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How to Get Paid Listening to Music 

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How To Get Paid Listening To Music

If you enjoy a wide range of musical genres then chances are you pay a streaming service so you can hear your favourite music from various artists throughout the day.

However, did you know that it is you who can get paid for listening to your favourite music by joining one of the reward platforms listed below.

Top Sites for Paid Listening

Sites that pay you to listen to music usually reward you for each song that you listen to or by the length of time that you spend on each recording.

You’re usually free to listen to any genre that you prefer and can select your favorite channels after registration.

Some of these platforms also pay you to write reviews of the songs you listen to. You dont have to be an industry expert to benefit financially from reviewing songs either. You just need to listen and give your honest opinion about the song.

The top sites that offer you cash to listen to music are:

  1. Current Rewards app.
  2. Slicethepie.
  3. Playlist Push.
  4. HitPredictor.
  5. RadioEarn

How the Current Rewards App Works

The Current Rewards app pays you for doing the things that you already do daily, such as listening to music and sharing recommendations on the tracks or musicians that you enjoy.

You can search over 100,000 radio stations and play those you like for free. All you need to do is download the app for free in the App Store or Google Play.

You’ll be rewarded with points every time you listen or when you complete another earning activity while the media is being played. These activities include surveys, offers and rewarded video.

When you reach the minimum threshold, your points can be used to get free merchandise from your favourite brands. You can also obtain phone credit for selected providers and gift cards for online stores.

On their website, they state that a member can earn $600 a year, with 30 hours of listening per week. To maximize your earnings, you should complete your profile and always check that your phone’s volume is not set to zero.

You should also ensure that you do some sort of activity at least once every thirty minutes in addition to listening or you’ll automatically stop earning.

Find out more about The Current Rewards App

How Slicethepie Works

Slicethepie pays you every time you listen to a song and review it. You’ll have to give the song a rating from one to 10. You can also earn via bonuses, after you’ve been active on the site for a while.

You’ll have to listen to each song for at least 90 seconds. You won’t need special equipment and can participate via your PC. I manage to get paid up to $0.17 per review, so if you’re able to do 10 reviews in a day, you could earn $1.70.

When you’ve reached $10, you’ll be able to cash out. The team will check your reviews and then send your earnings via PayPal.

Find out more about Slicethepie

How Playlist Push Works

Playlist Push aims to help independent artistes to reach a wide audience with their music.

Curators on the site create playlists of their preferred songs and these are heard by their listeners. If you’re currently active on Spotify, YouTube Music or Apple Music, you can introduce new music to your audiences there. TikTok is also accepted.

You’ll earn points whenever you listen to new music and review it. To benefit you just need to be active on one of the approved platforms.

For example, if you have an audience on YouTube Music, it’s not a requirement that you also have an audience on Spotify. The followers that you have on your preferred platform must be real.

As a curator, you can earn up to $12 per review. You can request a withdrawal whenever you wish and the cash will be sent to your bank. You’ll need to provide your bank account details after registering for your free account.

This platform has an affiliate program, so if you know other people who like to listen to music, you can earn by inviting them to sign up. They must use your referral code, which is unique to you. You’ll receive a commission of up to 10% for inviting a curator or a customer.

Find out more about Playlist Push

How HitPredictor Works

HitPredictor pays you for reviewing music. You’ll receive raffle tickets, since this site does not pay in cash. The raffle tickets cost different amounts of points. For example, if you want to enter a raffle that’s worth $20, you will need 100 points.

They also have raffles that will give you $100 worth of gift cards. These raffles have tickets that can be purchased with 500 points. The $100 raffle takes place once monthly, while their other raffles take place weekly.

You’ll get three points for every song that you listen to. You’ll also get 25 points if you refer a new member and they rate at least five tracks within their first 30 days

You can also earn five points by doing a poll and there are a lot of polls on the platform. You must live in the United States to receive prizes, although any citizen of any country can join, listen to the music and rate the work of artists.

Find out more about Hit Predictor

How RadioEarn Works

RadioEarn lets you earn by listening to music on the platform or by inserting their API on your website, so that your visitors can enjoy tracks. This site is passive and you’ll earn just for listening.

You’ll receive 0.25 points for every 15 minutes that you listen to the radio. After you sign up for your free account, you can click on Start Earning. You’ll see a variety of Internet radio stations and can choose your preferred station.

While you’ll see several stations, some of them may not be offered in your area. Under the Start Earning tab, you will notice an option called Surfing. This allows you to earn actively, by visiting websites.

RadioEarn offers a referral program, which pays you a commission of 5% for each person who signs up via your code. These referral points are added to your overall balance, to be paid in cash.

Payment is made every month and you’ll receive this in USD. Your points will be converted on the 15th of each month and you’ll get $3 for 1,000 points. Payment options include bank transfers, Bitcoin and Amazon gift cards.

Find out more about RadioEarn

Have you ever tried any of the above platforms to earn money for listening to and reviewing music? If you have and you want to share your experience please leave a comment in the comments section below.


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