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How Much Can You Make With Ziffit?

Ziffit Review

Thanks for checking out my Ziffit review

Ziffit is an online platform designed to help its members to make some cash from the stuff they no longer want or need.

In my review today I will be coverzing all you need to know about Ziffit, including what the platform is all about, how things work on the site, what you are likely to make, and what the pros and cons could be should you decide to join.

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What Is Ziffit?

Ziffit is an online platform that allows you to dispose old books, DVDs, CDS, and games. You can sell any item, as long as it meets the minimum requirements set by the company.

How Does Ziffit Work?

Ziffit-How It Works

You are required to enter the ISBN or the barcodes of your items. The company will then quote an offer, based on your submission. The next step involves packing your items in boxes.

Deliver your items:

Ziffit has over 5000 collection points across England and Wales. Once your item is ready, you are required to drop it at your nearest collection point. However, in case you are handling a larger item, you may use the company’s courier collection service at no extra fee.

Finding a collection point is quite easy, as the site provides a detailed map and satellite image that shows the terrain and roads that link to these centres.

Ziffit-Find A Collection Point On The Map
Find A Collection Point Using The Map On The Site

After going through the verification process, you will be paid via Instant Cash Voucher, bank transfer, cheque or Paypal. Additionally, in case of any damages to your item, you may be required to revise your quote.

To increase your chances of making sales, all items must:

– Be original and not pirated

– Have original barcodes or ISBN

– Have no discolored or missing pages – Be in good condition

– contain no illegal, pornographic, stolen or any other obscene content.

– Be free of security tags

– Be properly packaged

How Much Can You Make With Ziffit?

The amount of money that you stand to generate from your sales depend on the current market price, the available stock (the number of specific items that are yet to be disposed)and nature/state of your item. The company prohibits its members from sharing the pricing/valuation criteria arrived at when selling items.

The processing of payments takes 5 days to be completed. You have the option of requesting for a payout or donating the proceeds to any charitable organization in the UK.

The Ziffit Referral Program

You can earn extra cash at Ziffit by just referring new members. The site pays 10% commission on every successful sale generated from all books, DVDs, and CDs sold to your referrals.

You are only required to create excellent content to market the services offered on this platform, using a blog or a website.

What Is Good About Ziffit?

– Reputable platform

– free to join: No subscription required

– Free courier collection service

– An easy way of getting cash out of unused items

– Multiple payment options

– Excellent customer services

– Works in a simple way

– You can either sell your items online, or via the Ziffit app

– The company collaborates with various charitable organisations

What Isn’t So Good About Ziffit?

– Limited geographically: The company only offers its services in England and Wales

– In case you breach any of the terms stipulated by the company, your account may be banned without any prior notice.

– Limited items accepted: The company only accepts books or digital disks. – For you to make any sale, your item must meet almost all the requirements set by the company.

– The prices of items are largely determined by the company

– No fixed prices: The value of items accepted on this platform vary depending on the state of your item, the number of unsold stock, or current market prices. This means you may end up earning less, in the event that the company fails to dispose some of its stock.

– It takes 5 days for payments to be processed.

Is Ziffit Worth It?

The world of print and digital media is very dynamic. There is a lot of creative content being produced every single day, and if you are a passionate reader or a movie buff, you may end up filling your shelf with a collection of “old content”.

To save yourself from this accumulation of unwanted stuff, you need to dispose some of your unused/old materials. The good news is that Ziffit has years of experience in collecting and reselling over 20 million print and digital content to various clients across the UK.

If you are based in the U.K you have a good opportunity of offloading your unwanted items on this platform as long as you meet the basic requirements set by the company.

Star Rating 3.5/5-This is a good platform for getting rid of discs and books, offering a convenient way to sell either online or via the App. The platform however is only available in the U.K and you are limited as to what you can sell.

3.5 Star Rating

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6 thoughts on “How Much Can You Make With Ziffit?”

  1. Thanks for the review! It’s really unfortunate that Ziffit is only available in England and Wales! I was getting really excited about it until I saw that part, as I have many books and games that I could be getting rid of to de-clutter my place! I think this is a really awesome opportunity for people though as long as they can get over that hump of getting rid of their stuff (something that is pretty hard for some!) 

    I wonder if their are any equivalent services in the United States…I’ll have to do some investigation!

    1. Hi Steve,
      I know what you mean, it is easy to get emotionally attached to your CD’s and DVD’s. But unfortunately they do take up a lot of space and can fill up a corner of a room. If you want to take a look at a similar site that caters for U.S residents then take a look at THIS REVIEW I did recently. Thanks for reading my review of Ziffit and commenting.

  2. This seems to be a good way to make extra cash. With the tons of books I have on my shelves, I could probably turn these into a little fortune.  However, the geographic limitation does make it a good thing only if you live in England or Whales, which is quite unfortunate.  Do you think that ziffit will ever expand to any other country, even outside Europe? Or do you know of any other similar websites that would do the same kind of service for North America?

    1. Hi Denis,
      Yes I think most people have a ton of books, CD’s and DVD’s that they would benefit from offloading.
      If you are from the US and you want to sell some unwanted stuff you may want to try DECLUTTR.

  3. Hi,

    I have read the whole review about this information.This is really an amazing information about ziffit com.I like this site very much.I learned about ziffit site by reading your  article.This is really a helpful information for us.I will share this information with my friends.I believed they will also like this site.Thanks for sharing this informative article with us.

    1. Hi There,
      I’m glad you found this Review helpful and provided you with useful information about Ziffit. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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