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How Much Can You Earn With The TV-TWO App? A Review

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TV-TWO App Review

Thanks for checking out my TV-TWO App Review

If you like to watch videos and other content, the TV-TWO App can provide you with a large range of entertainment options.

Not only that, it is also designed to give you rewards as you make use of media in different genres. This is something we will be finding out today as we discuss how much you are likely to earn using the App.

First though let’s take a look at how things work.

How the TV-TWO App Works

The TV-TWO App is a free app. There’s no cost attached to using the platform. You can watch as much content as you wish and the app says you’ll be able to claim rewards based on your activity.

The system uses block chain technology. That’s good news for players who like to buy and sell cryotocurrency, or use that currency to make purchases at online stores.

The developers have partnered with Libertex, Guarda Wallet, CoinStats, and many others. This provides players with a wide array of benefits with respect to how they use their cryptocurrency earnings.

It’s an entertainment system that integrates online convenience, with your regular viewing habits. To use the app, you’ll scan the QR code on your television screen. This allows your TV to sync with your phone. Both Android and iOS devices can be used.

You may be wondering if it’s compatible with your TV. Most televisions that are online should work but the app only explicitly describes syncing with LG and Samsung appliances for now.

You can only use the app with one phone and one TV. This is a bit of a drawback if you want members of your household to enjoy content in more than one room.

Don’t attempt to link several devices simultaneously. If you try to connect multiple devices, it will work against you.

It will be viewed as an attempt to manipulate their system. They have automatic and manual frameworks in place to detect bots and multiple devices, so you won’t therefore get the money and you’ll be banned if you try that.

Since you know you’re paid according to the number of videos you watch, you may think of skipping through them. However this is also likely to get you banned too.

How Much Can You Earn With the TV-TWO App?

You earn rewards by being active on the platform. If you’re the type of person who likes to watch videos while cooking or doing other tasks, you can quickly collect a lot of points.

Once you have 50,000 credits in account, you can navigate to the top of your screen to request a transfer.

You’re paid actual money, not gift cards. You can enjoy the flexibility of cryptocurrency by trading it for any type of currency that you prefer. For example, their TTV Ethereum Tokens can be traded for Bitcoins or Ether.

The platform has various partners and sometimes there are additional opportunities to earn. For example, they have hosted a cryptocurrency trading competition.

The current exchange rate for TTV to USD can be determined via a number of sites. is one of them. Right now, a TTV token is equal to USD$0.0008. This means the 50,000 token withdrawal minimum is equivalent to around $4.

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The T.V-TWO App Reviews From Real Users

At the time of writing the T.V TWO App has a score of 4.7/5 at the Google Play store. So this is clearly a very popular and highly rated App. Some of the members that have rated it 5 stars have confirmed they have received their rewards.

As with all Apps there are some complaints. Most of the complaints surround the issue of not being able to cash out with PayPal. Others say they haven’t been able to withdraw, however customer support have responded to these by offering assistance.

What Are The Pros Of  The TV-TWO App?

  • All of the content that’s available through the app is free.
  • You can access media from thousands of creators, whenever you have the time.
  • Other tasks are available on the app. These allow you to increase your balance more quickly.
  • You’re paid in their own cryptocurrency, so TTV Ethereum Tokens are added to your wallet.
  • You can contact their customer care agents via email. They’ll help with any questions you have about
    withdrawing your tokens.
  • The developers also respond well to feedback.

What Are The Cons Of The T.V-TWO App?

  • It can take up to a week to get your pay out once you request it.
  • They don’t offer PayPal as an option because it’s less transparent, and they’re focused on supporting cryptocurrency

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Some Final Thoughts On The T.V-TWO App

The TV-TWO App is supported by a company that has gained a good reputation both within and outside the sector.

They work to increase crypto adoption and this app is just one means of doing so. As such, you can expect them to pay you.

Have you used the TV-TWO App yet? If so we would love to know your thoughts, and whether you recommend the App to others. If you want to share your opinion please leave a comment below.

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3/5-The T.V TWO App is fun and reliable App that is worth checking out if you want to earn a little extra watching T.V

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Thanks for checking out my review of The T.V.TWO APP. I hope you found it informative and gave you some insight into what you can expect should you decide to join.

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