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How Much Can You Earn With Transcribeme? A Review

Transcribeme review

Thanks for checking out my fully updated 2022 Transcribeme Review.

Transcribeme is an online platform that is designed to pay its transcription freelance members for the transcription work they carry out via their platform.

There are plenty of transcription platforms available today where you can earn money as a paid Transcriptionist.

However, they don’t all provide the same opportunities as some prefer experienced home workers, whereas others will take beginners.

However Transcribeme does have opportunities for those who are new to the world of transcribing. 

If you’re not sure what transcribing involves, here is a very quick summary.

What Is Transcription?

Transcription refers to the conversion of audio files such as speech, music pieces, and vocals into a written or printed document. The reason for transcribing audio to written text is to provide more clarity on areas that might not be audible.

If you are an active listener with excellent language skills, then working as a transcriptionist might just be the job for you.

However, let’s get started with this review by taking a closer look at Transcribeme and find out if they really are legit.

Is TrancribeMe Legit?

TrancribeMe is a legitimate site that lets clients transcribe their files.

Each company that uses the site can have their audio file transcribed by a human being, ensuring that it’s accurate.

People who work as transcribers (Crowd Workers) on the site are expected to produce work of high quality and are paid according to each document’s length.

Members are also paid according to the level of expertise that they have in transcription. So, the site has a promotional structure in place that allows members to rise to a slightly higher rate of pay.

They’ve been consistent in applying the rules they have on their site, including those regarding promotions.

So, once you qualify you will be promoted to a higher level. You could also be invited to specialist groups that pay more than the basic rate.

Their consistency in doing what they say with respect to promotions and special teams shows that they’re legitimate with their business practices.

They also have a high rating on sites such as Glassdoor. On Glassdoor their rating is 4.1 out of 5. This shows that most of the people who work with them have a good experience. If there were major issues with the company they would not have such a good rating.

Work from home sites that aren’t legit usually don’t have a good reputation when it comes to payments. You can know that the site is legit when it consistently pays members for the work that they’ve done.

If you’re checking whether you should join TranscribeMe legit users have said repeatedly that they can count on getting their money on time from this site.

Transcriptionists don’t report any discrepancies such as work that’s not paid for or completed work that’s missing from their total.

This site is known for paying for all the transcriptions that are done. There aren’t any complaints that they take transcriptions and then weeks or months later say that they won’t pay for those transcriptions because they found an error.

Members don’t have any complaints regarding unfair rejections of their work after they’ve spent hours transcribing a file.

They make an effort to maintain their standards of quality and they have a fair number of repeat customers.

This means that new orders keep coming in over time. That maintains their cash flow so that they can pay their transcriptionists.

Their transcriptionists are also called Crowd Workers. As a Crowd Worker, you could eventually have the opportunity to transcribe audio in a wide range of fields, including law, and medicine. You could even be asked to do data annotation.

So, if you’re thinking about joining TranscribeMe legit earnings can be obtained from this site. However, you’ll learn more about the limitations and opportunities associated with working on this platform later in this TranscribeMe review.

How You Can Earn From TrancribeMe

You can earn from TrancribeMe by listening to audio or video content and typing out what is being said in those files. You’re paid by the length of the content. This means that a recording of a conversation that’s two hours long will pay more than a recording that’s 90 minutes long.

On this platform, you’re not paid for the length of time that you spend working on a file. You will only be paid by the audio length of the file.

This means that if a file has an audio length of eight minutes but it takes you two hours to transcribe it, you’ll only be paid for eight minutes. You won’t be paid for the amount of time that it actually took to transcribe the file.

Most of the files that you work on are at least two minutes long. Several do not exceed four minutes. This means you can plan your time so that when you have a free hour or free half hour you can make a little money.

You can do as many files as you wish per day, as long as work is available. However, files must be transcribed consecutively.

As soon as you’re finished with one file you can have the system send you another automatically, if that’s what you wish to do.

Some beginners try transcription as their first work from home job because the barriers to entry in the sector are relatively low.

You need to know how to type. You’ll also need to be able to listen carefully to

Many of the files that you get on this site and other transcription sites will be of poor quality.

That’s because otherwise, the people who are sending the files to be transcribed would just use software to do it instead of asking for help from people.

The speed at which you transcribe a file will depend on several factors.

These include the number of speakers in the file, whether they speak over each other or stop and listen to each other, the way that different speakers pronounce their words, and so on.

This platform offers transcription services in multiple languages. If you speak more than one language well, you’ll have more opportunities to work on the site, than a person who only speaks one language.

You’re expected to keep the content of the files that you work on confidential.

