How To Make Money With A Website Without Selling Anything

Nowadays, having a laptop and a good internet connection is all you need to work from anywhere in  the world whilst making money online.

These days you don’t even have to sell anything to make money. All you need is an effective website that does the job for you, and a little knowledge of how to set up an online business.

I appreciate you’ve been have heard it all before, and may be wondering how you can survive day to day and take care of the bills without selling anything.

But the opportunities accessible to online businesses have advanced with the formation of savvy business owners investing in hard work to get the website do the job for them and make money.

Before you can make any significant cash, you have to learn the basics. Although you won’t be selling a physical product that demands research and consumer experience, you nevertheless have to establish the foundation to make money with your website.

When We Say “Selling” What Do We Actually Mean?


Selling something whether it be online or in a retail store is a physical product. A physical product has to be purchased in bulk or drop shipped to your customer.

This involves packaging and posting to your customer. In other words, it’s a lot of inconveniences that quite honestly we can do without.

Instead we can make money with merely our website, and a large amount of hard work, along with knowledge obtained from top rated platforms.

Choose Your Business Name

Business Name

To kick things off you need to have your business name.

This gets the brain cells working, attempting to think of a name that nobody else has and hasn’t been claimed as a domain name. But although it may be tempting to have fun with your business name, nobody will take you seriously.

If nobody takes you seriously, there’s a strong probability they won’t make you any money.

There are a few ideas to avoid when choosing your business name;

• Try to refrain from adding your personal name to the business – if the business becomes successful you’ve no chance of selling it on with your own name assigned to it.
• Don’t bring humour into your business name – although this is great if you are a fun type of business, this won’t work so well if you’re in the business of making money online from your website.
• Keep it short or snappy – having a short or snappy name will flow off the tongue more comfortable than a lengthy and complicated sounding name. It also makes it simpler for people to remember.
• Choose a name that will change with the times – it’s ok having a name that is current, but if you want the business to progress into the future, it has to be something that is timeless.
• Keep it legal – there are rules and regulations when it comes to choosing a business name. You will find details of these rules at Companies House. You can also find the name checker to make sure you don’t choose someone else’s name.

Build Your Website

The next thing you need to do is have a website designed exclusively for making money, without too many ads or flashing banners scaring visitors.

This is off-putting and any potential customer will just click away from your site.

Building your own free website isn’t all that difficult these days with the drag-and-drop style designs.

Most free websites give you a tutorial on how to choose and design the right template to suit your needs.

Think of your website as your marketing tool to gain potential customers to your site and earn money. Keep your website fuss free and have plenty of white space on the page. Clutter on the pages will look confusing and force people away.

Buy Your Domain Name

Domain name

Buying your domain name for your website will make sure you look professional. Your business will inject assurance for your customers and ultimately they will trust you more and may lead to you seeing more clicks on your site.

Without a domain name you can look like an amateur, it tells the customer you don’t take your business seriously. As with every business decision, research different companies to purchase your domain name from and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Although it’s tempting to buy a or .org domain, a .com domain is universal and will flow freely off the tongue. Giving you wider scope to obtain customers from anywhere in the world.

Sign Up For Affiliate Marketing

By signing up for affiliate marketing you will begin to pick up your own affiliate links to promote throughout your new website.

By researching different affiliate companies you will be able to decide which ones are right for you and if they cater for your needs.

In the beginning, you can sign up for a few different affiliate companies to check them out and see if they have what you want to promote.

Affiliate marketing can over time develop into a very profitable business, with the sky being the limit as to how much you can earn from it.

Not only that, it is a business that can be set up on a tight budget.

Affiliate Links

What is an affiliate link? An affiliate link is a link to another website that is selling a product.

The link you are given has a code embedded in it to track the sales you make every time a customer clicks on the link and purchases the product. When a customer clicks on your link they have the choice to read through the website and purchase the product.

When they purchase the product they don’t pay any more for that product, but the person who’s link you clicked on will get a commission from the amount of money the customer paid.

By using affiliate links the customer will be able to go straight to the product you’re talking about and decide for themselves if they want to purchase or sign up for the product you have directed them to.

