How To Choose A Niche In Affiliate Marketing

Choose A Niche In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing as the title implies is a method of writing using your marketing skills to attract customers who will click on and buy from your affiliate links.

Marketing your website to potential customers will make sure your business earns a profit from the sales you have generated.

So, choosing the correct niche for your website is extremely important.

Choosing a niche in affiliate marketing is not merely about discovering something you are passionate about and choose to write about it, it is about determining a niche which will be profitable for your business.

What is a Niche?

A niche in layman’s terms is a specific product, service or interest. For instance, money – this would consist of products that relate to making money like “Making money as a freelancer” or “Find ways to make money online”.

You would remain within the limits of the niche by writing about and marketing products that relate to money without going over onto another niche.

Your own niche can be anything you choose it to be, possibly something you are interested in like baking or cooking. If you can incorporate your niche into your writing and make money from it you have found the niche to suit you and your business.

Your Chosen Niche Should Be Profitable

Although you may have a sense of affection for your niche, you must make sure it will make you money.

There’s no point setting up a website and writing great content if you don’t have a profitable niche. So, how can you find a profitable niche? Wealthy Affiliate’s free training package can help you find a profitable niche to suit your needs.

Other Ways to Find a Profitable Niche Are;

Choose Popular Products

These are products that are already making money for other people. They are typically digital products you purchase online. For example, ebook’s, digital pictures, online courses, digital services and memberships that contribute to giving the customer an easy life.

These are the products that will help your customer do their job more efficiently and help them appear more professional.

Your Niche Must Survive the Test of Time

Your niche will have to continue to be going strong in a few years’ time. To continue to make a profit year in and year out your chosen niche must be suitable for years to come and every probability.

For example, if you promote Christmas decorations and Christmas trees, you will only make money during the Christmas period. Products going out of fashion would not be a valid consideration either, keeping up with the newest technology is a popular niche.

Target Your Audience

Your audience are your potential sales, so you need to target your marketing towards them. Give them what they want, this way you are sure of what will work and what won’t. If you offer a free ebook to your niche audience your target audience will download it.

Use the knowledge from this to collate your audiences gender, age and business model i.e. whether they are a blogger, freelancer or developing sales marketer, etc. Once you are aware of all the information you need, you can target all other marketing towards them and continue to increase your sales.

Use Google Analytics

Using Google analytics will show you your audience demographics at a glance. It will show you how many new customers you have, how many return customers you have and which country they visited your site from. Including which platform and device they used to access your website.

With all this knowledge at hand you can research your audience and market your writing towards these groups of readers.

Research Your Niche

An in-depth research should establish if the niche you are considering choosing will make you money.

Take the keywords from your niche and research them within search engines and find out how common your search is. Imagine you are the customer and you are looking for products within your niche, what would you type into the search engine?

Research the demand of searches for your chosen niche. This will provide you with a view of how successful the niche is and if you could make any money out of it.

Research Your Competition

By analysing your competition, you will discover what is working for them. Although you’re not attempting to copy what they have done, you want to see how they market their site, who they are marketing for and how they have established their online business.

Finding out what works for other affiliate marketers within your niche will help you determine if you are in the correct category of your niche.

You might discover you would suit a sub niche that is performing better and you have more of a passion for that part of the niche. Whatever you discover from your research you can put into practice and market for your site.

What works for your competitors may not work for you. But by doing an in-depth research of every branch of your niche you can market your online business and make money.

Build Trust Within Your Niche Community

Get yourself noticed within the community of your niche. Build up your social contacts and be present online as much as possible. Give your community members something for free and keep them coming back.

Build trust within the community, answer questions they may have about your niche or give them tips and guidelines on questions they need answered.

Test Your Niche

You can test your niche by setting up your website, writing a few posts that solve a problem of your potential purchasers and direct traffic to your page. You can even set up a free email course which will drive traffic back to your site.

By measuring the traffic, you send to your website after a week passes, you can see whether this niche is a perfect fit for you and your website.

If it works out it doesn’t fit, you can try another niche or a sub niche from the original analysis. Working out what works for you may take some time. But you will only find out by trying it out and testing your niche.

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