How Much Can You Earn With The Sweatcoin App? A Review

Sweatcoin App Review

Welcome, and thanks for joining us for our Sweatcoin App Review.

In our review today we will be having a detailed look at this fitness app to find out if you really can make money by getting and staying fit. We will also be discovering how much you are likely to earn should you decide to sign up.

The popularity of fitness apps has been rising steadily over the years, as witnessed by the high number of online users trying out these types of apps.

You can easily download any of the health apps on a compatible smartphone and keep track of your fitness levels.

Introduction to the Sweatcoin App

Sweatcoin is a mobile app that pays you digital coins (sweatcoins) just for keeping fit. Whether you are walking or jogging, the app keeps track of all your steps and rewards you accordingly.

The Sweatcoin app is a good incentive for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but need a little bit of motivation to take the first step.

You can redeem your sweatcoins for sports merchandise or services such as workout gears, fitness training sessions, yoga classes and so many more.

The app also allows you to send your coins to your friends or even donate your earnings to charity.

Unlike most apps that come with annoying ads, Sweatcoin does not contain any ads.

Instead, Sweatcoin makes money by offering various products as rewards to its members. By doing so, manufacturers gain from enhanced brand awareness and market exposure.

Signing Up To The SweatCoin App

The Sweatcoin app is readily available on iTunes, Google Play and the official Sweatcoin website.

The Sweatcoin app is free. To register, you need to enter your phone number and the app will send you a confirmation code, which you have to use to activate your account.

So how does the Sweatcoin app work?

Sweatcoin how it works

The Sweatcoin app uses highly advanced technology to track your steps throughout the day, and rewards you accordingly.

All you have to do is to open the app and allow it to run on the background, while you carry on with your daily routine.

However, indoor steps do not count, as Sweatcoin encourages outdoor movement and physical activities such as walking, running and workouts. Every 1000 steps will earn you 1 Sweatcoin.

You can redeem your coins or sell your coins to other members in exchange for PayPal cash. The value of a single Sweatcoin depends on the amount members are willing to pay.

The exchange rate usually ranges from $0.05 to $0.10 per Sweatcoin, but you may receive higher offers depending on supply and demand.

Membership Levels

The Sweatcoin platform has five membership levels. These include:

1. The Mover Level
2. The Shaker Level
3. The Quaker Level
4. The Breaker Level
5. The Trouble Maker Level

How Much Can You Earn With The SweatCoin App?

Each membership level comes with a limited amount of sweatcoins that you can earn as daily rewards.

You are only allowed to make a specific amount of sweatcoins per level, regardless of the number of steps you make per day. To begin with the Mover Level is free, as it acts as the starting point to your fitness regime.

This level allows you to earn a maximum of 5 Sweatcoins per day for 5,000 steps. This means that if you are a Mover and you take 10,000 steps, you will still earn 5 Sweatcoins.

Other levels pay as follows:

Shaker Level – You Can Earn  10 Sweatcoins per day for a cost of 5 Coins per month
Quaker Level – You Can Earn 15 Sweatcoins per day for a cost of 20 Coins per month
Breaker Level – You Can Earn 20 Sweatcoins per day for a cost of 30 Coins per month
Trouble Maker – You Can Earn 30 Sweatcoins per day for a cost of 40 Coins per month

So the amount you can earn really depends not only upon your efforts, but also what membership level you have.

The app is not restrictive on the type of movements that you should undertake, however it will only count steps when you are outside and not for example when you are in the gym.

To make more money with this app, consider using the following tips

• Keep the app running at all times
• Invest in a nice footwear (running or walking shoes)
• Develop a habit of walking or jogging every day

User Feedback

At the time of writing (April 2020) the Sweatcoin App has a score of 4.5/5 from just over 220,000 users. The App also has a score of 4.2/5 from just over 140,000 reviews at GooglePlay. And the App has a score of 4.6/5 from nearly 600 reviews on Trustpilot.

Most users of this app are happy with their experience.

Some users however complain that the app doesn’t approve all their steps. Others complain that only the prizes that require lots of sweatcoins are worth the effort, and they will take a long time (maybe years) to redeem.

Payments and withdrawals at Sweatcoin

As already mentioned, you can redeem your Sweatcoins for various rewards, ranging from gift cards to PayPal cash.

However, PayPal cash payments are often rare, as the company prefers to reward members with sports-related products and services.

Sweatcoin does not have a minimum payout threshold and you can redeem your coins at anytime, as long as offers that match your account balance are available.

Popular reward options include sports gear, workout clothes, fitness programs, free workout app subscriptions, free yoga classes and so many more.

What Are The Pros?

• Free to join
• Accepts international members
• Unique app that pays for working out
• Exciting fitness related products and services
• No minimum balance
• Members can exchange their Sweatcoins for PayPal Cash
• Easy to use app
• Reasonable Referral Program

What Are The Cons?

• Does not pay cash
• You have to refer friends to earn gift cards
• You must keep the app running to earn your rewards
• The app using an ambiguous payment system
• You must pay Sweatcoins to maintain your membership level
• You must develop a habit of working out to gain from this platform

Final Thoughts on The SweatCoin App

The Sweatcoin app is a platform that pays you to workout. Although walking might be an activity that you do every day, you have to work your socks offs to earn even a reasonable amount of money.

Also, the fact that this platform rarely pays cash puts off many people who might be interested in joining.

Also, with an ambiguous reward system, and a complicated membership structure, the Sweatcoin app in my view does not deserve all the hype.

However, if you are a fitness enthusiast who needs an incentive to work out, then joining Sweatcoin is a worthwhile venture.

Have you used the Sweatcoin App? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section below if you want to share your experience.

Rating 2.5/5- A popular App that allows you to earn whilst getting fit. The Earning potential however is low.

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