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How to create multiple streams of internet income

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Generate permanent sources of online income

If you’ve just started looking for ways to make money online, or recently tried some income generating strategies, then you are probably just starting to realise how important it is to find more streams of income.

Getting paid using online strategies isn’t like having a regular day job, where you can bank on your regular pay check. Becoming an online freelancer can often mean inconsistencies when it comes to income.

Therefore, finding multiple sources of income is key if you want to slowly build your earnings over time.

Building a presence online is extremely important. By doing so on various platforms can over time lead to multiple income streams. In the beginning you may not earn much, but with perseverance and consistency, a regular and permanent passive income will be your reward.

Here are some methods you can try to build your permanent sources of income.

  • Make YouTube Videos

The YouTube Partner Programme allows you to make money on YouTube using various features.

By creating unique and engaging videos you can generate an income from a number of advertising methods such as video, overlay or display ads.

You can also earn an income from channel memberships. Once you have more than 1000 subscribers, members can make recurring monthly payments to enjoy the benefits you offer.

Once you build your brand you can also sell your official branded merchandise. Provided you are over 18 you can take advantage of these income generating ideas.

The videos can be on whatever you are passionate about, whether that be movies, online gaming or music. You will of course need to put some effort into promoting your videos, and make enough of them to ensure you either get enough eyes on your ads, or build your membership.

With consistent work, your videos can become a consistent income source for many years.

  • Start A Blog

This is another strategy that requires consistency and considerable perseverance, but if you have those in abundance then blogging can become a regular income.

That’s because your own blog or website can generate income in multiple ways including promoting products via affiliate links, selling your own products or courses, creating sponsored posts or running ads on your site.

In order to accelerate your success with blogging, you need to provide consistently good content, and regularly promote it.

There really are no limits to what you can earn with your blogging. However, don’t expect any instant results. Expect to have to work consistently for 6 months or more before the income starts to trickle in.

You can get started with your own blog with free training today

  • Sell photos online

If you have a passion for photography, and don’t want to create your own photography website, then there are plenty of online platforms where you can sell your photographs.

Again this will be a slow burner, especially if you’re not that experienced, but over time it’s quite possible to generate a good and consistent income from it.

You may need to shop around and find out which platform works best for you. Depending on what kind of photos you specialise in, there could be more demand on one platform than on others.

The demand for high quality photos is greater now than it has ever been, with businesses and bloggers buying photos regularly.

You don’t even have to spend a lot on photographic equipment anymore, as even smartphones can produce professional photos these days.

As you gradually build a portfolio of high quality photos on various platforms, you can slowly build a regular income, with some of your photos making money for you over and over again.

There are many online platforms where you can showcase your photography work

  • Create An Online Course

To cater for the demand for expert knowledge and high quality content, you can impart your knowledge, and at the same time generate income, by creating an online course.There is an almost endless list of course topics you choose to create, from how to be a freelance writer, to how to talk to girls.

Obviously it needs to be about something you have knowledge of. Perhaps it is something people come to you for advice on already. But not only that, it should be something that you are keen to learn more about yourself.

It also has to be something that lots of other people want to learn about too. Are there other online courses on the subject? If so then there is clearly a demand.

Finding an existing demand means there is an audience you can target and market to.

You can get really creative about what to include within your course content, whether it be videos, audio files, or ebooks.

You could also offer different price ranges for your courses depending upon how deep the course covers the subject.

Platforms that cater for course creators include such places as Udemy and Teachable

  • Write An Ebook

With the phenomenal growth in the use of eReaders like Amazon Kindle, the demand for eBooks has never been higher.

Your reason for creating an eBook, in terms of generating a sustainable income, could be either be by selling the book to generate money, or it could be a free book that can help you to grow an email list which ultimately will make you money.

Either way, the high demand for digital books means they can be used to generate money directly or used to enhance your authority in a particular field.

If you’re writing an eBook that you are going to sell, rather than give away as a freebie, then it is going to have to be a longer book.

With non fiction especially, you need to ensure you have enough motivation to finish it, which means it’s better to choose something that you are passionate about.

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