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How Much Can You Earn With Transcript Divas?

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Transcript Divas Review

Thanks for checking out my Transcript Divas review.

Transcript Divas is an online platform that provides transcription work for freelance transcriptionists.

Transcription is a genuine method of earning money from home or from wherever you choose. A flexible working life is sought after more than ever these days as people grapple with the challenges of balancing their personal and professional lives.

In my review today I will be finding out all you need to know about Transcript Divas to help you decide if it could work for you.

I will be discovering how you can get started on the platform, and what the earning potential is likely to be. First however let’s find out how things work at Transcript Divas.

What Is Transcript Divas?

The Transcript Divas is an online company that offers transcription services in the fields of market research, academia, and the legal and video and film industry.

What kind of tasks does Transcript Divas offer its contracted freelancers?

As a contracted transcriber you can take transcription tasks based on language, time-codes, audio quality, and even the number of people involved in the transcript’s conversation.

Unlike traditional transcription work, sometimes you may even find projects where you only have to type the words that a speaker in the transcript says at a given time.

The site is quite comprehensive in its instructions and it states all the details about a particular project and all the requirements that you need to consider before taking it.

It is not hard to select tasks, but in virtually all cases, you have to ensure that you complete the tasks that you take within 24 hours. It’s worth noting that tasks with a faster turn around may pay more than those which can be accomplished over a long period of time.

How Do You Get Started At Transcript Divas?

Joining the Transcript Divas team of transcribers is easy. You only need to visit the firm’s site and use the form embedded on it to make an application. You will have to send your resume too and a statement on all your past experiences in the field of transcription.

The firm prefers applicants who are highly experienced in the field. If you are well-versed with transcription, then your chances of getting hired are high.

The company does not state their response time, but they often take an average of 15 to 20 resumes per week. If your application is successful, you will be contacted by phone.

They will discuss with you about your transcription experience, and if they like what they hear, they will give you a proficiency test. The test results will determine whether you’ll get hired or not.

What Do You Need To Start Working With Transcript Divas?

All you need to start transcription work is a fast and reliable personal computer and Microsoft Windows OS.

You’ll also require a pair of high-quality headphones. The quality of the headphones that you use is important because they will determine whether you can hear the transcripts clearly or not.

If the audio quality of the transcript is low and you have low-quality headphones, then you might have a serious challenge in transcribing your tasks.

How much can you earn with Transcript Divas?

The firm pays an estimated $10 to $13 USD per hour of transcription work.

The firm states that their regular pay rates are favourable, and they are created with the sole aim of beating the average hourly rates of payment in the transcription industry. The amount of money you can actually make depends on how fast, and accurate you can work.


What you may like about Transcript Divas

  • It’s a legitimate platform

  • As a freelance job, Transcript Divas’ work is flexible and this arrangement makes the job interesting and less demanding.

  • If you love to work from home and enjoy the work from home experience, then this job is ideal for you.

  • The working hours are flexible and you get to choose when to pick tasks and work on them.

  • It is free to join: You don’t have to pay any fee to sign up.

  • The application process is easy and straightforward.

What you may not like about Transcript Divas

  • Transcript Divas prefers hiring experienced transcribers.: You can get hired easily if you are highly experienced because this is the biggest consideration that the firm makes when selecting a prospective freelancer for their work.

  • The availability of tasks is not guaranteed. This means you can’t really depend on it to make a stable income.


Is Transcript Divas Worth It?

The Transcript Divas online platform is easy to navigate and use, and it offers a perfect user experience. It also provides a wide variety of transcription jobs.

As a transcriber, the company is a good platform from where you can try to make extra cash on the side, to supplement your income. The only major concern is that the job flow isn’t steady, and you may fail to make a substantial income.

If you desire to have flexible working hours, and improve on your transcription ability, then Transcript Divas could be worth it for you.

Star Rating 3/5-A good platform for getting flexible transcription work. The site may not be ideal for beginners however as you may find it difficult to be accepted, although there is no harm in giving it a try. Having a regular supply of work could be an issue too.
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