How Can You Make Money?

Make money online

Making money isn’t all that hard if you’re prepared to put in the time and effort to making it successful. You’ll gain the rewards for your hard work, and that’s the reason why many people choose afffiliate marketing.

When you’ve decided this is for you and your website has been developed, it’s now time to think about what affiliate groups you want to work with.

There are several good ones that give you great information and links for your website. But there are also a few that keep changing which business they take on. There’s no point building a whole new campaign for a business then the links are destroyed due to the affiliate company ditching the business.

Research your affiliate companies and if they constantly drop businesses and brands steer clear, it won’t do your money making business any good.

Choose The Right Niche For You

Choose which companies or niche you want to be linked with, this is important as you have to have a consistency throughout your website.

It’s best to stick to one niche, for example, freelancing products. Promoting freelancing products to writers and bloggers will give you a better chance of making money than if you were to promote clothing to cooking bloggers and writers.

Don’t go overboard and sign up for every affiliate brand that you can as you won’t be able to keep up with what you’re doing. Choose a couple to get you started and focus all your attention on them.

Become Organised

Being organised will help you in the long run by planning what you are promoting on your website and how you intend to make the sale.

Decide which platforms you’re going to use to promote your new money making business. Finding out where the bloggers and writers hang out is key to getting traffic to your site. If you use Pinterest and Google+ to promote, then find all your potential customers are hanging out on LinkedIn and Twitter, you won’t make any money.

Make a list of your affiliate companies you want to promote and write with them in mind. Add your links and promote to customers who may be looking for what you’re trying to promote.

Test And Measure your Affiliate Links

Spend time testing out your affiliate links and checking your progress through your affiliate dashboard.

Your dashboard lets you know how many clicks you’ve had on your link and how many sales you’ve had as well as the date on which the sale was made. If the links you’re promoting aren’t making any streams of cash flow, you should re-think your strategy and make sure you’re following everything carefully.

By measuring the affiliate links you will be able to see where your promotion skills are being more effective. Within your link, you can add a code to let you know which piece of writing the link came from.

This way you can see what works and what doesn’t. You may only need to change some of the writing within the piece of work to make it more effective and bring in sales.

Link Back To Your Own Website

Linking back to your own website is another way of bringing customers back to your site. By offering customers more knowledge you have on products they may be interested in through infographics or social media links, you will build up a number of links to your site. Making it easier for Google to find you and help you crawl through the ranks of pages.

By linking from one page to another page within your site it also keeps them on your site for longer giving you a greater chance of making the commission from a product they purchase. Ways to link back to your site are;

• Internal links – this is where you add links to your writing and link it to another piece of writing on your website.
• Backlinks – this can be achieved by adding your website link or a link to a specific piece of writing on your site. Bringing the customer back to your site.
• Promote your content – by promoting your content through social media you will bring people to your site. This again will bring potential cash flow and help you crawl up the Google ladder.

Put In The Hard Work

As I referred to earlier, you have to put in the hard work. You can’t stick a few links in a piece of writing on your website and hope for the best.

Nobody will see your links and you won’t earn any money. Keep at it day and night, in the beginning, to get yourself set up and keep promoting daily. Once the cash starts coming in it’s not all over, you need to keep on at it and keep the cash rolling in.

You won’t earn any money by sitting back and hoping that your website alone will earn for you. Although if you become really good at automating all your promotion, you can sit back slightly and take a breathe. But automation costs money, until you are familiar with what you’re doing I’m afraid it’s sheer hard work that’ll get you your sales.

Work From Anywhere

Having your own internet business gives you freedom to work whenever and wherever you choose.

Even if you already work full-time and start your business in your spare time. As long as you have your laptop with you wherever you are, you can grab a quick half hour while on the train or at lunch to check your website or write some fantastic content for your site.

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Put It Into Practice

Now that you’re equipped with all the information you need to make money with a website you can put it into practice and start your new career as a business money maker without selling a single product.

Don’t expect that you will become rich overnight because that’s not how business works. With a lot of hard work and the experience, you will gain by running your business, you will soon see the benefit of your hard work.

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