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How To Get Started With Product Testing

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How To Get Started With Product Testing

People often take the products in their homes for granted. They tend to think that these items hit the store shelves automatically.

But, every product undergoes a rigorous testing process before it arrives in stores. In many cases, the product testers aren’t paid, specialists. Instead, they’re everyday people with some familiarity with the brand.

What does this mean for you? Simply put, you could probably make a living doing product testing yourself.

On average, product testers make between $26,000 and $45,500. Some people even make as much as $102,000, depending on the company they test for!

You receive several benefits when you become a product tester for reputable companies. This job allows you to make money from home simply by trying out a useful product.

You receive several benefits when you become a product tester for reputable companies. This job allows you to make money from home simply by trying out a useful product.

Why Companies Need Product Testing

You may wonder why brands want outside product testers for their new products. The answer revolves around honest feedback.

Companies want to know what people outside their operation think about the product. This way, they can gauge how their new item will perform in sales. Product testers allow businesses to save time and money on campaigns when they release the product.

Likewise, product testers can tell a business what needs to change with the product. For example, maybe a company wants you to test its new body soap.

When you try out the soap, you find it cleans your skin perfectly. However, you have to struggle with the bottle before it releases the soap.

Once your trial ends, you can tell the company that the product works but needs a new container. This feedback can then help a business perfect its product.

Start By Finding Legitimate Gigs

The first thing to do as a product tester is to find legitimate gigs. Several scams exist that promise tons of money for testing a mediocre product. Most of these scams also involve paying more money if you can sell the product to other people.

So, how can you identify legitimate pitches? First, look for companies where you can directly sign up to test a product.

Several scammers may offer buy-in contests where you pay for the chance to be a product tester. Usually, companies that require payment for testing are scamming you. We recommend running from these offers.

Sign Up and Determine Qualification

Once you find a legitimate gig, sign up with their firm. After doing so, the firm will send you emails to determine if you are qualified to test their product.

Don’t get nervous when you see the word “qualified.” The company’s not going to ask if you have a degree in this!

Instead, companies want to know that you use the kinds of products they make. So, let’s say the product in question is nail polish. If you don’t paint your nails, you won’t know how this polish works.

On the other hand, simply using nail polish qualifies you to test out the product. So, the company will then decide whether they approve your request.

Then, they’ll send you a copy of the product for your trial period. Usually, this period lasts for a week or two.

Once this period ends, the company sends a follow-up email to ask for your honest feedback. You’ll receive your payment after you provide the feedback!

Additional Requirements for Product Testing

Some companies may require additional qualifications for their product testers. The reasons for this vary but often depend on the business’s size.

For example, a local boutique probably prefers a local tester. Likewise, an online business may examine your social media presence to see if you can advertise their shop.

All this means is that you should research a company carefully before requesting to test their products. Otherwise, you risk wasting both your time and the company’s with your application.

How Will You Receive Payment?

Companies pay their product testers in several ways when they sign up to test an item. Usually, the payment depends on how often the person tests this company’s developing projects.

For example, one-time testers may receive payment through gift cards for the company. Others may receive payment as free copies of the finished product for their troubles.

However, as mentioned before, other people make their livings as product testers working from home. These people usually become designated testers for individual companies. Whenever that company releases new products, this person tests them out and provides feedback.

These companies often offer salaries or hourly payments for their testers. Like we said at the top, those wages can go as high as $100,000. However, they usually fall between $26,000 and $45,000.

Where Can You Sign Up to Test Products?

We’ve explored how to get started with product testing. All that’s left is to decide where to sign up for this gig.

You can work with several websites to make money for product testing. One example is Branded Surveys, which helps its members earn wages daily through their online surveys. This site has an excellent reputation for customer service.

Another option is User Interviews. This site is a market research firm that pays cash for users to test out several software products.

These products include:

  • websites
  • apps
  • platforms

People can sign up to work for this company so long as they have a reliable internet connection. They also need a device with a built-in microphone.

Find the Best Ways to Make Money From Home

Product testing provides an excellent way to make money from home. All you have to do is find legitimate gigs.

Once you discover these opportunities, you can begin earning extra cash from the comfort of your home office!

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How can you find those opportunities? All you have to do is check out our other content here on Wealthinflator.

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