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How Much Can You Earn With The SurveyCow App?

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Survey cow Review

Thanks for dropping by today to read my review of the SurveyCow App.

My review will be covering all the things you need to know about the App to help you make a more informed decision as to whether you should sign up.

SurveyCow is a smartphone app that pays you redeemable points every time you unlock your phone’s screen and answer mini-survey questions…After accumulating enough points, you can redeem them for rewards such as PayPal cash.

The app is designed to collect valuable feedback from everyday consumers through short surveys and mini polls. The insights gathered are then used by different brands to improve their products and services.

How to get started with SurveyCow

SurveyCow is a free to join platform. However, new applicants must meet various requirements to become members of this site.

These include:

• You must possess a compatible Android device

• You must be at least 18 years old.

• You must be a resident of either the United States, Canada, UK or Australia.

Despite the few limitations, the process of signing up is swift and straightforward. You will also earn 100 points just for joining.

How to make money with SurveyCow

You can earn points in three ways:

• Short Surveys

SurveyCow will provide you with a short 1-question survey every time you unlock your phone’s screen.

You just have to answer the survey question to earn redeemable points known as “beef points”. The amount of beef points that you can earn per survey vary according to the type of question.

Moreover, you may be required to answer pre-qualification questions to determine your eligibility for specific surveys.

• Mini Polls

SurveyCow occasionally carries out mini polls to gather views about the popularity of various brands.

In essence, the purpose of these polls is to establish the public’s perception about various items and services in a bid to make improvements and increase the production of trending products.

The amount of beef points for every poll depends on the advertiser. However, it must be said that the earnings are very low considering the fact that voting does not require much effort.

• Referral Program

You can also earn redeemable points on this platform by inviting your friends and family. You will earn 1,000 points for every new member who signs up using your referral code.

Furthermore, your referral will earn 100 points for signing up and an additional 250 points for using your referral code when registering.

How Much Can You Earn With SurveyCow?

It is very hard to know the exact amount of money that you can make while working on this platform.

Apparently, SurveyCow will only update your account once every 24 hours regardless of the number of survey questions you have answered. This makes it very difficult to track your earnings.

Nevertheless, top users earn an average of 200 beef points per day, which translates to approximately $0.20. This is not bad considering the fact that you will only be unlocking your screen like you normally do, and answer one simple survey question.

How and when does SurveyCow pay?

The minimum payout threshold currently stands at 10,000 beef points, which is equivalent to $10. You may redeem your points for PayPal cash at anytime once you reach the cashout limit.

All payments are processed on Friday. You must submit your withdrawal request in advance to get paid by Friday, otherwise you will have to wait for the next payday.

Also, once payment has been dispatched, you have to claim your PayPal funds within 30 days before they expire.

What Are The Pros?

• Legitimate app

• Very easy to use

• Short, quick surveys and mini-polls

• It offers plenty of income opportunities

• It has a favorable referral program

• Supports PayPal payments

• Excellent customer support

What Are The Cons?

• Payments are made once a week and they are extremely slow

• The app is available in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia only

• Compatible with Android phones only

• Rewards expire after 30 days

• It has a low income potential

• Account is updated once in 24 hrs.

Is SurveyCow Worth It?

If you fancy making money by just unlocking the screen of your Android phone, then the SurveyCow app is exactly what you need.

This app converts the few minutes you would spend to check the time or read your messages, into valuable points that can be redeemed for cash.

Nevertheless, the processing of payments is very slow and the accumulation of points to your account is only done once every 24 hours.

Despite these small hitches, SurveyCow remains a sound smartphone app worth joining.

Star Rating 2/5-Legit Passive Income App, Low Income Opportunity

2 Star Rating

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