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How Much Can You Save With The Wish App?

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Thanks for dropping by to read my review of the Wish App.

The Wish App reportedly can save you quite a bit of money on your shopping bills, so I thought it was worth checking out.

I also found out that you can sell your own products on this platform too, so we will be looking into that as well. But first let’s check out whether you really can make some great savings with The Wish App

Affordable Shopping

Everyone likes the sound of shopping for desirable products at ultra-low prices. Unfortunately, items you really want often have the tendency to be way too expensive, rather than being affordably priced.

However, ever since the emergence of mobile shopping apps, you can now buy products directly from some of your favorite brands at lower prices. One notable app that you should have a look at before your next shopping trip is the Wish app.

What Is The Wish App?

Wish is a relatively new e-commerce app that allows you to buy goods online at extremely low prices. The app connects you directly to millions of manufacturers around the world, allowing you to source for your favorite items at affordable rates.

Wish is able to offer products more cheaply because the app does not use intermediaries or middlemen. It ensures that the prices often remain cheaper than at your local store.

How Do You Sign Up With The Wish App?

Wish offers three options for signing up. You may register using your Facebook or Google+ ID, or sign up using your email address. Once you become a member, you will receive 100 redeemable points that you may exchange for coupons towards your next shopping trip.

Unlike other similar platforms, the Wish app does not require your personal details. You may start shopping right away without providing additional info about yourself.

How much can you save with the Wish App?

Like most shopping apps, the purpose of the Wish app is to save money on your shopping expenses. The app offers a wide range of products (at 70 to 90 percent) lower than the normal market rates. This means that you can save as much as $70 for an item that normally costs $100 at your local store.

How Do You Become A Seller On The Wish App?

What you may not know however is that you can also become a merchant on this platform too. Even though Wish works directly with manufacturers, it also accepts individuals to sell their products to a much wider online audience.

However, you must be an authorized seller of a particular brand to become a merchant on this platform.

Here are the steps on how to sell on Wish.

  •  Create your store

Before you start selling on Wish, you first need to add your e-commerce store or create a new store.

You may integrate your store with the Wish app using API integration solutions. Alternatively, you may save yourself from all the hassle by creating a new store on the Wish platform.

You just need to give your store a name, provide your email address and create a password to become a Wish merchant.

  • List your products

Once your store is ready, you need to create an inventory and list your products. Listing of products is free. However, according to the Wish app policy, you are only allowed to list new items. Used or refurbished products are not allowed.

You may upload products conveniently through the merchants’ dashboard. All products must come with a name, a well-written description, appropriate images, and a unique product ID.

You also have to include shipping costs and delivery times or select a pre-set shipping time to keep customers on the know on how long they have to wait for their purchased goods.

Setting the right price might be quite tricky considering the fact that Wish offers premium products at low, affordable prices. It is advisable that you compare prices offered by other merchants to have an idea on the most appropriate price to set for your products. This is very important, as lowering your products prices will likely increase your potential sales by up to 50%.

Wish may also recommend an ideal price that is extremely close to the target retail price.

  • Selling your products

Wish does all the marketing on your behalf. However, you may promote your products by running a paid marketing campaign to enhance your exposure and increase your sales.

Once a buyer makes a purchase and pays for the product, you will receive a notification about the same. You have to fulfill and ship the order in accordance with the shipping method used.

You will receive payment in your account once the buyer acknowledges receipt of the product.

Merchant Fees

Normally, Wish offers a revenue share of 85:15, whereby the merchant receives 85% of the total sales while Wish remains with the other 15%. For instance, if you are selling a product for $80 and your buyer incurs shipping expenses of $20, Wish will pay you $85 and keep the rest of the amount.

Cashing out

Wish does not have a minimum payout threshold. Merchants are paid twice monthly via a variety of payment options such as PayPal, Payoneer, AllPay, PayEco and Ping Pong among many others.

What Are The Pros?

• Offers buyers premium products at affordable rates

• Exposes sellers to over 300 million customers

• Highly transparent platform

• It offers a reasonable revenue share

• It has multiple payment options

• Fast payments

What Are The Cons?

• Only available in selected countries

• Most of the products are sourced very cheaply

• Merchants must be authorized agents of particular brands

• Restrictive pricing options

Is The Wish App Worth It?

The prices of products available on this platform are extremely low. You will find that most of the goods cost between 70% and 90% lower than the normal market rates.

However, to enable the products to be sold at such cheap prices you have to bear in mind that the items have been sourced cheaply too. We had a good look around at customer feedback and overall people are very happy with the Wish App. Those that did complain said they weren’t happy about delivery times, some also complained about poor quality products and poor customer service.

However, Wish remains a viable app that you should consider joining if you fancy saving on your shopping expenses. If you are a merchant, then joining the Wish platform is something that you should seriously consider.

This platform has reportedly got over 300 million users, which makes it one of the biggest online marketplaces available today. With such a high number of potential customers, selling on Wish might just turn out to be a smart move.

Star Rating 3.5/5-A Good Shopping Platform That Offers Not Only Affordable Products But Also A Business Opportunity To Sell Products Yourself.

3.5 Star RatingMy Number 1 Recommendation

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