How Much Can You Earn With Wondough?

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Wondough Review

Thanks for joining me for my review of Wondough.

In my review today I will be finding out what the Wondough platform is all about. We will be discovering, amongst other things, how much you can earn as a member of the site…so sit tight and let’s get started…..

What Is Wondough?

Wondough is a Get-Paid-To website that rewards its members with points for doing simple tasks such as taking surveys, visiting various websites, trying out new apps, streaming videos, shopping online and so many more.

Once you accumulate enough points to meet the payout threshold, you can redeem your points for various gift cards from leading brands such as Amazon, Netflix, Starbucks, Buzz Feed, Reebok, and WalMart.

What makes Wondough different?

Unlike other GPT sites, Wondough is a unique rewards platform that does not have restrictions on age or nationality. Anyone can join the platform without facing any limitations…..Most sites require applicants to be 18 years or older to register, and some only allow residents of specific countries to apply for membership…..This is not the case with Wondough.

Signing Up

Signing up with Wondough is free and extremely simple. The registration process only requires your name and email.

To earn extra points (registration bonus), consider signing up using Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Wondough awards a bonus of 80 points to every new member that signs up using their social media account ID. However, you must complete a registration survey to earn these bonus points.

Income opportunities offered by Wondough

Although Wondough accepts applicants from various countries worldwide, the availability of income opportunities varies depending on your country of residence.

For instance, some surveys may only be available to the Uk residents and not available to residents of the US. However, this is not something new considering that most market research studies often target specific demographics.

The most popular income streams that are available on this platform include:

Taking Surveys

Taking paid surveys is one of the most popular ways of earning money on this platform. It entails writing reviews and answering questionnaires about various topics that might be of interest to you.

Unlike most sites, Wondough does not send out invitations to its members to participate in surveys. You must log in into your account to check for available tasks. Wondough offers plenty of surveys, but most of these come from third-party panels.

This means that you may have to fill out profile surveys to determine your eligibility for specific surveys.

Streaming Videos

Watching or downloading videos is an alternative way of making money on this platform. These videos are mostly sponsored ads that you have to watch for a specific duration to earn points.

Coupons (Cashback offers)

If you love shopping online, then Wondough coupons are exactly what you need for a fulfilling shopping experience. You are only required to make a purchase via a Wondough affiliate merchant’s link for you to earn points and

How much can you earn with Wondough?

Your earning potential depends on the type of revenue stream that you pursue. Surveys pay between 50 to 300 points. Coupons, on the other hand, pay as high as 1,000 points, but the income potential depends on the amount you spend on your shopping. Videos pay the lowest points, with earnings as low as 1 point per video.

Rewards and Payments

Wondough uses a points system to reward its members. Each point is equivalent to a penny; you require 100 points to earn $1. The minimum withdrawal threshold is 300 points, which is equivalent to $3.

Unfortunately, Wondough does not pay cash; you can only redeem your points for gift cards from various brands such as Starbucks and Amazon. Unfortunately the processing of payments is lengthy and can take up to 10 business days.

What Are The Pros?

• Free to join

Wondough is an open platform that is free to join. Furthermore, the site promises to award all new members 80 points just for completing the registration process.

• Open worldwide

Wondough accepts applicants from all over the world.

• Variety of gift card options

It offers a wide range of gift card options from top brands such as Amazon, Netflix, Starbucks and PayPal digital gifts.

• Low payout threshold

The payout threshold is only 300 points. This is a reasonable amount considering the fact that most tasks pay between 50 points and 300 points per task.

• Extremely simple tasks

You do not have to be an expert to complete offers on this platform. Furthermore, most tasks are short and take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

What Are The Cons?

• Pre-qualification surveys

Some surveys require you to undertake pre-qualification tests to determine your suitability for the available tasks.

• No referral program

Spreading the word is always a good way of supplementing your income. Unfortunately, this platform does not have a referral program that can boost your income.

• Generic testimonials and fake promises

Some of the testimonials available on this platform are not genuine. The pictures used for testimonials are also available on other platforms under different names.

Wondough uses fake promises to attract more members, it would be much better of course if it rewarded a registration bonus to new applicants after completing the signup process.

• Few income opportunities

The income opportunities available on this platform are very few. However, this can be understandable considering the fact that Wondough is a relatively new GPT platform.

• No cash payments

Apart from issuing low payouts, the site does not award cash rewards. All payments come in the form of gift cards.

• Delays in payments

The processing of payments can take up to 10 business days.

• Technical issues

The Wondough website has numerous technical issues that require urgent attention. For instance, you may encounter “error 404” bugs and other technical issues in the middle of a survey.

• Adult surveys

Some surveys are of an adult nature and talk about sensitive topics such as sexual orientation.

Is Wondough Legit?

Wondough is legit, but the site requires major improvements for it to be regarded as a reputable rewards platform. Firstly, the site promises to award 80 points to new members as registration bonus, but, according to reports from members, it does not offer such bonuses.

Wondough currently has very few income opportunities despite the promise of offering new members tons of paid offers…..It is early days for Wondough however so things may well improve, but presently I can’t recommend the platform as there are better GPT sites.

What is your experience of Wondough? Let me know in the comments if you want to share what you know about this platform.

Star Rating-2/5 A Legit Platform But Too Early To Give It Any Higher Score.

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