How Much Can You Earn With The S’more App?

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S’More App Review

Thanks for checking out my review of the S’more App.

Lockscreen apps like S’more are willing to pay you just for displaying ads on your screen whenever you lock and unlock your phone.

Today we are going to take a look at what the S’more app has to offer….Including of course how much you are likely to earn.

How The S’more App Works

S’more is a free lockscreen app that pays you with redeemable credits in exchange for advertising space on your phone’s screen. The app automatically displays various ads and promotional content on your lockscreen each time you unlock your phone.

You have the options of either viewing or dismissing the ads depending on your preferences. What is interesting is that all the ads that appear on your phone’s screen are tailored to match your interests.

The app automatically gathers insights about your preferences from your profile info, and then displays promotional content that is relevant to your needs. You are only required to download the app from GooglePlay, create a profile and start earning points. It is as easy as that!

How Much Can You Earn With The S’More App?

The S’more app pays a fixed rate of 10 points per day regardless of the number of times you lock or unlock your phone’s screen.

Each 100 points is equivalent to a dollar, which means that you should expect a minimum of $0.10 cents per day for your efforts.

How To Increase Your Earnings With The S’More App

You may well be of the opinion that earning 10 cents per day is not worth the effort. However, the S’more app seeks to improve user experience by helping members earn more money through their latest income streams.

The S’more App also offers you the chance to increase your earnings by referring friends and taking part in surveys.

The refer-a-friend program pays 25 points for every new member you invite successfully. There is no limit to the number of people you can invite, however your referrals have to use the app for at least 10 days for you to receive your credits.

Another way to increase your earnings is by participating in paid surveys. The S’more app introduced sponsored surveys recently as a way of diversifying its revenue streams. These surveys appear on your phone’s screen alongside the ads spontaneously, and they pay from 10 points onwards.

Even though you may have to undertake a prequalification test to participate in surveys, you will still receive points regardless of your eligibility status.

S’more Reviews

At the time of writing The S’More App has a score of 4.1/5 from nearly 32,000 reviews at Google Play.

Most users of the app are happy with their experience and that is reflected in the high ratings.

Some users however complain about technical glitches and points being lost.

How To Cash Out With S’more

The minimum payable balance for the first payout is 150 points ($1.50). However, subsequent payouts have a minimum balance requirement of only 100 points. Having a low payout is always a bonus.

Despite the low payout threshold, the S’more app does not pay in cash.

You can only redeem your points for gift cards with reputable brands such as Amazon, CVS, Best Buy, Applebees, Domino’s Pizza, Target, Starbucks and Gamestop among many others.

The processing of payments however is very fast.

You will receive your gift code in your email address within a few minutes after cashing out.

What Are The Pros?

• Free app

• New members receive a registration bonus of 50 points

• Low payout threshold of only 100 points

• The platform offers multiple earning opportunities

• Very easy way of earning money

• Guaranteed income every month

• Fast payments

What Are The Cons?

• The income potential is very low

• Does not pay cash

• Referrals must use the app for 10 days for you to earn

• Requires a compatible smartphone

Is S’more Worth It?

The S’more app has comparable features to similar mobile apps within its class. You can increase your income through surveys and referrals, however the earnings from using the lockscreen app do not surpass $0.10 per day.

This means that you only make an average of $3 per month. Nevertheless, despite the low-income potential, the app has good ratings on Google Play.

Most members are happy with how the S’more app works considering the fact that there are very few cases of missing points or delays in payments on this platform.

In addition, the processing of payments is almost instant, and this makes the app more popular.

If you would like to earn some extra cash for doing virtually nothing, then download and install the S’more app on your phone. You are at least guaranteed  $36 per year for just doing what you normally do which is unlocking your phone.

Star Rating for the S’More App 2/5 A low income App that pays up quickly

2 Star Rating

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