How Much Can You Earn With Validately?

Validately Review

Thanks for checking out my review of the user testing platform Validately.

In my review today I will be taking an in-depth look at what the platform has to offer those that want to sign up as a website tester.

There are lots of platforms like this one so you’ve made a good decision checking out this review to see how this site matches up.

Let’s get started by finding out how Validately works.

How Does Validately Work?

Validately is a user research company that runs an online user testing platform.

The purpose of this platform is to gather insights about user experience, the ease of usability, and the level of functionality of various websites, applications and prototypes, from randomly selected users.

These insights help businesses, Website and app developers make sound decisions aimed at improving future digital products.

How Do You Join Validately as a User Tester?

To join the Validately user testing panel, you must meet the following threshold:

• Must be 18 years old or older
• Must have a PC or compatible smartphone
• Must have a stable high-speed internet connection
• Invest in essential equipment, including high-tech headphones, webcam and microphone
• Must have a PayPal account for payment processing
• Ability to speak fluently in English

How Do You Sign Up With Validately?

The registration process is lengthy and to some may seem a bit intrusive.

Besides your name, email address, age and gender, signing up requires information on your time zone, country of origin, annual household income, marital status, employment status and educational background.

You are also expected to indicate the type of computer and mobile device you are using before completing the registration process. Alternatively, you may use your Facebook account to register.

However, you still have to fill out your profile info to qualify for various tests.

What Is The Validately Screener Test?

Before you can start taking tests on this platform, you must first undergo a simple screener test to determine your eligibility and readiness for the tasks ahead. This test seeks to examine your ability to deliver quality responses.

To pass the test, you must fulfill the following requirements:

• Use the most recent Chrome browser (Other browsers are not allowed)
• Use Windows 7 and above
• Make sure all your equipment, including your microphone, webcam and headphones are ready
• Provide audible responses by speaking aloud
• Respond to all follow-up questions
• Record your test in a quiet environment

The Validately team will review your screener test before approving or rejecting your response. Once approved, you will start receiving invitations via email whenever tests become available.

How to make money with Validately

To make money on this platform, you simply have to participate in as many tests as possible. Validately  has plenty of tests, and you will receive invitations once tests that match your profile become available.

Tests on this platform are available on a first come first served basis, meaning that you have to respond to an invitation quickly to avoid being locked out of the test.

Some clients might also use screeners when seeking to recruit testers with certain demographics. Once you qualify for a test, it is imperative that you do your best to deliver high quality responses.

Make good use of your microphone, as the majority of tests available on this platform require you to speak out loud.

Site owners and app developers want to hear your opinion about their sites and apps, and expressing yourself clearly is paramount to delivering quality responses.

How Much Can You Earn With Validately

Ultimately the amount of money you can earn with Validately is largely determined by how many tests you get. There are no guarantees of how many tests you will be selected for.

Also, the test you carry out must qualify for payment, so the quality of your tests could also affect your potential earnings.

Validately’s clients decide if they think a test qualifies for payment. Once you have submitted your test the client has 7 days to respond. If you do not qualify for payment you will be notified and given the reason(s) why it didn’t come up to standard.

To begin a test you need to wait for an email from Validately containing a link to a study you have been selected to be a part of.

How much you get paid per test varies according to the length of the test and the complexity of the tasks. An unmoderated test takes about 15 minutes and pays $10.

Moderated live tests on the other hand require you to record your responses using a webcam and a microphone. These live tests are longer and take about 30 minutes to complete. Successfully completing these pay a minimum of $40 for 30 minutes, and $70 for 60 minutes.

How Does Validately Pay It’s Members?

Validately does not have a minimum payout threshold.

However, your responses must first be approved before you can receive your earnings. All payments are made within 7 business days via PayPal.

Putting this into account, you must make sure that you have a valid PayPal address to avoid any disappointments.

The Advantages Of Validately

It is free to join
Anyone can become a tester on Validately. The platform is free to join, and it accepts members from all over the globe.

Plenty of tests available
Unlike most sites, Validately sends outs test invitations to their members regularly, and you should expect to receive some tests once you join this platform.

No minimum balancer required
This platform does not have a minimum balance requirement. You should expect to receive your payment as soon as your test response submission gets approved.

High cash rewards
The remuneration for testing is reasonable high. Talk aloud tests pay between $5 and $10 while moderated live tests pay a minimum of $25 per test.

Prompt payments
Once your submission has been approved, payments do not take more than 7 business days. However, improvements need to be made to reduce the waiting times.

The site offers both PC and Mobile Tests
Validately offers both PC and mobile tests. You can access tests conveniently from wherever you are using your smartphone.

The Disadvantages Of Validately

Limited payment options
PayPal is the only payment method available on this platform. This means that users from PayPal-restricted countries might have a hard time accessing their payments.

Lengthy signup process
The signup process is relatively lengthy and a bit intrusive. It involves answering a lot of questions that might turn out to be intrusive to some people.

Although Validately promises to safeguard your privacy, the company might allow some clients to access your personal info for recruitment purposes.

Screening tests
Some tests require you to undertake a screening test before you can qualify for the actual test. However, taking these screeners does not guarantee that you will qualify for the actual test, and this might turn out to be a waste of time.

Requires special equipment
You need to invest in specialized equipment and a compatible smartphone to participate.

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Is Validately Worth It?

Validately offers plenty of tests, and it has a high income potential compared to other user-testing platforms. However, how much you can earn depends on your demographic.

If you do get a test however, earnings per test can go as high as $70, which is a generous amount of money.

The fact that you can access tests using your smartphone makes this platform even more appealing to testers.

With no minimum balance requirement to think about and prompt PayPal payments at your disposal, joining Validately is certainly worth considering.

Star Rating 3/5-A Good Platform For Earning Money As A Website Tester. Your Earning Will Be Limited However By How Many Tests You Will Qualify For. This Will Be Determined By Your Demographics.

3 Star RatingThanks for reading my review of Validately. I hope by reading my review you will now be able to make a more informed decision about whether you should join.

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