How To Set Up A Profitable Online Business In Your Spare Time

How To Set Up a business in your spare time

It’s a risky strategy giving up a day job in order to set up a new business. No matter how much we dislike our day job, it still pays the bills, so we will have to put up with it until we have another source of income.

Most of us, unfortunately, will have to keep on putting a brave smile on our faces whilst the boss is around until we are ready to take the plunge and run our business full time.

So if you believe setting up an online business is your ticket out of the 9-5 slavery, but you have bills to pay, then it makes more sense therefore to work on your new business venture in your spare time instead.

A Business In Your Spare Time

However, even working in your spare time can still mean a substantial investment of your time and resources, especially if you want your business to succeed, and be profitable, sooner rather than later.

Just putting aside two or three hours each day however, even for something as important as starting a business, isn’t always possible.

Starting a business, and making it grow to a point where it will become a sustainable income source, will demand quite a substantial amount of spare time. But where exactly are we going to find all this spare time when are lives are so busy?

If you think about it, most of us probably do have 2-3 hours per day when we aren’t actively involved doing something else. The problem is that it isn’t always available all at the same time.

The chances are those 2-3 hours will be available to us throughout the day, with half an hour here, and 20 mins there.

When time is at a premium, what we have to do is break our time down into sizeable chunks, this way you will be really surprised at how much the time adds up throughout the day.

For example, I have written this article by ‘stealing’ some time during my day in the following ways;

20 minutes on the bus on the way to work;

30 minutes on my lunch break;

20 minutes on the bus home;

20 minutes in front of the T.V

30 minutes sat in bed before going to sleep

I found 2 hours that could have just slipped by without even noticing it! But what kind of business can you build in your spare time that allows you to just grab half an hour quite randomly here and there?

It will have to be a business that lets you decide completely when you can work. It certainly can’t be a business that means you having to stick to any kind of deadline, or fit in with any routine.

That’s because you just don’t always know what time of day the spare time will become available. You can plan your spare time out sometimes, but things can crop up, and you may have to change your day around. So you don’t want your day to day variations to adversely affect a business you are trying to build.

The reason I am able to work on my business (this website) in a spodratic way, is because I’m not required to be managing it at any particular time.

In fact I only need to work on it as and when I choose to.

It makes very little difference to my business if I work on it first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, because it does what it is supposed to anyway. It’s job is to generate an income, and that’s what it does, even when I’m not around.

Make Money With Your Own Website

By creating your own website, like the one you are reading, you can make money without having to manage any sales.

That means you can make money whilst you sleep.

It also means you can build your business without having to attend to anything at any particular time. Now there are a number of ways you can make money with a website without selling anything, but the best way is through affiliate marketing.

It is really easy to get into affiliate marketing, you don’t need any special skills or qualifications, you just need to be willing to learn a few new things, and to put some work into your website.

You can get step by step training, and you can even get started for free.

In fact it is probably one of the best businesses to get started on if you are working to a tight budget.

The way you make money with this established online business model, is by placing links onto your website. The links are provided to you by companies that have affiliate programs. When a visitor to your site clicks on one of the links, it will take them to the merchants site. If your visitor then goes on to buy a product or service then you will get commission on that sale.

This whole process happens whilst you are nowhere near your website, so you don’t need to do anything as everything is automated.

Its important that you choose the right niche. A niche, or interest is something that you can build your website around. You can get expert help, to assist with this process.

A niche will have lots of products that are associated with it, for example a website about long distance running will attract a lot of people who are interested in training shoes, or drink containers for example.

It will be a massive advantage to you as well if you get plenty of support from likeminded people who are building their websites alongside you. Affiliate marketing can get a bit lonely at times, working from anywhere you choose, so a little support can go a very long way.

So if you are looking to start a business with the ultimate flexibility, then you may very well have found it!

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