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How Much Can You Earn With The SwagBucks Live App?

Swagbucks Live App Review

Thanks for checking out my The Swagbucks Live App review.

People have been earning money online with Swagbucks for years. However you may not have realised that you can also earn cash with Swagbucks answering trivia questions with the SwagBucks Live App.

This means you can have a more convenient way to do trivia and earn too whilst you’re on the go.

My review today will be discovering all you need to know about The SwagBucks Live App to help you decide if it’s worth signing up to.

You can earn with the Swagbucks Live app if you live in the United States, UK, and other selected countries. If you reside in a remote part of the United States, you could still win cash every day by using this platform.

But what is the real earning potential of the App? We will be looking at this in our review to help you to decide for yourself, but first let’s find out how things work.

How the Swagbucks Live App Works

The Swagbucks Live App tests your knowledge with fun trivia questions, while giving you the chance to win hundreds of dollars.

If you think you have information on current affairs and history, test your knowledge, and you could end your day richer.

Win Prizes With The Swagbucks Live App

Win Prizes With The Swagbucks Live App

The app can be downloaded in minutes, but you have to be a member of Swagbucks first. That’s easy and the sign up process can be completed quickly, plus, you’ll get a bonus for joining Swagbucks.

You don’t have to pay any fees, and can register and start playing whenever you want to have fun. Whenever you win prizes on Swagbucks Live, you’ll have to go to the Swagbucks platform to redeem them.

How much can you Earn With The Swagbucks Live App?

You start earning from the moment you join. Swagbucks gives all new members a $5 bonus when they sign up. When you join Swagbucks, you can get cash back on your purchase, and earn rewards in other ways, so both it and Swagbucks Live help you to access cool prizes.

Many prize draws are worth around $500 dollars, and they can go up to $1,500. You can also earn from bonus games, and if you miss a few answers, you can sometimes enter the game again by using your swagbucks.

There are about 10 questions in each trivia game, and you have to answer all of them correctly in order to share in the cash pot. You have 10 seconds to answer each question.

Swagbucks Live App-Trivia Questions

Swagbucks Live App-Trivia Questions

Since your winnings are shared with everyone else who makes it to the end of the game, your rewards will vary. For example, if the prize is $500 and only 10 people make it, you’ll get $50 each. If 100 people make it, you’ll get $5 each.

If you’re good at trivia, you could make the final list for a large number of games. A new game is held at least once a day, so you could win cash every week, while improving your knowledge of public affairs and history.

There are lots of trivia games that you can participate in right throughout the week to win prizes.

These prizes are paid out as swagbucks, which can be converted to dollars, and transferred to your PayPal account. You can also redeem.your prizes for gift cards.

SwaBucks Live App Reviews From Real Users

At the time of writing The Swagbucks Live App has got good feedback, and users are excited about participating every day.

Some complain that some of the questions are too hard, but those final tough questions are meant to really test your knowledge. People outside of America say the timing sometimes makes it difficult for them to participate.

What Are The Pros Of The SwagBucks Live App?

  • The Swagbucks Live App is available to everyone in your household who is the age of 13 or older.
  • While it doesn’t accept a lot of international participants, it does have members from a few countries outside of the United States. If you are in the UK, Canada, India, or Germany, you can join the site.

What Are The Cons Of The SwagBucks Live App?

  • The Swagbucks Live App hosts all the trivia games at times that are convenient for Americans. If you live in another time zone, that may not be convenient for you.
  • The site has measures in place to ensure that all players participate in a fair manner, and one of those, is that you only get a short time to answer each question. Unfortunately, if your Internet connection is slow, or the site itself slows, you won’t be able to send in your answer as quickly as you want to.


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Some Final Thoughts On The SwagBucks Live App

The Swagbucks Live App can help you to earn cash every day, and it really provides an intense environment that will challenge you.

Games are held at about 9 p.m. Eastern, and you only have 10 seconds to answer each question.

This is a cool way to challenge yourself to learn more about history, and the cash prizes are substantial. Even your children can participate, once they are over 12, and it’s free to play.

Have you tried the Swagbucks Live App? If so let us know in the comments section below what you thought.

Star Rating 3/5-It’s hard to find a more popular and well established earning platform than Swagbucks. This App is another welcome platform that offers more opportunities for participants to earn cash whilst testing their knowledge.

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Thanks for checking out my review of The Swagbucks Live App. I hope you found the article informative and will help you decide if The Swagbucks Live platform could benefit you.

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8 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With The SwagBucks Live App?”

  1. I am not a fan of Survey, Get Paid To, and Paid To Click sites. I have tried many of these sites in the past and stopped using them. However, I am still using Swagbucks live. You are right, they do accept members from India (I am from India).

    Based on my experience, Swagbucks live app is not a scam and they are legit. I have earned some money but the earnings are less but a lot better compared to a lot of survey and GPT sites. Yes, I do face challenges sometimes with the short time they offer to answer our questions.

    Thanks for the thorough and detailed review.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for reading my review and for leaving a comment. Yes all the reward sites we review are only small earning opportunities, and whether you choose to use them often depends upon your circumstances. Thanks again.

  2. I am quite disappointed that Swagbucks is not available in my country, it could have been a fun way to make some extra cash. I have to say that I like the idea of playing with others and getting to share the earning is pretty fun for me. It could make a great game night in the family or amongst friends.

    I really like the review, it was well detailed and informative.


    1. Hi,

      I’m sorry to hear that Swagbucks isn’t available in your country as it really is the best rewards platform. Thanks for reading anyway, I really appreciate your comment.

  3. I am heading straight up to download the swagbuck live right away. This is a really good thing by swagbucks to really up their game and provide much better alternatives to earning a very decent amount online. I really fancy this post here and thanks for sharing it. Personally,I feel this can always be done at leisure hours of the day and thats great. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Ella,

      I’m pleased that you found my review to be informative. If you decide to join The Swagbucks Live App please let our readers know how you get on. Thanks for your comment.

  4. I think I should call this learn and earn because even if I do not make money, o would still be learning something. This is something I would love to get engaged in during this lockdown period. I could be earning some extra cash. I wouldn’t say that I am the super genius but there should be a couple of questions I can answer and hopefully, I can get to the final round.

    1. Hi Riley,

      Yes this is an app that is ideal for lockdown. Even if you don’t earn very much you will at least increase your knowledge. Please let our readers know how you get on if you decide to join. Thanks for your comment.

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