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How To Sell Your Used Phone With Buybackboss- A Review

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Buybackboss Review

Welcome, and thanks for joining me today as we review Buybackboss.

If you have several unused mobile phones stored in a drawer, our Buybackboss Review will show you how to turn them into cash.

These days people change their phone frequently for various reasons, but nonetheless it still has value. This is were Buybackboss comes in. The Buybackboss platform accepts many different types of phones, and payment is made quickly.

How to sell your used phone With Buybackboss

Buybackboss has been providing consumers with an easy way to get cash for their unused devices for over eight years. Once you post details about your device on the site, you receive a quote automatically, so you can quickly decide whether selling there is right for you.

Buybackboss takes a wide range of devices. For example, you can trade your iPhone, iPad, or any of your Samsung phones.

You need to give information on the provider, storage capacity, model and condition. This will be used to give you a quote, and if your phone is in great condition, you’ll profit more.

Other factors are important. More current models of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones are sold quickly and at a higher price than older units from the same company If you have phones that you aren’t using, it’s better to sell them soon.

New versions are always being released, and that sometimes decreases the value of your current model.

The condition of your device is really important, and you should always choose the correct condition category when providing information about your phone. If you do that accurately, receive a quote, and accept it, you’ll be taken to a checkout page.

The process of getting a quote is fast, just like everything else on this site. You can request a quote and checkout in minutes. After checkout, you can print a shipping label from your printer, put the phone in a box, and send it off.

The company provides shipping labels for free, so this cost doesn’t come out of your earnings. It’s already taken into account when you’re offered a quote. If you don’t have a box to protect the phone during shipping, contact the company and they’ll send you one.

It usually takes two days to process your transaction, and once that is done, your payment will be sent out. They offer payment by PayPal, which is fast and convenient, but you can also get paid by check.

You may have a device that has value but you aren’t really interested in making money from it. You might have thought about giving it away. This platform lets you do something similar. You can sell the phone and donate the profit to charity by selecting that option instead of PayPal or check.

This is a good way to get cash in an emergency. If you need new tires for your car, you can sell a few unused devices. If you know other people who have older phones but prefer to do transactions in person, you can buy from them and sell to the company at a profit.

What Are The Pros?

  • Buybackboss is easy to contact if you have any questions. You can call them or email them to learn more about payments or quotes.
  • Since orders are processed within two business days and payments are sent through PayPal, you could ask for a quote and get cash in your account during the same week.
  • Its user interface makes it easy to post information on devices that you would like to sell. You can get quotes on several devices at once, and transactions are processed quickly.
  • You have several options for getting rewarded, and can even help someone else with the profit from your sale.

What Are The Cons?

  • Buybackboss does not not buy back every phone that is on the market. You are more likely to get a sale for brands that are carried in America by local providers. If you have phone from England that you unlocked, you may not be able to sell it there.

Some Final Thoughts

Buybackboss is a good option for selling your phone online. The sleek design of this site makes it easy to navigate. If you’ve never sold anything online before, it will feel like you’re a regular phone trader, it’s that easy.

They have really good customer service, and that inspires confidence among sellers. The speed at which you can get a quote and receive cash makes this a good option for generating extra cash in a hurry.

Star Rating 3/5-A good platform for selling your unused phones and devices. Not all models are accepted however.

3 Star Rating

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