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How To Start A Blog To Earn An Income

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How to start a blog to earn money

If you’ve ever dreamt about starting a blog and creating a second or even a full time income from it, then this article is for you.

Maybe all that has held you back so far is not knowing how to even get started with blogging, let alone making any money from it.

However, the reality is that people have chosen to create an income from blogging and have managed to make blogging a financial success.

Those that have worked to make it succeed have found that earning additional income via blogging gives them the flexibility that they need to improve their lifestyle.

They have discovered that blogging allows them to take more control of their time and their financial future.

My article today will explain the reasons why blogging is so popular, and will show you how you can start blogging yourself and work your way toward generating a new income.

Earn Money As A Blogger

Why is earning money through blogging so popular?

Blogging has become a popular means of earning money online for several reasons.  First and foremost it be done from anywhere in the world, and you don’t need a lot of equipment to get started.

Many other types of businesses on the other hand need a huge financial investment at the start, and that can be very off putting to say the least.

To start blogging, you’ll only need a connection to the Internet and a device that allows you to upload content. This can be a tablet or even your mobile phone.

Many blogging platforms are responsive, which means that you can use them just as easily on a tablet as you would on a desktop PC.

The blogging software that’s available is easy to use and you can choose the themes that best match your style.

Blogging allows people who want to earn money online to focus on a particular niche, which is often something that they are passionate about.

For example, an auto technician who builds a blog around teaching readers how to solve common auto problems can use various models to earn on their blog.

Or a baker or hairstylist can do the same thing. You can basically make money from almost any passion or hobby that you have, as long as it is legal of course.

Getting Started with A WordPress Blog

A WordPress blog can, if done right, serve as a real source of full-time or part-time income.

Of course if you already own a small business, your WordPress blog can be used to improve your sales, increase customer loyalty or introduce your customers about the types of products and services that you sell.

WordPress is used by organizations of all sizes, so it can grow with you but it is intuitive enough for you to feel comfortable starting a blog with it, even if you have no prior experience with publishing any type of content online.

WordPress is basically software for building your blog. It’s like a digital book that you can use to write your blog.

You can choose from a lot of different free themes in WordPress as a beginner, although many Premium paid themes are also available.

Themes change the look of your blog. So for example, if you plan to sell baked dog treats from your blog, you could pick a theme that comes with the images and layout that match your purpose.

While WordPress lets you build your blog, you’ll need to use a web host with it. Your web host allows your blog to be published to the internet, so that other people can visit it.

If you don’t have a web host, you won’t be able to share your videos, pictures and other blog content online with others.

There are a lot of web hosts out there and they all offer different packages, which vary according to the amount of storage space you receive, the traffic you can accommodate, the availability of customer support and other factors.

To get started with a WordPress blog, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Sign up for web hosting with a provider that has plans which suit your needs.
  2. Pick a domain name for your blog, paying attention to branding and Search Engine Optimization.
  3. install the WordPress blog software, which is free.
  4. Experiment with the theme of your blog, ensuring that it’s a design that matches your style.
  5. Log in to your WordPress account and write your first post.
  6. Share your post on Twitter, Pinterest and other social media.

Start a bogging business today

There are several good web hosts that will give you support as a beginner. When choosing the one that’s right for you. consider the amount of support that they offer.

Some may only offer email support with certain packages, while others can be contacted by phone at any time.

You can even get help with your site via a managed service, which takes care of security issues, software patches and backup for you, along with other maintenance tasks.

Your web hosting plan should be suited to the amount of traffic that you expect because if you get more traffic than you’ve budgeted for, your site won’t be able to handle it and you’ll end up with unhappy visitors that won’t be coming back to your site any time soon.

Also consider the type of servers that you’ll have available.

If you plan to scale, cloud servers are the best option and they handle traffic surges well, allowing you to simply pay your hosting provider for any unexpected surges during a promotion or when a product you offer is spurred to popularity by a recent event.

Earn Money As A blogger

Monetise Your Site

To earn from your site, you’ll need to monetise it.

For beginners, the simplest way to do this is through ad programs like AdSense, which pay you when visitors to your site click on ads that you display.

While display advertising programs like AdSense can help you to earn money, you’ll often earn more by selling your own product or joining an affiliate program.

Affiliate programs pay you a commission whenever visitors to your website take a desired action.

For example, if you have a DIY site and you are a Lowe’s affiliate, you could earn if someone clicks through to Lowe’s and buys a set of paints from the store.

If you’re an affiliate of Nordstrom, you could earn if someone clicks on a link in your site and makes a purchase of shoes or clothing from that store.

If you teach people how to bake pastries, through videos on your blog, you could charge them a subscription fee for each course that you have.

This profitable option allows you to keep on making money form the same courses over time, adjusting them as new techniques become popular.

Another way of course to make money from your site is by selling your own products.

By doing this you’ll get more from each contact that you make with a customer over the life of your business relationship.

You Can Start Your Own Blog Today

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