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How To Get Started Testing Cosmetic Products

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This article will be helpful to anyone who wants to get started testing products.

More specifically its for those who have a particular interest in testing cosmetic products.

The good news is that you can get started testing cosmetic products without investing any of your own money.

My article today will explain how you can do that, and provide information on some of the sites that offer this opportunity..

How Does Cosmetic Product Testing Work?

To start testing beauty products you’ll need to sign up with a few cosmetic product testing sites.

If you wish, you can also join the panels of brands like Elemis directly.

When you sign up with a site that conducts market research in the field of cosmetics, you’ll test a wide range of products since they have partnerships with many well-known cosmetics brands.

You’ll be rewarded with merchandise, cash, or gift cards on these panels.

When you sign up to become a cosmetic product tester, you’ll receive samples of makeup and other
cosmetics from popular and upcoming brands. You’ll be asked to use these for at least a few days and provide feedback on the cosmetics.

When you’re testing cosmetics to earn cash, you should follow the same safety procedures that you would use when you’re trying any cosmetics for the first time. That is, you should always patch test the new product on a small area of your skin before you do a full test.

How You Could Earn From Cosmetic Product Testing

To earn from cosmetics testing, you’ll need to register for several panels, accept their invitations to
participate in tests, use the products and then provide your feedback to the company that’s requesting the test.

Each company will provide specifics on what they expect in terms of feedback. You’ll usually be paid after you provide a report about your experience.

This can usually be uploaded to their site. Sometimes you’ll also be asked to supply photos of yourself using the product.

If you like trying new moisturizers or makeup, you can maximize your earnings by signing up for as many cosmetic testing sites as you can. Always complete your profile, so they know what type of cosmetics you like.

Some companies will provide you with full-size products while others will give you smaller samples.

Some reward you in products only but others also pay in cash.

Mingle Beauty Product Testing

Mingle is open to participants from several countries, including France, Spain, and Italy. If you’re in the UK you can join but they don’t currently accept members from the United States and several other nations.

You can sign up with your name and basic information such as your email address. Mingle rewards you with cash and £5 gift vouchers from companies such as Amazon, Marks & Spencer, and Zalando.

Elemis Review Panel

Elemis doesn’t pay cash but you will keep all of the products that you test. When you join the Elemis Review Panel, you’ll be able to test their luxury products and get access to new lines even before other consumers.

The signup form requests information on your email address, mailing address, monthly makeup budget, and what type of cosmetics you prefer.

You must be at least 18 to join the panel and all products will be sent to you in the UK via Royal Mail.

You’ll be given a deadline for each review. If you don’t meet that deadline, you’ll be removed from the panel.


Toluna has focus groups which pay very well.

You could be asked to give your feedback on brands such as L’Oreal. Toluna doesn’t only focus on cosmetics, but if you’re asked to join a cosmetics focus group, you could be paid $100 for a few hours of your time.

Find Out More About Toluna

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a market research company and they represent several beauty brands. When you sign up, they’ll send beauty products directly to the mailing address that you provide.

In addition to free products, you’ll also receive a cash payment of £3 for each test.

Men and women will be asked to provide information such as their name and date of birth while signing up.

Your money will be added to your account on the panel within 5 days after you’ve uploaded your completed report. Your cash will be sent to you via a bank transfer.

Find Out More About Pinecone Research

Some Final Thoughts

As a cosmetics tester on several sites, you could get for example as many as four new products to test each month.

You’ll learn about these products before other consumers and you’ll be rewarded with cash, merchandise, or gift cards from brands like Amazon.

Whether you’re a woman or a man, this is an exciting way to earn while enhancing your appearance.

Looking For More Income For Testing Products

Rather than testing products out for freebies and rewards, you could be potentially earning a lot more by reviewing the products you test on YouTube or on your own website.

By focusing on a specific niche, you can build a reputation for having authority about certain products. For example you can review products that deal specifically with problems with dry skin.

If you write articles and create videos about very specific products or micro niches as they are sometimes called, people will begin trusting your opinion. When they do that they will be happy to click on links in your videos or articles.

These links are called affiliate links and can earn you commission every time one of your followers or visitors to your site clicks in them.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate and longstanding business model that has been around sine end the internet began.

Find out how you can make money online testing products with affiliate marketing HERE

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Thanks for reading my article today, I hope you found it informative and gave you some insight into how you can get started testing cosmetic products.

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