The files are often business files. So you might have to transcribe a speech where a single person is speaking.

This type of file is fairly easy to transcribe. The only problem is that sometimes people drop their voices when they’re speaking and you might not be able to hear them clearly, even though the volume of the recording is set at a consistent level.

You could also be asked to transcribe a meeting, in which there are several people speaking. Sometimes these individuals cut into what others are saying. This results in audio that can be confusing, since several people are trying to speak at the same time.

How Much You can Earn From TrancribeMe

At TrancribeMe, you’ll earn $15 per audio hour. Unfortunately, one audio hour is equal to about four hours of work.

So, you’ll earn approximately $4 per hour. That rate is not very high and this type of work can be stressful.

Your earnings on this site can increase a little over time. This will happen if you can fulfill the requirements to reach higher levels on the site. To do this, you’ll have to pass tests that are set at each level.

You won’t be able to prepare sufficiently for these tests by reading their style guide or contacting their support team.

They also do not give helpful feedback on your performance in the tests. So, if you don’t do well, you won’t know why.

Although the tests are helpful in ensuring that their customers get good transcriptions, it would be helpful if transcriptionists had a more thorough style guide that included examples of what to expect in tests in each level.

However, as you are promoted to higher levels, you could earn as much as $22 per audio hour. This might still take you about four or five hours, so you would still work for almost a day and not make more than about $20 or $30 for the day.

However, this is a reliable source of income and after five days of working on the platform during a busy week, you would earn between $100 and $150.

Passing the tests won’t only give you access to a better rate of pay. You’ll also get access to more workflows when you do well in the tests.

It’s important to rise in the ranking as quickly as you can. Some workflows are exclusive to people who have certain qualifications and you’ll have choices and be able to claim files that are interesting.

If you’re just beginning and haven’t yet been promoted, you won’t have as much work to choose from but you still be invited to transcribe a few files in every week. On average, even at the beginning during a busy week you could earn $50 per week.

If you do well and you’re invited to special teams, you’ll be able to earn even more than $22 per hour. That is the maximum for regular teams but special teams that require knowledge of technical areas pay a lot more.

For example if you’re invited to a medical team you’ll earn more per audio hour.

TranscribeMe Reviews

Some TrancribeMe users really love transcription. They like to listen to conversations and record what was said. For these members, everything about the site is fun because they really like being paid to listen.

Some members aren’t as fond of transcription but they like being able to work from home. They also like the flexible hours that they can work on this site.

Transcribeme users often have to listen to and transcribe challenging audio. This is not the best
experience for all of them. Some audio is difficult to hear clearly. There are often multiple speakers in each file and so, they say it can be confusing to listen to.

They report that it takes practice to learn to tell different speakers apart and be certain that they’re hearing what’s actually being said. So, a few beginners are discouraged and don’t continue.

The site covers different industries. So, users often benefit from having experience in a specific sector. That helps them to quickly distinguish words that are specific to that sector. Unfortunately, users who do not have as much experience in that sector are at a disadvantage.

TrancribeMe users say that the payment for their work is very low. They have to listen to a file and spend a lot of time figuring out what’s being said.

They don’t feel adequately rewarded for the time that they spend making sure that each speaker’s contribution is correctly represented in the document.

Some users don’t like the length of time that it takes for them to be promoted to a higher level. They say that although the promotional structure is good, they don’t feel that members can give enough input on the tests.

Have you tried TranscribeMe and want to share your experience? If so please leave  a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of TranscribeMe?

  • TranscribeMe is completely free to Crowd Workers. If you join as a Crowd Worker, you’ll never have to pay fees to the site.
  • You can join from many countries around the world. So, this is an international work from home opportunity.
  • You don’t need expensive equipment to start working on the site. In fact, this is a helpful option for people who want to explore remote work but don’t want to spend a lot of money on software and tools. As long as you have an internet connection that’s reliable and you have a computer, you can start.
  • TrancribeMe offers help to clients who want documents transcribed in different languages. So, there are opportunities for you to earn even if you do not focus on transcription in English.
  • TrancribeMe offers help to persons who need audio or video transcribed. So, if you’re working on a video file, you have the added advantage of being able to lip read at times.
  • Some transcriptionists enjoy the community at this company. They say that they receive a lot of support from their coworkers. They try to claim files on topics that are interesting to them so they have fun.
  • Members say that the company pays them on time. They appreciate being able to rely on this as a side income.
  • The flexibility is major plus of working here. You don’t always have to transcribe files if you don’t have the time. if you already work full time, you can do a few hours of transcription every now and then to supplement your income
  • The short clip that you’ll transcribe is usually part of a bigger file. The site breaks up each big file into many small sections and distributes them to different transcriptionists. This means that even when the quality of a file is such that it’s difficult to hear what’s being said, you won’t be the only one who has to struggle with such a difficult file. Breaking up large files in this way gives every Crowd Worker a better chance of having a mix of both good and bad files to work on.
  • With TrancribeMe, you’ll be listening to work-related conversations in different sectors. So, you’ll be learning about new products or hear professionals discussing ideas related to their business. That helps you to learn a lot in some cases.
  • TranscribeMe has a lot of great resources for research. These are available for free to everyone who works there. So, you can improve many of your skills by searching for information in different areas.
  • You’ll get training on this site. This will help you to sharpen your listening skills, allowing you to more comfortably transcribe difficult files. You could even receive specialised training to become a transcriptionist in a specialized area.

