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How Much Money Can You Earn As A Transcriber With Verbal Ink?

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Thanks for checking out my Verbal Ink review.

Verbal Ink is an online platform that provides transcription work for freelance transcriptionists.

My review will cover all the important things you need to know about the platform if you are considering joining in order to find online transcription work.

We will be finding out if this company is worth considering and how much they will pay you should you wish to work with them.

So if you have a keen eye for detail and an ear for language, then transcribing with Verbal Ink could just be the perfect job for you.

You need to bear in mind however that you may struggle if you are a beginner because you are likely to need experience to get work with this company. Also, as a transcriptionist you will need a computer with a stable internet connection, transcription software and good earphones/headset.

What is Verbal Ink?

Verbal Ink is a transcription platform that offers you the chance to make money from home by converting audio files into written documents.

The company was previously known as Escriptionist before rebranding to Verbal Ink in the year 2008.

Unlike other transcription platforms that accept newbies from all over the world, Verbal Ink only hires experienced transcribers residing in the US.

However, if you believe that you have strong transcription skills then you may still want to try your luck.

How Do You Become A  Transcriber with Verbal Ink?

Unlike other online companies you must also submit a cover letter along with your resume to the email address provided on their website to be considered for transcription jobs.

Your resume should include any relevant work experience to increase your chances of landing the job.

As mentioned earlier, Verbal Ink is only keen on hiring experienced transcribers. For this reason you must go through a tough test to determine your transcription skills and level of experience for you to work for Verbal Ink.

Required skills for transcription include:

– Good Listening

You must have an ear for languages/accents to accurately transcribe text

– Fast and Accurate Typing

Meeting deadlines is an important requirement for all transcribers. For this reason, you must be able to type quickly and accurately.

– Keen Eye for Detail

All transcriptionists are required to take note of all the small details to meet the requirements of the client.

– Ability to Research Widely

Some tasks involve transcribing difficult terms such as medical terminology and engineering lingo. With this in mind, the transcriber is required to research widely to familiarize themselves with the terms in question.

– Fast Learner/Ability to Adapt to Different Style Guides

Verbal Ink expects all transcribers working for them to strictly stick to the provided style guides.

How Much Time Do I Need To Commit With Verbal Ink?

Once you are hired you need to let Verbal Ink know in advance how much work you are able to do each week.

This is great as it gives you the freedom to choose your schedule. You may choose to work your socks off each week by doing plenty of jobs or do 1 or 2 jobs daily as you take on other tasks elsewhere.

However, you must work within set deadlines to increase your chances of receiving more jobs.

Nevertheless, just like any other transcription website, Verbal Ink occasionally experiences inconsistent workflow. This means that you cannot solely rely on this platform for your basic income.

It is advisable that you sign up with several other transcription websites as a fallback plan, in case Verbal Ink lacks any available jobs.

How Much Can You Make With Verbal Ink?

Verbal Ink does not disclose their pay rate publicly on their website. You will only know about the payment details once you are hired to work for them.

Nevertheless, we discovered that they do pay $0.85 per audio minute transcribed.

This means that you can earn up to $51 for every audio hour you transcribe. However, these high-paying tasks are rare, as most jobs that come through do not go beyond 15 minutes.


How And When Do You Get Paid By Verbal Ink?

Verbal Ink are very secretive when it comes to their payment terms. However, after carrying out some research, we found out they pay once a month via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Reasons You May Consider Verbal Ink Worth It

– Legitimate transcription platform

– High pay rates

– Plenty of jobs available

– Supports PayPal payments

Things You Need To Consider Before Joining Verbal Ink

– Only hires experienced transcriptionists

– Available to US residents only

– Hard to get accepted

– Ambiguous pay

Is Verbal Ink Worth Considering?

Verbal Ink is a great transcription platform that offers high pay outs to freelancers. Also, as a freelancer with this site you get the chance to choose your own work schedule.

However, they only hire experienced workers living in the US.  You will also have to send a cover letter and your resume to be considered for a transcription job. So, if you are a newbie in this industry, it might be extremely hard for you to join Verbal Ink.

Star Rating 3/5-A good transcription platform mainly for experienced transcriptionists or those with the necessary skills. The company only accepts members from the U.S however.

3 Star Rating

Another Way To Work Online From Wherever And Whenever You Choose

The great thing about working with companies like Verbal Ink is the opportunity it provides for you to work to your own schedule.

You are in control of whenever or from wherever you want to work. As long as you have a good internet connection and a laptop you are good to go.

The same goes with having your own online presence with a website. A website  can provide you with many income streams and a very flexible lifestyle.

You can even expand your transcription business by advertising your skills and/or promoting products that relate to transcription and earning commissions (affiliate marketing).

Setting up your own online business with a website has never been easier.

Pour top rated and free to join platform shows people how to create a simple website and turn it into a profitable online business.

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