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How Much Can You Earn With The Stockimo App?

Stockimo App Review

Thanks for joining me today for my Stockimo App review.

Have you ever taken a photo with your smartphone of a mountain range, or maybe the sun setting over the sea, and thought to yourself….hey that’s a damn good snap, I wonder if I could sell it.

If you have then my Stockimo App review will help you decide if The Stockimo platform is the best place to achieve that goal.

The Stockimo App is designed to help you sell the best photos you capture on your phone.  Selling photos online isn’t really anything new, however finding the best platform to showcase your images isn’t easy.

Before I uncover how much you could earn selling your best photos using this app, let’s start by finding out a bit more about Stockimo.

Introduction To The Stockimo App

The Stockimo app is a mobile platform designed for iPhone users who would love to cash in on their photographic creativity.

The app allows you to upload your best photographs to Alamy, which happens to be one the world’s largest stock photography agencies.

The company will do all the marketing and source for the best buyers, and once your photo is sold, your account will be credited with a percentage of the proceeds.

How Do I Get Started With The Stockimo App?

The app is only available to iPhone users unfortunately. New members may sign up directly using the Stockimo app or via the Alamy website. You must provide your name and email address to create a Stockimo account.

How Does The Stockimo App Work?

The Stockimo app works in three simple steps:

Step 1:

Take Photos….

Taking photos with your phone may sound like a piece of cake, but it’s not. Your photos must meet certain standards before they are approved.

Fortunately, Stockimo will always be at hand to tell you what customers are looking for, and the quality of photos required. Users are required to capture any type of photo except nude and gory images.

Additionally, you may use filters to make your photos more appealing.

Step 2:

Upload Photos….

When you have picked your best photos, you may upload them to Alamy via the Stockimo app. The photos have to undergo a stringent review process for approval.

Stockimo uses an approval rating ranging from 1 to 4. Only photos with an average rating of above 2 will be approved for sale.

Step 3:

Receive your cash…

Whenever a buyer purchases your photo, Stockimo will automatically send you a notification. You will then receive 20% of the earnings. For instance, if a photo goes for $300, you will earn a cool $60.

You can earn as much as $500 from one photo. However, the average earnings range from $5 to $90 per image.

Not a bad income considering the fact that you do not have to be an expert in photography to sell your photos on this platform. Your photos will however need to be of a high standard as there will be plenty of competition.

But if you do have a photo that does manage to sell then what is cool is that you get to keep all the copyrights, as Stockimo only sells the licenses of your photos on your behalf. This means that you can sell the same photo repeatedly to multiple buyers.

How Do You Get Paid By Stockimo?

Stockimo pays via PayPal only.

To request for payment, you must accrue more than $10 from your sales.

Stockimo Reviews From Real Users

At the time of my latest update of this review The Stockimo App only has a 1.8/5 Rating at the App Store.

Members complain that they have difficulty uploading their photos, and others complain that their photos aren’t accepted.

Like all similar platforms like this one, you need to take high quality photos, and they must be pictures of a subject matter that the platform can sell.

You will therefore need not only plenty of photography experience, you will also know what kind of photos have a better chance of selling.

I would love to hear from any readers that have use the Stockimo App and want to share their experience. If you do then please leave a comment in the comments section below.

How Much Can You Earn With The Stockimo App?

It is clear that there is good potential for those who can take high quality photos of subjects that are very much in high demand.

How much you will earn however is a different matter, and very much depends on your skills as a photographer, and your understanding of the photography market.

I think it will be very difficult for beginners to earn immediately from this or any other similar platforms where you can market and sell photos.

If you lack experience then it is important to keep your expectations of your income potential realistic.

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What Are The Pros Of The Stockimo App?

Free iPhone app

Stockimo is a free-to-join app

  • Great income potential

There is the potential to earn well. The potential is there considering the fact that you can earn up to $500 from a single sale. If you want to earn this kind of money however you will need to hone your photography skills and take some great snaps.

  • You keep all the copyrights, ensuring you receive a residual payment.

When one of your images is sold you still keep the copyright to that image.

  •  Fast payments

The processing of payments is almost instant. Also Stockimo pays via PayPal, which is one of the most preferred payment platforms.

  • Exposure

The Stockimo app is a great platform that allows you to showcase your photography skills

What Are The Cons Of The Stockimo App?

Restricted to iPhone users

The app is only available to iPhone users. You therefore need to invest in a compatible device.

Limited payment processors

The app pays via PayPal only, and this might be an issue for people where this service is restricted

Stringent review process

All photos have to undergo a stringent review process to be approved for sale. This might turn out to be a big obstacle to new members, especially if your photography skills aren’t up to standard.

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Is The Stockimo App Worth It?

If you want to make money with your best iPhone photos then the Stockimo app could be worth a try.

The app is very easy to use and, if you take great photos that have the potential to sell, you could supplement your main income with this app.

The fact that you do not have to be a professional photographer to earn money on this platform makes it appealing, although they won’t accept just any average photo.

Nevertheless the Stockimo app could mean you can turn your photos into real cash, so why not give it a go.

Star Rating 3/5-A legit app that could turn your best photos into cash. However, unless you are a skilled photographer, your earnings are likely to be very low.


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23 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With The Stockimo App?”

  1. I have been taking photos for Stockimo for a few weeks now and have had over 150 accepted . However no sales so far . From those who’ve been fortunate enough to sell has anyone any tips on making the photos good enough?
    Many thanks

  2. Thanks, Ray. I joined Stockimo lately and I had two photos selected for online sales. I feel great that I could share my contributions or photos with other people globally and appreciate there are people in this world who like my photo. I’m the IKM registered chemist in Malaysia and photography is my hobby. I regularly post similar photos in other social media platforms like Instagram, FB and Linkedin.