What Are The Cons Of TranscribeMe?

  • Members like working with this site but they don’t always have the opportunity since work isn’t always available.
  • Additionally, even when work is available, you won’t be paid very well for the work that you do.
    You’ll do hours of listening and the compensation will not be rewarding.
  • You could choose a file that’s supposed to take four audio minutes but that file might be of low quality. So, you might spend an hour trying to figure out what the speakers in that file are saying. This type of work can sometimes be tedious.
  • Sometimes the files that you’ll be asked to transcribe won’t contain any information that’s new to you. In that case, the only challenge that you’ll have to solve will be figuring out what someone is saying.
  • Work on this site is sometimes preassigned. So, you can’t always get to choose which file you want to work on. This means that if you know files from a particular source are usually of a good quality, you can’t just focus on doing those.
  • You’ll sometimes have to do a mix of audio files of different quality.
  • You need to do an English entrance exam to qualify for this position. You also need to be 18 or older.
  • You must have a PayPal account to get paid


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Some Final Thoughts On TranscribeMe

In this TrancribeMe review I hope we’ve helped to answer the question, “How much can you earn with TrancribeMe?”

This site offers the opportunity for you to transcribe files in different languages. The pay won’t make you rich but it’s a flexible opportunity. You can work form home at your own pace.

The chief drawback is that transcription jobs aren’t always available here. So, you will need to supplement this source of income with others that you can rely on. This is a good side gig if you have good listening and typing skills.

You’re also rewarded for consistently producing quality work. You’ll be invited to join teams and be able to earn more per hour as long as you keep doing good work.

The site is recommended for people who have good typing and listening skills and want to use those skills to earn in their spare time

Star Rating 3/5-A genuine work from home opportunity for those interested in transcription work. There is no guarantee however as to how much work you will get so you can’t rely on the income.

11 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With Transcribeme? A Review”

  1. Thanks for the info. I might actually try it out! I love to type and earn money.

    Is there a possibility you can earn even more than 50 bucks per hour?

    1. Hi there,

      How much you can potentially earn as a transcriber is often determined by your ability to do the work accurately and quickly.

  2. This is the exact opportunity I have been waiting for, transcribing audio onto writing form and get paid for it, wow it’s amazing. I would love to ask some question how we to pay any fee for the entrance exam,  what criterial do you use to choose successful candidates, is there any minimum mark that must be attain to qualify for the job ?.

    1. Hi there,

      Transcribeme is a free to join platform. You will need to contact the website if you wish to find out more about their entrance test. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I am so happy I came across your article! I am currently in the application process of TranscribeMe. I love that you bring out the pros of the company. I was a little skeptical in prepping for this test, but it does sound interesting to try out the company. Thanks for the awesome article!

  4. Hi, the information presented includes a lot of well explained detail about transcribing services. What I it lacking is the actual real life experience of how to qualify as a transcriber. It is quite difficult, as the sample audios they provide, are most often of a number of people who don’t speak clearly and you have to replay the audio clips over and over, to try and make out some sense about the mumbling of the person speaking. 

    So, I would suggest that you also add some detail such this in your article, so that people would REALLY know what they’re in for.

    1. Hi Andre,

      Yes you are right, you can’t underestimate how being unable to understand what is being said, and by whom, has on your overall productivity. I have done transcription myself and this definitely impacts upon your earning potential. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Hi!

    This is one of the few times when I actually read a review about a company that is interesting and seems to be worth trying out. I was very interested in reading this. I would like to apply for Transcribeme. I speak several languages and I woould love to use them for work. This seems like a good opportunity. Do you think they still have adequate work loads now during this pandemic?

    1. Hi Christine,

      Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you found my review of Transcribeme informative. It’s difficult to say what the extent of the impact is. I’d imagine there will be some however as companys seek to reduce costs. 

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