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How To Increase Your Earnings As A Paid Transcriber

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How To Increase earnings as a transcriber

If you are a transcriber and you have only been able to secure low paid work online, then this post is definitely for you.

A lot of online transcriber work is typically low paid. So you may feel that it doesn’t fairly reflect the amount of effort you have to put in to fulfil the requirements of the job.

You will find most third party sites that connect you to clients requiring transcripts are paying an average of $40 per audio hour. That isn’t much considering that it can take you several hours to transcribe an hours worth of audio.

Nevertheless, with determination and willingness to learn, you can increase your earnings.

Here’s our guide to improving your earnings as a paid transcriber.

1. Spruce Up Your Skills and Competencies

You can get a transcribing job with zero skills and experience, but that won’t guarantee a sustainable income.

Getting specialized training is the way to go if you want to land well-paying jobs from your own higher paying clients.

If you’re just starting, you may simply want to watch tutorials online, or consult your transcriptionist friends.

The most effective way to improve your transcribing skills however is to undertake an online course. Some are expensive, but others are very affordable. A good starting point is that offers good quality courses at reasonable prices.

Many courses are typically curated by industry experts who have deep knowledge of the market, and different transcription.

Try to ensure that the topics covered under the course include; guides on various transcription styles, time coding, transcription templates, advice on the best transcription equipment as well as free software downloads.

Ideally a course should give you  expert tips and advice on how to make more money as a transcriber in legal and non-legal fields. This includes how to pitch to clients and negotiate rates.

2. Market Yourself  Well

As a beginner, you may get away with working for online job sites or small-time opportunities, but in the long run, you will need to do more. Letting people know about your services and credentials is a key step in boosting your earnings.

Good thing is, it’s not even expensive, if you do it right. Just work on building your social media presence, making your transcribing work the primary focus. Network with other transcribers and join lots of online transcription groups and pages.

You may also want to build a dedicated website where you can post your portfolio and personal details as well as general pitches to clients. If you execute your SEO well, you don’t even need to do anything else, as prospective clients will be contacting you off their search engine results.

3. Aim to Improve Every Day

Client needs keep changing, and if you want to enhance your earnings, you have to also keep evolving. Learning doesn’t stop after you complete your courses. If anything, that’s just the start.

Ideally, your key principle is to become a better transcriber tomorrow than you were yesterday. This means you should learn something new every day.

For instance, you can dedicate a few hours per day for a week to learn different pronunciations of the same words to help you boost your speed.

You may also practice different speed drills after work, to find what works for you. Whatever will make you a better, faster and more effective transcriber, then you need to adopt it. When your skill level goes up, best believe your earnings will follow with time.

4. Improve Your Working Space

Even if you are determined and passionate about your job, you won’t be able to do any decent work if your working space is not conducive. Working from home, you will be vulnerable to lots of distractions, whether from your kids, pets or the internet.

These distractions will not only make you slower, but will also affect the quality of your work and eventually, your earnings.

If you can afford it, dedicate a room in your house to serve as your home office.

Secondly, reduce the noises that may filter into your workspace. Here, a small talk with your family members or roommates on why you need a quiet time will suffice. Most importantly, keep your smartphone away from your workplace or if that’s not possible, at least keep it on silent mode.

5. Make Lots of Pitches

There are lots of magazines, news sites and other websites that need transcription services at one point or another.

Working directly with them is much more lucrative than working through intermediaries (transcription sites). Hence, it’s a good idea to reach out to them before they reach out to said sites, by sending out personalized pitches.

Every week, send at least two pitches to any site you believe would need some transcribing done. Don’t worry if you get no immediate feedback, as that will come with time.

There are lots of pitch templates online than you can use, but don’t be too cliche. Having a professional website as well as credible social profile adds a lot of weight to your pitches, and significantly boosts your chances of landing well-paying tasks.

Bottom line:

The Internet has made lots of jobs and careers obsolete, and has also created millions of opportunities. Being an online transcriber is one of the ways you can make the most out of your internet use. I hope the above tips on how to make more money as a transcriber will work for you.

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