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How Much Can You Earn With Transcribeme?

Transcribeme Review

Thanks for checking out our Transcribeme Review. Today we will be finding out how you can become a paid transcriptionist with this company and how much you get paid.

There are plenty of transcription platforms available today where you can earn money as a paid Transcriptionist. However they don’t all provide the same opportunities as some prefer experienced home workers, whereas others will take beginners.

What Is Transcription?

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Transcription refers to the conversion of audio files such as speech, music pieces, and vocals into a written or printed document. The reason for transcribing audio to written text is to provide more clarity on areas that might not be audible.

If you are an active listener with excellent language skills, then working as a transcriptionist might just be the job for you.

Introduction to Transcribeme

Transcribeme  is a leading web-based service provider that offers you an opportunity to work as a transcriptionist.

The company is renowned as one of the few transcription companies that accept newbies from all over the world to work as transcribers.

How do I join Transcribeme?

Transcribeme accepts international members and anyone above the age of 18 years can join this platform.

You need to use Google Chrome as your default browser for you to work on this platform. Additionally, you do not require any special equipment apart from a standard PC or laptop, high-quality headphones and a stable internet connection.

How does Transcribeme work?

You need to pass an entrance exam before you can become a transcriptionist. The exam consists of a grammar test and an easy transcription test. Transcribeme works by using a crowdsourcing system to obtain orders from clients.

Once a client submits an audio file to Transcribeme, the file is split into short manageable clips averaging 10 seconds to one minute each.

Transcribme then distributes these clips to transcriptionist working on the platform. Your role as a transcriptionist is to convert these audio files into text while adhering to the specified instructions.

After submitting your transcript, the Transcribeme team will assess your work for quality assurance, and then join the short transcripts into one text file before submitting to the client.

How much can I earn with Transcribeme?

Transcribeme has one of the best rates in the industry. The company pays $20 per audio hour for beginners.

This translates to an average of $250 per month depending on the quality of work submitted. Top earners get as much as $50 per audio hour, with monthly earnings hitting $2,200.

You will however need to be very good at Transcription to achieve this kind of income. Excellent grammar along with accuracy will be needed consistently.

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How do I receive payment?

Transcribeme pays via PayPal every Tuesday. You can only make a withdrawal request once you satisfy the minimum payout requirement of $10.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With TranscribeMe?

• No Experience Required
Transcribeme welcomes everyone with an interest in transcription regardless of your educational or professional background. You do not need any previous work experience to become a transcriptionist on this platform.

• Higher Payments
This platform offers the best rates when compared to other similar platforms. Newbie transcriptionists earn as much $20 per audio hour, while experienced transcribers can earn up to $50 per audio hour.

• Freedom and Flexibility
Apart from the convenience of working from the comfort of your home, Transcribeme offers you a flexible working schedule with no minimum hours.You can work whenever you feel like with no one bossing you around. Furthermore, most transcription jobs are short and take about 2 to 4 minutes per clip.

• Free Training
Transcribeme offers you an opportunity to advance your transcription skills through their free online training programs. This training will not only boost your resume, but also prepare you for any job market. You will acquire better communication and language skills for higher paying transcription projects.

• Prompt Payments
The company’s minimum payout requirement is $10 only and they pay promptly via PayPal every Tuesday.

• Mobile-friendly app
Transcribeme has a mobile app specially designed for mobile users. You can easily transcribe short audio clips while on the go using your smartphone. Visit Google Play Store or Apple App store to download the Transcribeme app.

What Are The Downsides To Working With TranscribeMe?

• Entrance exam
Although Transcribeme accepts newbies, you must pass an entrance exam to qualify for transcription jobs. Nevertheless, users have multiple chances to attempt the entrance test.

• Inadequate work
You will rarely get huge audio files to transcribe. In some instances, the amount of work available for transcription might be minimal depending on your language skills.


Working with Transcribeme not only improves your language skills, but also prepares you for other career opportunities. Transcription services are applicable everywhere in the fields of business, medicine and law, among others.


If you want to learn more about transcription and develop vital professional skills, then consider joining Transcribeme.

Star Rating 3.5/5 This is a good platform for a beginner to get started with transcription. The rate of pay is also good in comparison to other platforms. The more accurate and efficient you are at this kind of work will ultimately determine your earning potential.

3.5 Star Rating

Have you worked with Transcribeme? If so and you want to share your experience then please leave a comment below.

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