    1. Hi Lim,
      Great to hear that Stockimo has been a beneficial platform for you. Congrats for achieving your sales through the site, I’m sure you will get many more as you build your portfolio on there.
      Thanks for reading my Stockimo review and I wish you well with your potography both at Stockimo and other channels too.

  3. We were with Alamy for 20 years so have a lot of experience with selling images. Downloaded Stockimo when it first started so we get a higher commission rate. Only have just over 200 images now but in 5 years have only made 12 sales for $80+ .No sales at all in the last year but one image we sold has been ripped off big time by other sites.
    It is fun as a hobby but unless you’re very lucky you won’t make a fortune! 🤞

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with The Stockimo App. Good to hear from a reader that has considerable experience using the app. Thanks again.

  4. Interesting app. I’ve been thinking about selling photos online for quite some time as a side project. Just never got around to looking for a place to do it. Don’t have an IPhone, but I have an Ipad. Does it work on Ipad as well? How much money is common to make on this site? And how often do photos get sold?

  5. What a brilliant idea having to sell your photos online.

    It means as a person that like to take pictures u can earn for that. 

    i will introduce my sister and cousin to this website and also encourage them to download the Stockimo App

    since they like to take pictures of many things. And such talent should not go to waste. 

    1. Hi Ajibola,
      Yes if you have some really good photos on your iPhone you may as well try and sell them as this App is free to join so you have nothing to lose. Thanks for your comment.

  6. This is a great app and I like that it’s free, I really wish it was available for Windows 10 and Android since I use both of those operating systems. I may try the Cash Magnet app for Android you mentioned because I have a few Android phones. Thanks for the information, I never heard of either of these programs before.

  7. Hello, 

    It is very interesting for me to have read this article because I like to take pictures with my cell phone as an iPhone user. 

    I will download the Stockimo application, taking advantage of the fact that right now I am in a real paradise called San Martin de Los Andes, Argentina.

    I consider it another very good source to earn extra money, thank you very much for sharing such a valuable article. Greetings. Claudio

    1. Hi Claudio,
      I’m glad you found my review of the Stockimo App to be of value to you.
      Nothing inspires more than taking pictures of a beautiful part of the World like where you live. Wishing you all the best and you manage to sell lots of photos. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Impressive! Never knew there’s a platform where I can easily turn my love for taking pictures into earning absolutely cool cash. Now I can’t wait to start earning with pictures of Venus and Jupiter I took as well as the rising of the sun above the equator in west Africa. Absolutely breath taking!

    1. Hi Ennymatics,
      Wow they sound like awesome pictures. I’m glad you found the review to be informative, best wishes to you and good luck with your photo sales.

  9. This is an interesting post and a great income generating opportunity for iPhone users. People take photos just for the fun of it. If the fun can turn out to become a source of income, that is cool. Although I was disappointed when I heard that the app is restricted to iPhone users alone but I must say it is a good thing. My little sister will be happy to hear about the stockimo app that allows iPhone users to generate income by uploading interesting photos. She is an iPhone user and she has loads of great and wonderful photos. 

    1. Hi Abioduns,
      Yes the fact that this app is only for iPhone users is a little restrictive, but it does offer you the opportunity to have some phone with your photos and maybe make a few dollars on the side too. Thanks for your comment.

  10. I had never before considered the possibility of selling my photos despite knowing and using several platforms like Adobe Stock or similar sites.But your publication caught my attention because of the possibility of selling photos through just one app on your iPhone.It’s incredible how easy it is now to take photos of anything at any time. For example, during trips, you can return home with several hundred images and if some of them can generate income for you, excellent!I’m going to try this app.

  11. This post is very helpful and so informative especially for people who love taking photos anywhere they go. There is money on taking photos, wow this is great. Thanks for this information and the given apps, I might take a look at it. I might share this info to my son, he loves taking pictures of great views and sceneries.

    Great Post! 

  12. i used this app once and made some cash with it though some of my photos generated just little cash. Its fun because you don’t have to know much about photography, you just take pictures with your phone and then sell it when you want to. Its really cool if you are looking for another source of extra cash.

  13. I have an iPhone and Stockimo sounds interesting option. One of my friends actually takes a lot of cool pictures with his phone, I’ll send this to him as well. What I’d like to know is if you can give some more clues about what types of photos sell the best. Is it nature, human faces, office things, kitchen stuff? Can you give some examples of the photos with high rating?Thanks a lotMary

  14. I might seriously try this out I mean this is brilliant have recently came across a similar post talking about how artist can make money with their artistic skills and master piece but stockimo is next level platform and the earning also couldn’t have been better 5$-90$ sounds like a good pay although I do have a question where would the remaining earnings go to?  If a picture sells for 300$ and I earn 60$ where does the 240$ go to I don’t know if I missed the answer in the post. But overall this post was hugely helpful to top it off you need not to be a photography genius to earn. Very informative you absolutely nailed it

  15. Great information. I had no idea something like this even existed! I live in Michigan and take tons of photos of the sunset over Lake Michigan. Some of them are absolutely breath taking! I’d love to have an opportunity to submit them and have the potential to make some money!

    Is there any discussion about having this app be compatible with Android phones? Or do you know of any other apps that are similar but based on the Android OS? Thanks again for sharing this info!

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