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How Much Can You Earn With Yougetprofit?

Yougetprofit review

Thanks for dropping by today to read my Yougetprofit review.

Yougetprofit is an online platform that is designed to pay its members for clicking on ads and carrying out various other small tasks online.

In my review I will be discovering how much you are likely to earn, plus everything else you need to know before you decide to sign up.

First however, let’s take a look at how things work.

What Is Yougetprofit?

Yougetprofit is advertising and revenue sharing website that pays you to click on ads, sign up to offers, complete tasks, and refer the site to your friends.

It also offers a platform for advertisers to market their websites, products and services. However, for the purpose of this review we are focusing mainly upon the PTC income opportunity.

Is Yougetprofit Legitimate?

Yougetprofit is a legitimate PTC site that has over 80,000 members. The company has been in existence since 2013, paying out over $170,000 to its loyal members to date.

Proof of payment is available on their online forum and anyone can check to verify the details.

However,  the fact that Yougetprofit is a legitimate site does not guarantee that you will earn money from your activities on this site. It is therefore advisable that you dont spend money that you can’t easily afford to lose.

Getting Started With Yougetprofit

You must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible for membership. Yougetprofit accepts international members and anyone can join regardless of their geographical location.

Whether you want to become a member, or you are an advertiser looking for advertising opportunities, you can join Yougetprofit for free.

The sign up process does not require much detail except your name, username, and email address. You also need to enter your payment account details to facilitate easier payments.

How Does Yougetprofit Work?

Advertisers are always looking for ways to promote their products and services. One of the easiest ways of promoting products online is by PTC sites like Yougetprofit.

When Yougetprofit members click on sponsored ads, advertisers receive traffic and possible downlines to their sites or affiliate programs.

For this system to work, clients have to purchase ad packages. Each ad pack costs $25 and it comes with 2000 PTC credits, 100 Banner Ad credits, and 5 Login Ad credits.

The potential profit from every $25 ad pack is $5, which brings a total income of $30. Anybody can buy the ad packages, including common members who want to increase their sources of income.

How Much Can You Earn With Yougetprofit?

The amount of money that you can earn with Yougetprofit depends on the tasks that you choose. The most popular methods of earning include:

Viewing ads

Clicking and viewing ads is the most common income stream on this platform.

However, the income potential from viewing ads is extremely low. The highest amount of money you can get per ad view is $0.03. To qualify for the share profit, you have to click a minimum of 10 ads daily.

Referral program

Yougetprofit has a two-level referral program that pays members commissions on their referrals’ earnings.

You will get $0.01 per referral click and 6% commission from your direct referral ad packs purchases. Level two referral purchases on ad packs will earn you a 4% commission.

You may opt to rent referrals to make the most out of the referral program on Yougetprofit. Rented referrals can earn you a profit so long as they all remain active during the duration of the hire.

However, this is a very risky strategy since you do not have any influence on how your referrals perform.

Getting Paid By Yougetprofit

The minimum cashout for first time withdrawal is $2. However, this amount requirement rises to $5-$7-$10 respectively, in subsequent payouts.

All payments are via Payza, Perfect Money or Bitcoin. Members should expect payment within 7 business days after making a withdrawal request.

What Are The Pros Of Yougetprofit?

• Genuine PTC website
• Free to join
• Accepts international members
• 2 referral level purchase commissions
• Unlimited direct referrals
• Active online forum available
• Low minimum cashout of $2
• Instant Payments
• Multiple payment options including Payza, Perfect Money and Bitcoin

What Are The Cons Of Yougetprofit?

• Low-income potential
• Allows the renting of referrals, which might be risky
• No PayPal payments
• You may encounter misleading offers from third-party platforms
• You must click on ten adverts to qualify for the revenue share profit

Final Thoughts On Yougetprofit 

There is no doubt that Yougetprofit is a legitimate PTC site. However, the income potential with this site is extremely low, not to mention the high risks involved when upgrading your account.

Yougetprofit  does not guarantee that you will earn money, or make a profit after purchasing advertising packages.

Also, investing in rented referrals does not guarantee profits since you do not have any control over your referrals’ activities.

Thanks for checking out this Yougetprofit Review. If you have experience with this website that you want to share then please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 2/5-This platform only offers a very low earning opportunity with the free aspects of the website.

The paid options for referrals doesn’t guarantee a return, and you can lose money. For that reason I don’t recommend the paid options. On the plus side there is no skill involved in clicking on ads and the cash out sum is low at $2 so you should be able to reach it in a reasonable time.

2 Star Rating

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4 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With Yougetprofit?”

  1. I like your insight here at wealth Inflator about Yougetprofit.

    Your website gives great information about how to make money at Yougetprofit. There are so many ways to make money online. When a person puts in the work at Yougetprofit they can become successful because you have to work hard in everything you do in life.

    If someone wants to make money online he/she should research some online businesses before making a decision.

    1. Hi Felisha,
      Thanks for your appreciation. Yougetprofit is a legitimate platform, but I personally would only stick with the free options when it comes to referrals due to the unpredictable nature of PTC. I think direct referrals are better, so learning about affiliate marketing is a way to profit from this site.

  2. Hi Roamy,
    Once you learn about affiliate marketing you can make money by promoting sites like YouGetProfit. Direct referrals are a way to create a passive income stream.
    The good thing about YouGetProfit is that there is unlimited direct referrals. I’m glad to hear you are learning about promoting sites, Wealthy Affiliate is the platform to use if you want to learn about promoting sites.
    Thanks for reading, and for your comment.

  3. Hello Ray
    Thanks so much for sharing your tips and review of You get profit.Most of us are looking for ways to make some extra income online.When I`m already on the computer surfing,why not spend that time to earn some money.
    What most people do not understand is that it`s possible to make money online clicking PTC ads.Sure there are better ways to make more money online but PTC can bring in that extra cash.
    The reason why most people fail in PTC is because they can not find active referrals,to succeed in PTC one has to promote the program as much as possible.
    I`m surprised that Yougetprofit already has 80,000 members,I thought of joining the program when they first came but knowing I`m terrible at promoting, I new it will be difficult for me to make money there so I did not join.
    Now that I have been online for a while and can promote, maybe it`s time I joined Yougetprofit.

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