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How Much Can You Earn With Transcription Hub? A Review

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Thanks for checking out my Transcription Hub review.

Transcription Hub is an online platform designed to provide transcription opportunities for home working transcriptionists.

If you have good typing and listening skills then you could use those skills to earn money on the Transcription Hub platform.

However, how much are you likely to earn on this transcription platform? Can your listening skills and good understanding of grammar help you create a decent online income with Transcription Hub?

This is what we will be finding out. First however let’s begin by taking a look at how the platform works.

How Transcription Hub  Works

Transcription Hub has evaluations that you must do before you can start working via their platform.

Once you register with your basic information, you’ll be tested with recordings, and asked to type what you hear. This allows them to place you at the Gold, Silver, or Bronze level.

While transcription may seem straightforward, there is a lot more to it than you may think. You will inevitably encounter several challenges not only during the evaluation, but also later when you begin work as a transcriptionist.

Some of the challenges may include having to distinguish the speaker’s voice from others among several speakers, or receive a tape with interference from other sources. However, being mentally prepared for these obstacles will help you to perform better.

You may also encounter some physical challenges too. For example, in order to prevent repetitive strain injuries, you may want to consider investing in a foot pedal.

These can be expensive, although you may be able to find yourself a second hand one if you’re just beginning. They are also beneficial for building up your speed.

Having a fairly quiet area at home in which you can work without distractions is also beneficial.

How much can you Earn With Transcription Hub?

Transcription Hub pays you according to the volume of work that you do. If you complete a large number of transcriptions per week, you’ll be paid accordingly.

Once your account is approved, you can view available jobs, and the price for each, from your job dashboard.

You can choose the jobs that you think will be most profitable for you. The subject matter of each tape is described, so if you prefer transcribing business meetings, you can select those when they are available.

You’ll be paid according to your level and typing efficiency. The average pay is about $0.75 per minute of audio tape.

Don’t forget however that it could take you several minutes to transcribe a minutes worth of audio.

You’ll be asked how many minutes of transcribing you can complete for each week. You should give careful thought to this, since your answer will determine your earnings.

The information you give in response is used to determine your pickup limit, or the maximum number of files you can select at any given time.

If you choose a high pickup limit, that gives you more freedom to earn whenever your schedule is more flexible.

You don’t always have to choose as many files as your pickup limit allows. However, you must ensure that transcription of all the files you select is completed within 24 hours.

How Do You Get Paid By Transcription Hub?

Payment is made in cash, and your payments can be transferred to your bank via direct deposit. You can also arrange to have money sent to PayPal.

Transcription Hub Reviews

The main criticism of Transcription Hub is that it makes new intakes start at a lower level of pay, and that is discouraging for some transcribers.

Most of the members enjoy working for the platform and the flexibility of the platform.

What Are The Pros Of Transcription Hub?

  • Transcription Hub asks you how many minutes you can transcribe per week during the registration process. This means potential transcribers can allocate their time cautiously from the very start.
  • This opportunity is available in several regions, and you can select your country during the registration process.
  • Since it is remote work, you can spend a little more time with your children.

What Are The Cons Of Transcription Hub?

  • Transcription Hub can ask you to transcribe audio from a wide range of settings. These include board meetings, telephone conversations, and conferences. The clarity may be different in each.
  • You may be asked to transcribe technical information, so you may have to stop and spend time reviewing unfamiliar words.
  • You have to be fast, and even if you aren’t initially a fast typist, aim to improve to 60 words per minute

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Some Final Thoughts On Transcription Hub

Transcription Hub offers a work from home opportunity that will suit people who need that type of flexibility.

If you plan to use this to augment your household income, it may be best to spend some time honing your listening and typing skills, and reviewing guidelines on how to describe laughter or use speaker identifiers in your transcription.

Have you used Transcription Hub to create an online income? If so and you want to share your experience then please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 3/5- A good platform for transcribers. The starting rate however is lower so you will have to gain some experience working with the site before your income increases.

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Thanks for reading my Transcription Hub review. I hoped it helped you find the information you were looking for, and will assist you in making a more informed decision about whether Transcription Hub is a good choice for you.

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