How Much Money Can You Make With Google Adsense?

How much money can you make with google adsense

If you’re not very familiar with Google AdSense and how you can earn money from it then the straightforward explanation to “What is Google AdSense?” is that advertising boxes are installed on your site to generate income for you and the advertiser.

You have a choice of putting one to three adverts on your page. You can place the ads either on your sidebar, the top of your content, the bottom of your content or in between your content.

There have been various questions as to where is the most advantageous position to place your ads. Many people prefer to put their ads on their sidebar which prevents their content from being uncluttered.

But putting your adverts in between your content can get many more clicks, thus earning you more money. You do have a chance to do A/B testing on your ads to see where the best position is for your site.

The Potential to Make Money from Google AdSense

The potential to make a lot of money with Google AdSense is all about the traffic you get to your site. If you are an experienced marketer, you will already know how to draw visitors to your site.

If you’re just starting out and looking at whether AdSense is the appropriate method of monetisation for your site you will need to learn the basics of how it works.

Every time someone clicks on the add you earn money. Once you get to the pay-out threshold then Google AdSense will pay you. Google AdSense also have short video training to help you gain the most from your site and your ad placement.

Their Google Analytics helps you track your earnings and identify where and when readers are clicking on your site. The information from the analytics can help you focus your ads to perform better and earn you more money.

If you have limited traffic to your site, then you won’t make much money. But if you have a website that gets a consistent flow of traffic then the amount of money you can make is significantly more.

The Limitations of Google AdSense

There are quite a few limitations to having Google AdSense on your site, although you don’t have to invest in a large amount of work to display the ads, having these limitations may make you think twice about how you want your site to look.

Generic ads

The ads displayed from AdSense aren’t always relevant to your content. You may be writing about beauty products and the ads are advertising house insurance. This isn’t an appropriate match and can direct customers away from your site.

Minimum cash pay-out is £60/$100

The cash pay-out is £60/$100 which doesn’t seem very unreasonable, but if you’re just starting out with Google AdSense, it could take you a long period of time to reach that amount.

Low paying ads

Compared to affiliate marketing or other ads on the market, Google AdSense pays a small amount for their ads. For example, you need 10,000 visitors to make £60/$100.

Site limitations

You are limited to what site you can place your ads on, it won’t let you place ads on sites related to adult subjects or gambling. Although they offer gambling ads, they won’t associate with these sites.

Distraction can drive your customers away

Flashing images on your site can be more distracting to your visitors, this can also drive customers away. Having a streamlined site looks much more professional and isn’t annoying to the reader.

Google AdSense Versus Affiliate Marketing

The difference with affiliate marketing is you use links in your content rather than banners on your page. Once you’ve written your content and added your links, then all you need to do is set up an advertising campaign that will run continuously.

The advantage of an advertising campaign is that you can make money while you sleep.

Affiliate marketing pays so much more for advertising than AdSense does. You can get a commission of up to 50% from various companies merely for producing purchases through the link you added to your content. They allow PayPal payment which makes life a lot easier for marketers, no need to set up bank accounts and verify your account.

The affiliate threshold is much more achievable than AdSense, generally only $10 compared to $100 for AdSense.

You have the choice of what products you market, giving you complete control over what people see on your site and what they are clicking. Your website is your online business generating a stream of income for many years to come if you use affiliate marketing.

This can’t be said for Google AdSense, they’re only useful for drawing in additional income, not a full-time income compared to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing takes more work to generate content, promote through all your social media platforms and build an email list but the benefits outweigh the work put into running your online business.

AdSense Pro’s

• Not very much effort is involved
• Google Analytics helps you track your earnings
• You don’t have to search for advertisers, Google does this for you

AdSense Con’s

• They have strict guidelines for placing their ads
• You won’t get paid a lot of commission
• It’s tough to make a full-time living from AdSense

Affiliate Marketing Pro’s

• You can earn a large amount of commission
• They pay much more for every click on their links
• You can choose which advertisers you want on your site
• A full-time business can begin by using affiliate marketing
• Click funnels can be set up to gain customers which then click on your links
• You can email your customers and use your affiliate links in the content to gain more sales
• Resources provided to you from the advertisers are particularly helpful

Affiliate Marketing Con’s

• It takes up more of your time
• A few affiliate companies have a minimum traffic rule

So, the amount of money you can make with Google AdSense will not be as much as you can make with affiliate marketing.

Yes, affiliate marketing can take up more of your time, but the resources they give you to market the products in your niche are superb.

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