize any opportunity, it’s important to do so at a good pace. The spots aren’t available for long.

Sometimes mystery shoppers will require an additional item to complete the task. Once you make the request, and it’s required for the successful completion of the job, the company will pay for the item.

User Feedback

Over 450 users have given the Smartspotter App an average rating of 3.7. The Smartspotter App allows them to earn extra money, and they can visit stores which are close to home, so they don’t have to spend a lot of time going to the location.

Mystery shoppers have to answer questions, and their feedback is approved quickly. They also receive payment quickly. The app is easy to use, and users say the tasks aren’t complicated. Some shoppers however complain that a lot of jobs aren’t available in their area, and others say that the majority of the spots are low paid.

What Are The Pros?

  • There are several benefits to using this site. If you are not in America, you may be able to earn with this app, since it accepts shoppers from several countries.
  • The jobs are all conducted in your own language, so if you are in Portugal and wish to earn a little extra cash, you don’t need to use English in your shopping activity.
  • The team responds quickly to any queries that you have.
  • The tasks are easy to understand.
  • When jobs are available in your area, this is a good way to earn extra cash quickly.
  • You can use it on your iOS or Android device

What Are The Cons?

  • While Smartspotter App users certainly gain a lot from using the site, you have to be prepared for the task in hand. You’ll need a digital camera, or a phone with a camera, and be able to follow the instructions carefully.

Some Final Thoughts

People not only want to make money online, they also want to enjoy the process too. Responsiveness is an important part of that, and the team here ensures that they communicate well with all shoppers.

If you are someone who likes to travel to local or overseas destinations during your vacation, this App could help you earn a little extra money while on vacation and help to fund your trip.  You just need to quickly assess places that are along your route.

This App may send you to a variety of locations, which means you’ll constantly be learning and observing new things in different sectors.

Have you used this app? If you have and you want to share your experience then please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 3/5- A mystery Shopping app that is proving popular amongst most of its users. 

3 Star Rating


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