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How To Make Money With A Niche Blog

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The good news about blogging in 2022 is that you can still make money from it.

However, due to the huge amount of competition in virtually every conceivable wider niche, some smart bloggers are honing in on specialised topics within wider niches.

Many people that are new to blogging are less interested in a general blog that covers a wide range of topics.

Instead, their focus is with creating micro niche blogs. This article will explain what a micro niche blog is and how you can monetise it.

What Is A Niche Blog?

A niche blog is a blog that covers a very specific or narrow topic. It caters to a relatively small audience, when compared to a general blog.

For example, a general blog on fingernail care might cover a variety of topics related to nail care, including nutrition. However, a micro niche blog in the area of nail care could for example focus on one of the following specific topics:

  • Biotin for nails
  • Vitamin B oil for nails
  • Vitamin H for splitting nails
  • Best supplements for nail growth

Since all of the quality content on niche blogs is focused on a specific set of related keywords, it’s easier to rank them on Google and other search engines than it would be to rank a more general blog that might have only a few articles on a specific keyword.

It’s also easy to drive targeted traffic to a niche blog via social media and other channels.

A High Volume Of Traffic Isn’t Required

You don’t need a lot of traffic to make money from niche blogs. That’s because these blogs contain products that are targeted to a specific audience.

For example, if your niche blog caters to men and women whose nails have started to split because of a vitamin deficiency, all of the products on your blog with help that audience.

So, if your blog is focused on vitamin B for nails, your products should all contain vitamin B.

This means that when a person who has a problem with splitting nails comes to your blog, almost any product that they see could help them to solve their problem.

This makes it very likely that after your content has educated them on the benefits of using the supplement, they’ll purchase a product from your website.

Making Money From Audience-Specific Products

You can make money from audience specific products on your niche blogs in several ways.

You’ll usually get the most profit from selling your own products on your blog.

Your products should solve the problem that your audience has. For example, if your website visitors have brittle or splitting nails and you make your own vitamin B supplements or vitamin oils, you could sell these via your blog.

If you wish, you could join a program such as Fulfillment By Amazon that handles shipping for you.

Selling your own products helps you to keep more profit than selling products that are made by other people.

However, some bloggers prefer to join a referral program or affiliate program that gives them a commission for every sale.

For example, you could join the Amazon affiliate program and receive a percentage of the sale every time a visitor purchases a nail supplement or another related product on Amazon, after clicking through a link on your micro niche blog.

Making Money From A Blog With Ads

You can accept payments from sponsors in your community who would like to have their ads displayed on your niche blog.

You can also join a network such as the Google Display Ads Network that provides
you with revenue when your pages display banner ads, skyscraper ads, etc. beside your other content.

Advertising is one of the easiest ways to earn revenue from your blog.

Making Money From A Blog With Courses

Courses are a good way to earn from a niche blog.

For example, if your blog is focused on driver safety for parents, you could earn by developing a course that teaches parents how to remain safe while driving with children.

Similarly, you could also have a defensive driving course that’s been developed for drivers who are over the age of 75. In most cases, subscribers would pay a flat fee for access to the course materials and would have this access for life.

Get Expert Help Creating Your Own Niche Blog

You can save yourself a lot of time creating a highly profitable niche blog by getting help from industry experts.

That’s why I recommend a training program for those who are new to blogging and want to make money from it.

There’s no doubt it can be easier to make money from a niche blog. But if you get the topic wrong, because it is either too wide or even too narrow, then you could be destined to fail from the start.

It’s important to choose a topic that not only you’re really interested in, but one that has enough people interested in it.

Because all of the content that you develop will be based on a very narrow niche, it’s important you choose one that has products that are in demand from a very niche audience.

That’s why it is important you get the guidance to help you to not only target your micro niche audience, but to help you produce quality content as well.

With expert help, you can rank these blogs within a relatively short time, so you’re more likely to start earning money more quickly than going it alone.

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Thanks for reading my article. I hope you found it informative and will help you decide if starting a micro niche blog is something that will be of interest to you.

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