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How To Get Started Testing Sports Products

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How To Get Started Testing Sports Products

Lots of people enjoy testing products and being rewarded with freebies or cash incentives.

Often though, people prefer to test products they use the most, because by using the products often, they naturally gain more of an informed opinion.

For example you may feel better informed to test cosmetics, or sports products.

If it’s sports products that you want to test and give an opinion on, then this article will help you.

That’s because I will be explaining how you can get started testing sports products even without investing any money of your own.

The article will explain how you can earn rewards by doing that, and provide information on some of the platforms that are seeking testers for sports products.

How Does Online Sports Product Testing Work?

Online sports products testing helps brands such as Under Armour to develop products that meet the needs of their athlete customers.

By obtaining feedback on specific aspects of each new product’s performance,
they can make adjustments so that the final product is better suited to the needs of their customers.

Testing each iteration of a product with different individuals, gives sports goods manufacturers the information they need to move forward.

As a tester, you will be asked to use sports goods at home or while training and provide qualitative feedback.

For example, you may be asked to evaluate sports headphones on their wearability, the accuracy of their sensors, and their aesthetics.

How You Could Get Rewards With Sports Product Testing

You can enjoy testing sports products when you sign up for panels in this area.

However, most companies don’t give additional rewards such as cash. You can often sign up for popular brands directly, as long as you’re 18 or older.

Always complete your profile and all of the sports surveys that are relevant to the sports that you play.

Provide information on your size, the sports you play, your workout conditions, and activity level.

This will increase your chances of being given an invitation to participate in a test.

You’ll usually need to have a sport that you participate in very regularly, and you’ll often be asked about your level of activity and people who play a sport more frequently are more likely to be asked to test products which are related to it.

Some restrictions apply. For example, people who work in the sports gear or training apparel sector might be unable to participate in some programs.

ISPO Collaborators Club

Formerly known as ISPO Open Innovation, ISPO Collaborators Club is an international crowdsourcing platform where you can find different sports testing projects and join as many as you want.

In most cases, you can keep the gear.

Under Armour Field Tester

Under Armour develops products for and with their athlete customers. You can sign up as for the Under Armour Field Tester program and train in their latest products for free.

This panel is open to participants from within and outside of the United States.

Your birthday, email, size, and password will be required for sign up.

Some athletes can’t sign up directly. For example NCAA athletes must sign up through their coach or equipment manager.

Panelists could be called upon to test clothes or gear at any time. You could also be asked to go into their lab to assist with research.

Under Armour sports and fitness product testers don’t get paid. However, since many tests last for several months, you’ll be able to enjoy the gear for free during that time.

Reebok Product Testing

Reebok product testing is more restrictive than that of some other brands like Under Armour.

For example, you must live in the US to test Reebok gear. You’re also not allowed to test any gear from their competitors while you’re testing their products.

While you’re testing products for Reebok, you’re not allowed to share any information about the new products via any channel, such as social media or email.

As with, Under Armour, you’ll be notified by email if you qualify for a test and the product will be sent to you.

Tests for Reebok are short and don’t go beyond 4 weeks. You’ll be asked to complete a simple online questionnaire and then send the product back.

Brooks Product Testing And Wear Testing Program

If you’re a runner who is 18 or older and you live in the United States or Canada, you can apply to participate in the Brooks Wear Testing program.

You’ll be required to only wear the shoes while you’re running. In some cases you can keep the shoes off to the test but in others you’ll need to send them back.

Some Final Thoughts

If you’re into sport and use branded sports gear regularly then testing sports products can be an enjoyable and rewarding opportunity for you.

Sports product testing lets you enhance your training with innovative products from leading sports brands.

It’s free to sign up and while you often won’t get paid, you’ll use quality gear for free and have the pleasure of knowing that you’ve helped to improve products from many of your favorite brands.

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