How To Make Your Affiliate Website Profitable

It’s quite easy to get carried away thinking that turning an affiliate website into a money making machine is a breeze.

Afterall, you only need to get yourself a website, select a domain name, find some products to promote, and embed affiliate links within the content on your site.

However, creating a website that you can turn into a regular source of income isn’t such a walk in the park.

Some of the most successful affiliate marketers today have had to learn hard lessons from their mistakes. For some it was a long drawn out learning process they had to endure before they finally got things right.

You could say some of the early affiliate marketing businesses had things a little easier, as there was less competition than there is today. However, they didnt have programs like this one that they could use to increase their chances of getting it right first time.

Affiliate marketing can become very confusing industry for beginners, with many questioning its legitimacy. That’s because not only is there is a lot of conflicting advice around, there is also still a lot of, shall we say, not entirely ethical marketing practices.


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Many would have you believe that affiliate marketing is a get rich quick scheme. But those who want to build a sustainable and profitable business need to abandon that idea.

Putting together an affiliate website that will become profitable  over the longer term takes some time and some considerable effort, but the rewards are worth it.

Here are some tips that will help you make your affiliate website to make money.

Dominate The Niche You Are In

A niche can be broad, or it can be narrowed down. There’s nothing to say you can’t grab some space in a niche no matter how large. However, the broader the niche is, the longer it will take for you to succeed. If you choose a very small niche then there could only be so much money to be made.

If you want to achieve real domination within a niche whilst pulling in a very nice profit, you ought to aim for something that fits between too large or too small.

You may for example be unable to dominate the coffee niche, but you could build a reputation for being knowledgable about specific coffee machines.

The key to having the staying power to dominate a niche is having a genuine interest and passion for the product or service you are promoting. Putting 10 articles or reviews on your site then expecting it to be the go to site for the products you promote is unrealistic.


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You have to plan your approach to the niche you want to be a part of, and find an angle that sets you apart. Then you need to laser focus on your goals.

There is no set time before you start to get results that mean profits, but you have to at least give it 12 months of sustainable effort.

Provide Value With Your Content

It is common for those new to affiliate marketing to fill the posts on their website with lots of links and banners. The content often appears secondary and too focused on selling rather than informing.

If your content is high quality, then visitors will want to share it. They will also want to read more of it too. Well organised posts will provide internal links to other articles on the site that relate to the same subject. If you give your reader plenty of reasons not to leave then they won’t.

Engaged readers that link to other articles will have a positive impact on your site’s bounce rate which means higher search engine rankings, and ultimately more profits.

Quality content will be interesting to read and will engage your visitor. Your content could include videos and pictures, and could also include a quiz for your readers too.

Your content may be high quality, but you have to entice people to read your posts in the first place. It helps to know which post titles catch the eye of the reader the most. There is a great way to find out what the best headlines are to use.

Learn At Least The Basics Of SEO

If your website is going to turn a profit then it must rank highly in the search engines. Certain keywords relevant to your niche should be targeted.

The objective is to find keywords that aren’t too competitive, but at the same time they must be keywords that people do actually search for.

The best way to find low competition keywords is with the help of a keyword tool. Having a keyword tool at your disposal is a great investment for your business. This platform provides access to an awesome keyword tool along with first class training in SEO. You can also sign up for free.

Promote The Best Products Not The Ones That Will Make The Most Money

Remember, we want to build an affiliate website that Profitable not only in the short term, but long term too. Affiliate marketing done the right way, helps people find what will serve them best, and provide them with the best value.

Poor quality products will harm your reputation, and won’t help your site become profitable over the longer term either.

It is important to research the products you promote, and it goes without saying that they should be products or services that you use or have used yourself.

Beginners especially often get enticed by lucrative commissions, and promote products that don’t match the hype.

Be At The Cutting Edge Of Industry Changes

Affiliate marketing is a rapidly changing business environment. Change is inevitable, and it can be costly too if you don’t stay ahead of the game.

By being part of a business community like THIS ONE, you will never get left behind as the industry moves forward.

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